GT5: Toyota FR-S And Twin Ring Motegi DLC Release

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GT5: Toyota FR-S And Twin Ring Motegi DLC Release


Hello Everyone,

It’s always a pleasure when I get to share details of incoming new content for Gran Turismo 5 and today is no exception. We have some exciting new content due to be published on PS Store this Wednesday – so read on to find out what’s in store and hopefully destined to find a home on your hard-drives very soon.

First up is the Twin Ring Motegi Pack, a much cherished legacy circuit that will evoke fond memories amongst GT fans and which was seen recently in the final stages of the GT Academy contest. The pack is priced at €4.99/£3.99 and includes two tracks with four layout configurations of Motegi.

motegi_super_speedway motegi_east

For the uninitiated Twin Ring Motegi is a circuit located in Japan that has both an oval and road course in its configuration. The 2.4km oval ‘Superspeedway’ is mainly used for American motorsports, while the 4.8km road course is used for races like the Super GT and Formula Nippon. This pack not only contains these two tracks, it also includes the West and East courses that are formed by separating the first half and the latter half of the road course, letting you enjoy the different technical layouts of the Motegi track. Motegi is a track that a lot of fans have been asking for and we hope you’re excited to see its reappearance.


Next up for your downloading consideration is the Scion FR-S ’12 – and although I say consideration, since this awesome motor is free to download, hopefully there won’t be need for too much consideration.

The FR-S ’12 is a compact FR (front engined, rear wheel drive) sports car debuting from the American motoring brand Scion. Those petrolheads amongst you may well recognise the car which is specially configured derivation of its stablemate, the Toyota 86 which launched recently in Japan.

fr_s_12_r fr_s_12

It’s a car for driving purists built from the ground up with sports driving in mind, so why not put one in your garage – at no extra charge!

So there you have it even more to make your experience on the real driving simulator that bit more entertaining.

We hope you will get hold of both new pieces of content.

See you on the track!

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