PS3 System Software Update (v4.20)

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PS3 System Software Update (v4.20)

Tomorrow we will be releasing a new system software update (v4.20) for PlayStation 3 which will include a few minor updates in order to strengthen functionality and improve your overall experience.

Firstly, we have revised specifications for the power-save mode in compliance with SCEE regulations. This means that the system will now, as default, be set to automatically turn off after 1 hour of no use.

These settings can, however, be manually adjusted via ‘System Auto-Off’ in the Settings on the XMB.

Also, as mentioned in our previous blog post, system software update (v4.10) added a feature that enabled you to hear your own voice through the “Wireless Stereo Headset” when playing multiplayer modes. This type of audio feedback is known as “sidetone”. Based on your comments, system software update (v4.20) will improve “sidetone” audio performance by giving you the option to select one out of five levels for microphone audio or give you the option to turn this feature off completely.

For those of you who use the “Wireless Stereo Headset “to watch Blu-ray or DVD movies on your PS3 system, this system software update will also enable virtual surround sound functionality giving you a superior audio experience.

We have also improved saved data management. You will now be able to select multiple saved data items and delete them or copy them as a group.

Additional details will be available here tomorrow once the system software update is live.

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  • When are we going to get printer support?

  • The save data changes are very useful.
    Can upload multiple things to the cloud now, instead of doing them one by one :D

  • Useful update.

  • I’d like to see an increase to the amount of space allocated for cloud storage for PS+ subscribers – mine’s almost full!

  • can we see bigger cloud storage space? atleast 500mb, folders inside folders and setting games in folders to a-z rather than install time

  • When WEB Browser will be fix it???

  • #5 Actually wish for that also, I would not even be bother paying a little extra

  • Finally multiple selection for save data. Greatly appreciated feature.

  • When can we see vita users online from ps3?

  • What about….

    Ability to filter download history


  • Also, you should bee able to see Vita users online from PS3 XMB change the little controller beside the games name to a vita.
    And be able to see Vita Trophies on PS3 XMB. :D

  • Great Sony but a few more things

    1. Better browser
    2. Youtube PS3 app

  • ow and as the person above me said, to view Vita trophies from the PS3

  • Sweet. Finally able to delete and copy multiple savegames, that is awesome. Now I just need to filter download history and Video Unlimited in Norway and I’m a happy panda!

  • nemesisND1derboy

    Agree with 11.

    Any chance of PSN on PS3 having better integration with the Vita? Things like friends list showing when people are playing Vita games, showing trophies on PS3 etc.?

    Is this possible at all? It all seem every ham-fisted at the moment.

  • “We have also improved saved data management. You will now be able to select multiple saved data items and delete them or copy them as a group”

    Does that also cover the importing of saves from storage devices.Or is multi copy one way?

    Would be odd,but I always feel these things could get overlooked when dealing with PS FW :)

    Also,does the save management work with online storage?

  • Well, multiple save data management is welcome — the other day I was actually wishing for it to be in, which is quite funny.

    Also, glad to hear the Headset audio options will allow to disable hearing your own voice through the mic.

  • any chance of being able to remove the “epilepsy warning etc. ” at the beginning? i dont see why i am forced to see that everytime i boot up my system, its like getting plastered with a commercial before you can get to your XMB

  • @nemesisND1derboy
    “Is this possible at all? It all seem every ham-fisted at the moment.”

    I dont think you’ll get what your after regarding full PSV/Home console intergration until PS4.I’m no expert,but I get a funny feeling the way the PS3’s OS was created could be a bottleneck.

  • A couple of suggestions that I would like to see. 1). The ability to run downloads whilst watching a blu ray, this would be cool to get the games from PSN Plus whilst watching a film, or updates to games etc. 2). Party chat, this would help me be able to get partys set up and when changing game means we can all still communicate etc.

  • @GalapagosaraY
    “epilepsy warning etc. ”

    It’s probably required by EU law.If a friend suddenly had a fit and died,and there were no warnings,Sony would face a big lawsuit.I’d imagine if you could turn it off,you’d possibly get done for negligence or something,and could face charges.

    It’s an extreme example,but one thats avoided by having a simple warning screen.

  • This is now obsence. Security updates every few months!!!! Is our information really that unsafe with Sony that security updates are needed every few months. When was the last time Sony really looked at the share website they set up. I’m not wanting to start flame wars (not looking for party chat etc…) just something new to show us that Sony are still here, still listening and still supporting the fabulous machine we all use every day. Rant Over!!!!!!

  • @Garfield360UK

    “2). Party chat”

    If I remember correctly,it’s a memory issue thats stopping party chat.

    Here we go.

  • Please add ingame XMB for PS1 games.

  • Finally! The Wireless Headset Update. It’s a pain to hear the hissing sound. I also love the batch-uploading (or copying) saves.

  • wen is the psone classic update for the vita happening?

  • The save data feature, whilst useful and therefore welcomed, really should have been there with the system OS from the start. The fact that it’s taken 6 or so years to get such a basic feature implemented says all you need to know about the capabilities of Sony when it comes to designing and developing UIs/OSs. I just hope that some serious lessons are learnt going forward for future generations of PlayStation hardware.

    As a side note, please consider improving the search functionality of the PlayStation Store, so that users can search categories and sort by price, rating etc like you can with practically every other e-commerce outlet on the Internet. It’s not a lot to ask. A few lines of code; basic database queries – it’d just make finding content so much more efficient, e.g.
    ‘Name’: [Blank], ‘Category’: PS3 Games, ‘Sort By’: Price: Low to High…etc.

  • this is a good idea that it will turn of after no use but it could be annoying if you were d point something and it turns of it just longer to wait for the time of ur life lol but it us a very good idea

  • @mdogg91

    “2. Youtube PS3 app”

    Less app’s,better browser.

    Save this in you PS3’s bookmarks Works well,and you can download vids.
    I used it for trailers like Kara,last of us way before the store updates.

    The search is hit and miss,but if you know the vid code use this add v/uRPJ5oCHoXk and your good to go

  • Aaaaaand, still nothing new on the (free) music visualisation front, firmware 2.10 was the last update to add anything.

  • Thanks, being able to copy multiple save files at once makes my life a lot easier!

  • only ting i need are = fix u problems !!!
    psn store eror codes when u try downloading :(
    solution = power out of vita 9/10 also on ps3 then fast go in store
    en dowload , u need more dowloads = more power out = wtf ???????
    kick outs psn – error codes = what are u problems ???

    i need asking = who suffer from these error codes + who gets lots of kick out = i have no mandatory update 4.11
    kick outs are litel beter but error codes when tri dowloading = fact

    + 1 buton like € ore bank icone to see u wallet / wat stil in u walet

  • I think they need to integrate Vita into my PS3 friendlist and also the pssibility to be able to see Vita trophies. This should have been a must on the day Vita was released!

  • ‘You will now be able to select multiple saved data items and delete them or copy them as a group.’


    This has been my most wanted feature for a long long time.


  • When are you implementing the Remote Play PS3 games to Vita? The day I can play open world PS3 RPGs on the vita is the day I buy one no matter what the price.

  • Yeah! When i bought the Headset it was kinda of a let down i could not listen to virtual surround in movies, But Yeah Thanks for listening to the consumers!

  • I think better cloud storage space would be useful – when you consider some of us have had a PS3 since launch, theres a lot of stuff to backup. Also being able to backup photos etc would be a plus. I dont use it for photos personally, but Im sure someone would find it a useful tool and upgrade to plus if it allowed this.

  • Nice stuff with the multiple save selections and headset preview hearing.

  • I hope this fix my cod4 yes no confirm screen I think it won’t though tbh lets see it does does any one have the same problem has me? When playing cod4 and hope we get the next update where we see vita trophys on ps3

  • This v4.20 system update STILL doesn’t address & rectify various freezing issues on the PlayStation 3!

  • my fingers thank you for the copy/delete option. It was a nightmare putting PES save files onto the HDD. I never spent the time deleting them all once finished with due to the time needed so i have over 3000 files for the past few games combined. This will be a huge help clearing that out and in the future.

  • Still no Vita trophy support?

  • ………………….. dreamt that i had ps4 on dec 2013 had name and voice recognition system and was doing an system update just when it finished i woke up lol

  • Decent update but could have been better. Agree that handling multiple save data will prove very useful, but as others have said why did it take so long ???… and still no A-Z game sorting, despite numerous requests (already can for video, music, photo and even trophies!).

  • Still the PS3 is not able to see the Vita’s trophies (when Vita can see the PS3 ones) and PS3 can’t see Vita friends online (when the Vita can see the PS3 friends online)… Great Sony, that’s what you call “taking care of our new handheld console”?

  • Any PS3 systems update to stop Trolls as Max Payne 3 or Call of Duty games people Troll saying 1v1 2v2 then trap you into Hack lobby that restarts your gamer stats or Max Payne 3 invisible glichers hackers or MW3 Face Off thinking your in a real lobby that is hackers lobby who restart your game stats by hacking!

  • Hopefully one day there will be an update that makes my PS3 makes me a cup of Tea :D

  • still ps3 users cant see ps vita users online!!!!!!!!

  • *sigh* there aren’t more updates than once… Good old days…

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