Pre-Order LittleBigPlanet PS Vita, Get Knights and BioShock Costumes

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LBP fans –

Starting from today you will be able to pre-order LittleBigPlanet PS Vita, and those of you who do will get yourselves a snazzy set of bonus costumes as a big thank you for being so wonderful and pre-ordery! The details will vary depending on which country you live in and where you pre-order from, but to whet your appetite, check out these awesome pictures of the costumes below.

LBP-Vita_Pre-Order-Pstr_Bioshock_AW LBP-Vita_Pre-Order-Pstr_Knights_AW

Pretty cool, aren’t they? What’s especially neat is that the particular colours of these pre-order Knights of Old costumes will remain exclusive forever!

In other news, as you might have heard E3 took place last week in sunny Los Angeles. We had a great time showing off LBP PS Vita to everyone who came by and got an amazing response. Here’s what a few media outlets had to say…

Editor’s Choice – Polygon
Best Vita Game – IGN (nomination)
Best Platforming Game – IGN (nomination)
Best Sony Exclusive – Digital Trends (nomination)
Best Handheld Game – Digital Trends (nomination)
Best Portable Game – Destructoid (nomination)

Polygon had this to say: “Creating is just … more fun than it has been, effectively turning fingerpainting into a method of drawing tangible platforms and objects in the environment.

IGN was really impressed by the Memoriser, which is just one of the many new features of the game: “[LittleBigPlanet PS Vita] could be the gateway to infinite PlayStation Vita games. It’ll create an App Store for the Vita where all the games are free and can be uploaded and downloaded via 3G.

We also had a brand new trailer for E3, giving you a sneak peek at the story of the game. Here’s a look at our video, as well as our live demo with the PlayStation.Blog team…

E3 Trailer:

E3 Live Demo:

And last, but certainly not least, to get you even more excited, here are a few fresh LBP PS Vita screenshots!

LBPV_E3_2012_3 LBPV_E3_2012_2

LBPV-2012-06-06-Screenshot-03 LBPV-2012-06-06-Screenshot-02

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5 Author Replies

  • I will more than likely be downloading this from the Playstation Store. Do i still get the preorder DLC (as we did with Gravity Rush)?

    I hope the answer is yes.

    • Simon Rosenkotter

      As soon as we have any information regarding the digital version we will make sure to let everyone know! :)

  • So…. no details on what we get where?


  • I’ll be there day one regardless, but we would all like to know WHEN day 1 is going to be!

    I deliberately didn’t apply for the Beta just so that the game will be all new and shiny and fresh when I get it!

  • I’m not in the Beta but I bet LittleBigPlanet and the Vita go together like terrorists and Semtex. :p

  • CallMeIshmael-_-

    Great! Will there be an extra color for the vita released with this?

  • @almighty-slayer I believe Sony provides pre-order bonuses for all digital release games for the first week it’s out.

    @SpitelordDekka Amazon already has both costume packs listed as a pre-order bonus, so I assume you get the same bonus at all retailers.

  • LBP potential is so big, that if Sony really puts an effort promoting this game it might very well be the system seller Mario is for Nintendo or Halo is for Xbox, I’d say LBP has even more potential due to it’s huge scope and large demographic spectrum, you can promote this game to anyone, it’s Oh my so cute, it has an insane depth if you’re into creating stuff, the replay value is immense, you can promote it to parents as a tool to stimulate kids to use their imagination and just use their brains to create, I hope Sony takes this chance and do for LBP for VITA what they should’ve done with the LBP world before, promote, promote, promote, support the game, make ads, explain why LBP can be fun, interesting, original, immense, didactic, cute, and why the VITA is the best hardware for it!

    P.S.: I have no idea what “large demographic spectrum”, it just sounds good to me!

  • I haven’t stopped playing the Beta for this since I got the invite. I didn’t think it would be possible for a Vita game to look, feel & play better than the PS3 games.

  • So does I get this Pre-order DLC, if I Pre-order a Retail copy ad

  • Super excited. The Beta is immensely fun an has me super pumped for the full release of the game.

    I’m curious to know if these are retail only or will those of us who purchase via PSN be able to get ourselves some goodies also and if these will later release on PSN at a later date.

  • Simon Rosenkotter

    And before you ask, these costumes will of course be compatible with LittleBigPlanet 2!

  • Shouldn’t your surname have a “c” in it, instead of a “k”? ;)

  • @6
    Amazon UK doesn’t have it listed at all.

  • I’m buying this direct from the store as I want this on me at all times LBP is the best games series on PS3 and the beta is awesome. I cant wait!

  • hey guys, just thought you might like this :P
    LBP vita is on for £34.99 and has a release date of 21st september 2012, i just preordered my copy right now :D

  • So, in other words, you don’t know :P

    • Simon Rosenkotter

      That’s one of the possible interpretations. ;)

      But seriously, I will make sure that the right people hear all your requests and hopefully I will come back with some good news in the future. :)

  • May I add my voice to those demanding pre-order goodies for the digital release? :P

    This is one game that must be on my Vita at all times, so for me, it has to be saved to the memory card. Pre-order goodness would be only fair… Looking forward to this game more than any other at the moment. :)

  • Please dont tell me you’re only giving retailers only one of these packs to offer customers…
    I really dont understand why you’d do that, (Well, actually, its mostly likely done to help retailers by giving each of them a unique reason to order with them), but in the customers point of view, its just annoying.
    This means it’ll be impossible for me to get one of the dlc packs if I chose the other, so please dont let this happen! (And if it does, at the VERY LEAST [But I’ll still be annoyed], give shopto the bioshock pack!) I have to say a bioshock pack was most unexpected by me, but also very exciting for me!

  • how do i join the beta?

  • Really looking forward to this, but it’s hard to commit to preordering a game now when I have no idea when it’ll be coming out.

  • Any news on a release date ? I’m like waiting for this game since it was first shown as ‘NGP-title’.

  • Sup simon, just a quick question, will there be an available demo on release date from the ps store, i did attempt to get into the beta but was unfortunately not chosen :( a bonus would be if the demo is available before the games release date, that way i could see how i feel about the game, then pre-order the game for those lil goodies :)

  • Personally, I can’t stand pre-order bonuses where you are punished for not buying from certain retailers. It divides the customer base, and makes me not want to buy the game if I miss out.

    The worst type is for content that you can never, ever get again if you don’t get it from the right shop at the right time. It’s not an incentive, it’s a slap in the face.

    I’ve been a gamer for over 30 years and I miss the old days where you buy a game and you get everything, and unlock as you go. I don’t mind the odd bonus that is added after the game has been out a while, but day one DLC is a ridiculous notion, only beaten by day-one DLC that you can only get if you buy from a certain place. Be GOOD to your customers, don’t alienate and divide us!

  • Finally Bioshock costumes! I really hope Amazon will have them… Or I think pre-orders should get both packs, instead of just retailer only or it being random.. unfair if people whopre-order do not get both ;P

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