Summer Is Coming; Care For A Ride?

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Summer Is Coming; Care For A Ride?

Hi everyone,

The first part of the year has been quite busy for Ridge Racer and it is not over: we have prepared two very special Ridge Racer releases on PlayStation Network for the upcoming season!

First, we’re quite excited to release Ridge Racer 7 3D license version. In the past, Ridge Racer has kept a tradition of being a launch title for new platforms, so Ridge Racer 7 was naturally the best candidate to become our first digital version of a PS3 game. For the occasion, we’ve also added the 3D licence in this new version for those of you who’d like to give it a try.


That is if you stay home… or manage to convince whoever you go on holiday with to bring your PS3 in your luggage! However, if you’re not-so-comprehensive partner would rather fly away alone than carry you and your beloved home console, just discreetly pack your PS Vita in the bottom of your bag and leave it there until the foamy wavelets reach your feet on the wet sand (but don’t drop it at this point).

With the Ridge Racer Ultimate Edition for PS Vita we’ve lovingly prepared for your travels, you will get a bunch of add-on cars & races packed with the full game in a bargain price super bundle. Now you can have your daily dose of drift anywhere on Earth.

Now, for those who stay home – smile! With many away on vacation, you can at last have a seat on the train and comfortably play a quick race while commuting. And if you missed your stop, just explain that you’re late because you were trying to “overtake your ghost in the Lost Ruins “…


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  • What about the original Ridge Racer as a PS1 Classic? Remember E3 2006?

  • The Vita version of Ridge Racer should have included ALL of this from the get-go. Namco demonstrated best what NOT to do with DLC…

  • Are there trophies added to Ridge Racer 7 for PS3?

  • Any word on more tracks for the Vita version?

  • Oh, and the Vita version doesn’t contain enough content.
    Even with the gold and silver pass.

  • So we can assume that there is no more DLC coming to Ridge Racer Vita then? That’s a shame I thought you might add way more tracks and cars before releasing an “Ultimate Edition”.

  • Any word on new tracks for the Vita version?

  • Okay, so I am confused. I have owned Ridge Racer 7 on the PlayStation 3 for the longest time, and I really enjoy it. I play it every once in a while, just because the game is so good.

    But this downloadable version… is it any different? Or is it just the exact same Ridge Racer 7 but with 3D support? Which I don’t need because I don’t have any interest in a 3DTV.

    Please answer my questions, thank you? :)

  • seriously, i doubt that theres many gamers today that would buy a game without trophy support, all good n well it having 3d, but people really want to see trophies included in new old games, in fact i can think of 1 or 2 that would probably hit top 10 IF the devs would rerelease with them.. not everyone has this outlook, but i would say more rather than less… also because you haven’t said so i am assuming that the 3d game is lacking the important [for many] feature… why don’t you’s add them.. is it a hard task ?.. anyway am just saying what a lot are thinking.. ie doesn’t make me a trophy nut etc..

  • Ridge Racer!

  • Was dated all to hell in 2007.

  • trophys would be a great add one are they coming

  • I would also like to know if trophies are included in this re-release of RR7. I expect they should be.
    Oh and some idea of price would be good

  • lol Seriously why do people care about trophies so much?

  • @ MikLS

    According to todays HEADS UP! POST, RR7 will be £14.99!

  • RR Ultimate for Vita I just bought! :), RR7 for ps3 I would also love to buy, but I will not until trophys are added, sad to say, but it’s too addicting to play games wich support them, I prefer to use my time on them instead!, I suppose Throphy Support for RR7 will sadly never happend as it’s too old, am I right?
    But it would had been awesome especially as I’m going 3D soon aswell! :)

  • I see little point in just re-releasing a PS3 game as old as RR7 without adding trophies to it, because everyone who wanted the game already have it for years (me included), so there’s no incentive or reason to buy it if trophies aren’t add, specially when even the 3D option and extra events are on the store as free DLC for the disc version…

  • What is the latest on the the BBC Sports app that was ‘coming to your PlayStation 3 this summer, before Wimbledon 2012 kicks off in June’

  • Got it now just needed a quick install.

  • If it had trophy support I’d be tempted by RR7 but I’m not really gonna consider a game that has been surpassed by so many other great racers in the several years since its release unless its got something new (3D doesn’t count much for me even though I have 3D setup). Maybe if they’d offered both PS3 and Vita RR games as a bundle for maybe £24.99 or less (and a 20% PS+ discount would sway me to buy for definite) I would seriously consider them. What I’d really like though is Ridge Racer Revolution HD Online…

    I’ve played almost all the 3D games available on PS3 and this is by far the WORST 3D conversion I have ever seen. RR7 prides itself on it’s quick and responsive 60fps racing, but the 3D conversion not only halves this to 30fps, but also looks HORRIBLE in 3D. There’s far too much ghosting, it’s the ugliest 3D game I’ve ever seen.

    The best 3D game yet is definitely Socom Special Forces. It also doesn’t reduce the frame rate or resolution in 3D and is the only game to do so. It should be commended for this achievement.

  • My favourite Ridge was Ridge Racer Type 4. I’ve still got the original PS1 disc, and now I have it as a PSN download on my PS3 and PSP… and one day on my Vita, PLEASE SONY MAKE THAT HAPPEN SOON!

    None of those that followed quite lived up to RR4 for me… but I live in hope!

    As for the guy above commending SOCOM Special Forces for the 3D… well at least they got that right, because Zipper ignored ALL the fan feedback for the rest of the game, destroyed the SOCOM feel and because of this arrogance they hardly sold any of S:SF and have been closed! That’s what happens when you don’t care a jot for the gamers.

    While I’m here, I’d love it if my fellow gamers could “like” my dog:
    She’s my gaming buddy, she’s almost sat through 300 hours of Skyrim now and is a great moral support!

  • If Namco want us to buy this PS3 launch title (how old?) then they she at least add some trophies. Lazy greedy Dev’s as usual SMH.

  • Should not she. I Fail

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