GT5: Toyota FR-S And Twin Ring Motegi DLC Release

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GT5: Toyota FR-S And Twin Ring Motegi DLC Release


Hello Everyone,

It’s always a pleasure when I get to share details of incoming new content for Gran Turismo 5 and today is no exception. We have some exciting new content due to be published on PS Store this Wednesday – so read on to find out what’s in store and hopefully destined to find a home on your hard-drives very soon.

First up is the Twin Ring Motegi Pack, a much cherished legacy circuit that will evoke fond memories amongst GT fans and which was seen recently in the final stages of the GT Academy contest. The pack is priced at €4.99/£3.99 and includes two tracks with four layout configurations of Motegi.

motegi_super_speedway motegi_east

For the uninitiated Twin Ring Motegi is a circuit located in Japan that has both an oval and road course in its configuration. The 2.4km oval ‘Superspeedway’ is mainly used for American motorsports, while the 4.8km road course is used for races like the Super GT and Formula Nippon. This pack not only contains these two tracks, it also includes the West and East courses that are formed by separating the first half and the latter half of the road course, letting you enjoy the different technical layouts of the Motegi track. Motegi is a track that a lot of fans have been asking for and we hope you’re excited to see its reappearance.


Next up for your downloading consideration is the Scion FR-S ’12 – and although I say consideration, since this awesome motor is free to download, hopefully there won’t be need for too much consideration.

The FR-S ’12 is a compact FR (front engined, rear wheel drive) sports car debuting from the American motoring brand Scion. Those petrolheads amongst you may well recognise the car which is specially configured derivation of its stablemate, the Toyota 86 which launched recently in Japan.

fr_s_12_r fr_s_12

It’s a car for driving purists built from the ground up with sports driving in mind, so why not put one in your garage – at no extra charge!

So there you have it even more to make your experience on the real driving simulator that bit more entertaining.

We hope you will get hold of both new pieces of content.

See you on the track!

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  • You had me at “Hello” ;)

  • €5 for the track is a rip-off. I’m going to skip this one.

  • Yeah, this isn’t one of the better DLC’s.

    £3.19 nets you two gorgeous tracks in Spa/Kart Space – both new to the series, the former being heavily requested – yet £3.99 nets you a GT4 port?

    And the car DLC? You’ve got so many customers clamouring for new, unique cars that they would happily pay for, and yet we get another duplicate, albeit for free.

    Put together a pack of 10 or 15 unique cars, and fans would be delighted. Go look at Turn 10’s DLC car packs. That’s how it should be done.

  • Yeah price is a rip off. Seriously I’m getting sick of all gaming companies over pricing DLC. GT5 came out at 45 euros day one and had over 1000 cars and 20 plus tracks. How is 5 euros for 1 track justified and its just a port of a track that has no bonus races for the GT mode. The last tracks you could only play in arcade and test drive. If it was 2 euros I would go back to GT5 and buy the track but nah screw that I’ll stay playing the games I’m playing now.

  • lol €4.99?

  • £3.99 isn’t THAT bad, I’ve seen DLC priced at a much higher price. Anyway, no one is forcing you to buy it…

  • Great circuit. Would love to see some new cars, like the grand sport bugatti and the deltawing of last le mans. Although these remakes are kinda cool.

  • Obviously there are people, mostly those that are moaning over the price of the DLC that have never played Flight or Rail sims. You think your hard done by for pricing of DLC, check out the prices for some of the rail sim DLC and think yourself lucky.

  • @Hentis

    DLC is getting out of hand these days. When it first came out it was a way of expanding on a game for fans but now its everywhere. Day 1 DLC, on Disk DLC, Extra costumes and weapons costing more than a real t shirt in shops. If knowbody moans about the prices they will just get higher and higher.

    I know the price of this isn’t as bad as other publishers DLC but still GT5 is nearly a 2 year old game and the track offers very little in terms of whats on disk already. If it came with GT Mode race tournaments maybe it would be worth the price then.

  • made up its here n not totally happy, coz i was expecting more cars (at least 4 or 5).at the end of it its a free car.

  • y dint we get the subaru brz as well ?

  • i agree with everyone here this track should be just under £1 with what you get.If you did like 5 ports of old tracks and say 5 brand new tracks then they would be worth the price your paying or 10 different new cars for the game for the same price apart from that rip off you want the prices you put out you give the customer more value for what they are paying.

  • Little Disappointed that GT5 couldn’t take advantage of Launching the Subaru BRZ. Instead of the tacky low grade Scion FR-S. Visually It’s been Downgraded If you compare them to the GT86 Interior’s been changed around as well. Of course It’s Left Hand Drive for the Amercians. But still they should have Included the BRZ. I’ll still Buy the Pack of course. Love Montegi as a Track and the multiple Variations are awesome for Online Racing. Shame no Day Night Cycle or Weather Changes on this Pack though. Also for the dude yabbing on about the fact It’s ‘Ported from GT4’ No It’s not. It’s completely remodeled and updated for the GT5 like the rest of the GT Tracks in GT5 that appeared in the previous games.

  • I have no problem with the cost of Motegi and will be buying it today.

    I look at it this way.

    Motegi gives me 4 variations for £3.99, that’s £1 per track.
    Spa + Kart tracks for £3.19 gave me 3 track variations, guess what, that’s just OVER £1 per track.

    I don’t know if Motegi will have day/night or wet/dry transition, if it does that’s a bonus.

    My only wish is that GT5 DLC was more frequent because it’s the only game that keeps me coming back to the PS3.

  • P.S @ Hentis

    I know. I pay upwards of £20 for 1 (yes that’s ONE) plane/chopper in my Flight Sim of choice. (Digital Combat Simulator)

    This cost is nothing, given the miles/hours that will be spent on it. Just need a few more tracks and a serious Super GT championship could be held. (PLEASE!!!!)

  • I’m a little disappointed also.

    Could’ve been so much better. There are so many beautiful awesome tracks out there.

    Also, what about new cars? A 10 car pack.

    – Pagani Huayra
    – Ferrari F50
    – Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
    – Noble M600
    – AC 378 GT Zagato
    – Aston Martin V12 Zagato
    – Lamborghini Aventador Estatura GXX
    – Porche 918 Spyder

    All the DTM cars.
    N24h cars like: Aston Martin Zagato, Audi R8 LMS ultra, BMW M3 GT2, Mercedes- Benz SLS AMG GT3, Aston Martin AMR Vantage, BMW Z4 GT3, McLaren MP4 12C GT3, BMW M3 GT4, etc., etc.

    ” Of course It’s Left Hand Drive for the Amercians.”

    Ehh. You mean Left Hand Driver for the whole world? Except Aus, UK, Jap, and a couple of other weirdos who drive on the wrong side?

  • nice update i do like the stuff you do fro us but it would be nice to get dlc like the 1st pack with the 2 tracks all those cars and paint lol also any chance of motorbike dlc ?

  • EmpireNO

    Gran Turismo don’t own the Rights to Porche in their Games.
    DTM Cars Licenses are hard to aquire because they continiously change every year. I may not be Left Hand Driver Friendly to the World. But you clearly arn’t European Friendly either. Your post is both Rude and Abnoxious and Offensive. Sort it out and don’t be such a brat.

  • Any news on Gran Turismo Vita? ;)

  • @Marky264

    Well, I don’t understand your point not being European friendly, is there anything in my post that would suggest that?

    What I said about “weirdos” that drive on the wrongs side is tongue-in-cheek humorously intended. The whole world has left handed drive except for a handful of countries in the world, all of Europe has left handed drive. My comment could be UK unfriendly, or do you think UK is Europe?

    Anyway, not the best DLC, it’s been a long time and very little content is being made available for purchase.

    I don’t know about all the rights and why cars can or cannot be included in GT5, I really don’t care either. It’s just what I would like to see in GT5.

  • @EmpireNO

    My point being you talk like the Countries that use Left Hand Drive rule the entire Nations that don’t. Scion FR-S Being an American Car of course will have Left Hand Drive as my Original Post pointed out but Nit Picking at my post and taking the only the only bit I mentioned about Car and making it look like my intentions were to single a country out is ridicules. And ridiculing other Nations just because they have Left Hand Drive is absurd in it’s self. Well tounge and cheek stuff doesn’t get interpretated well on the internet.

    No ones forcing you to get the DLC If you’re happy enough to play other games that include those cars you’re free to do so. Theres so many Wish Lists of stuff to become available for the future but PD Have already started working on Gran Turismo 6.

  • @Marky264

    Sorry for nit picking your post, guess I misinterpreted your “Of course It’s Left Hand Drive for the Amercians.”.

    I’ll probably buy the DLC for GT5 anyway, about the only game I play on my PS3 now anyway. I can still be disappointed, I would really love to see a couple of good tracks and an other bunch of cars. I would pay well for it too.

  • @EmpireNO

    It’s an American Car for Americans to be Sold in America. Nothing else that needs to be said about it.

    I would have loved for them to find this as an opportunity to Release more DLC at same time. I’ll be getting the DLC too and I’d gladly pay more for more DLC. But It’ll do for now I suppose.

  • I’m dissapointed at this upcoming dlc and especially the “free car”which is a Toyota GT86 WITH A NAME CHANGE sorry PD didnt exactly stretch yourselves on this occaision

  • you know what i really want from GT5 more dream cars like the red bull x2011 im not really intrested with the track’s just bring more DLC that gives you more cars.

  • Who cares about Twin Ring. Bring back Costa di Amalfi. Now that would be brilliant in GT5 graphics and physics.

  • Sorry for asking but has this track been added to any of the A-Spec events, for example the Japanese Championship.

    Also is there a new A-Spec event or a Special Event added to promote this car.

    Sounds obvious to me, but then again ….

  • Similar to what Jono_WB said, I’m trying to find out what modes these track packs can be used in. Can anyone help?

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