PS Vita Sale On PlayStation Store Continues…

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PS Vita Sale On PlayStation Store Continues…

Week 2 of our epic 3 week PS Vita Sale is about to start tomorrow and this time we are focusing on PS Vita card released games.


Week 2 of this sale starts on June 20th until July 4th but don’t fear if you missed out on week 1’s content as this is available still until the 27th June.

Here are some of the great titles you can expect to see in the sale:

Army Corps from Hell
Was €39.99/£34.99 – Now €26.99/£21.99

Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend
Was €39.99/£34.99 – Now €26.99/£21.99

Little Deviants
Was €14.99/£11.99 – Now €10.99/£8.99

Modnation Racers: Road Trip
Was €14.99/£11.99 – Now €10.99/£8.99

Rayman Origins
Was €34.99/£29.99 – Now €24.99/£19.99

Reality Fighters
Was €14.99/£11.99 – Now €10.99/£8.99

Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen
Was €39.99/£34.99 – Now €19.99/£16.99

Touch My Katamari
Was €29.99/£24.99 – Now €14.99/£11.99

Unit 13
Was €34.99/£29.99 – Now €24.99/£19.99

and much more!…


But that’s not all, sign up to Inside PS Vita before 29 June 2012 and we’ll send you a voucher code which you can use to purchase Unit 13 during the sale with an additional discount making the game available for only €19.99/£14.99!


Inside PS Vita is brimming with the latest news, offers and more so sign up now here or through our official Facebook page.

So don’t miss out on these great offers and come visit the PlayStation Store.

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46 Author Replies

  • im so hype up for littlebig plannet vita! lbp and ps vita mix so well together!!! :)

  • Heyo Andy.

    can you ask the ps home team to bring playstation home to ps vita if possible? i love ps home and to have it all in my hands would be fantastic! thanks :)

  • Not a bad sale!
    Keep them coming.

  • If we’ve already signed up for Inside PS Vita, will we receive the voucher too ?

  • one last thing…

    i know you cant do much about this andy but may you ask someone please,

    bring bbc iplayer to ps vita
    oh and when is the youtube app coming?

    once again thanks, and sorry for posting 3 comments.

    • BBC iPlayer I am sadly not too sure about but I will ask the PM. As for youtube app, you will see this very soon.

  • “And much more!” I wish you’d specify what else :P

    Anyway, nothing from that list is massively appealing to me.

    • Why not come to the store to check out what else is on sale? ;)

      You might miss something you really like.

  • Also, your adverts on the PS Home LiveArse (Vita) have been completely wrong since last week. Might want to sort those out. They advertise the usual price, not sale price.

  • Might have to get Unit 13 at the reduced, reduced price.

    What went on with last weeks sale, I’m sure you listed about 5 games and then said “and many more” yet only about 4 games were in the Vita sale section of the store when I looked.

  • Oh great, another PSN sale from which I cannot buy anything for my Vita since my main PSN account is based in a country I can’t make PSN purchases from.

    Make it multiple accounts per Vita, Sony.

    Or make it possible to buy something from one account and then gift it to another. Make it so!!

  • I’m sad ;( Four years after using and almost two weeks after buying ps plus my PS3 got YLOD. Dear Sony, you don’t have free PS3 for your loyal customer, do you?

  • Unit 13 and Little Deviants it is then %)
    Only if their was WipEout 2048 sale. Seen as Vodafone reneged on my free version with a top up of £5 when I put £10 on

  • Hmmm, Unit 13 on sale. Nice.

  • Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend
    Rayman Origins
    Unit 13
    getting these

  • Some of the prices look good. It’s just a shame the Vita only supports very expensive memory cards which make sticking to digital games simply not worth it.

    Still, in a way it’s a good thing. If the Vita supported SD cards I would have bought way too many games, so in the end it’s saving me money.

  • I’m considering Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend and it’s also a very good Unit 13 price if you also count the inside Vita price cut.

  • Nice sale, Was hoping Virtua tennis would be up but the list on offer is good.

    One question, I got a voucher for £8 off my Katamari with ridge racer. Does that mean I can but it for £3.99?

    • Honestly I don’t know, where did you get the vouchers from? Does not hurt to try and use them I guess?

  • Nice! I might rebuy Unit 13 and Blazblue at those prices. Hopefully that price will encourage more people to buy Shinobido 2 as well. I absolutely love it and am on my second playthrough. Shame there’s no way to transfer saves as I’d get it digitally right away if I could.

  • PSHome? I meant PS Store, duh. I guess that was obvious though! Apologies for being an idiot though.

    And yeah i will definitely stop by to see what’s on offer!

    I like the discount for signing up to Inside Vita by the way. Pretty cool!

    Good job on the sale, even if i don’t want anything (that’s specified here at least)

  • And i put “LiveArse” christ, i really am half asleep.

  • HAHA love the reply you gave to CoolRichy008UK Andy. Also I don’t see any android phones running or have anything remotely looking like Uncharted. I doesn’t matter if he won’t read it as long as we can all see it lol.

  • You’ll have to do better then that I’m afraid…

    Might pick up Unit 13 at that price… maybe.

  • any chance of seeing these sale prices on amazon or shopto? id rather buy the real cart than a digital download

  • @9 No matter what it saids, most of the times ( if not always )Greece has always all of the PSN sales.

    Any idea if Disgaea will get a sale ?

  • @Pn3b0y up to Amazon and Shopto to sort out their own sales

  • Good work again. I’ve got most of the games, but I’m not complaining considering I’ve enjoyed them all anyway.

    Hoping Virtua Tennis is in the sale too and a few others I don’t have, though I’m running out of space on my 32GB card already.

    • Going to nip this in the butt right now. Virtua Tennis 4 is not in this sale but hopefully we will see an offer with it soon.

      Please note that I say ‘hopefully’

  • Been tempted to get Unit 13 for a while, at that price i cant say no any longer

    I would get more but since i just got Gravity Rush, Mutant Blobs attack and will be getting the MGS HD collection next week im sure the wife will be taking my wallet away from me if i suggest any more :)

    • Or you could tell your wife that this is an investment for the future and in the long run it will save you money… However this could result in divorce proceedings so please don’t if that is the case :)

  • Nice sale.. will prolly get myself a Katamari! I wonder what’s gonna be in week 3 – there’s not many games left to discount!

  • @27 They said week 3 will have PSP and minis sales.

  • Just release PSP Burnout Legends and Pursuit Force 2 and my life will be complete (for now!)

  • Rayman Legends is loooking very tempting for me.

    • Its awesome and very much worth it, you should check out the Metacritic scores for it on PS Vita.

  • Do you think you could suggest to ubisoft to do a luminies sale. I have the PS Vita version and im really interested in the PS3 version, but its been on the store for awhile and has never really dropped in price.

  • Any extra discount for PS plus members??

    +1 on adding support for burnout legends I bought it thinking it would work and it doesn’t. :(

    • Yes, PLUS members on some of the titles will get an extra 10% discount. Apologies I missed this out of the post.

    • Just incase you missed it dude:

      Now I made a little bit of a boo-boo with the above post because I forgot to mention the PLUS discounts too (doh!)

      Some of the games in this sale will also get an additonal 10% PLUS saving! So PLUS members might want to check it out even more, considering one of the games with the PLUS discount is Unit 13!

  • No prices in Australian dollars?

    • This is something Jawad does for you, sadly I don’t have the time to get those prices on here too.

      Really sorry for that.

  • Modnation racers looks very appealing at that price, but I still think I’ll pay double to get the tangible version. No point in wasting hdd space and having those long downloads.

  • Looks like Disgaea is not a part of sale huh….
    Anyways great job on bringing the vita sale first to europe, before any other territory.
    Can I look forward to a disagea sale soon?

  • Would it be possible to actually give to file-size for these games in the PlayStation store before the purchase.

    I mean that surely games like Resistance Burning skies require a lot more space than the given “2048KB Minimum Space Required” as even the demo is sized at 2976MB..

    Surely this is not too much to ask?

    • It is something I am pushing for but sadly things like this take a long time to sort out, so don’t hold your breath.

  • Please ask Ross to consider putting a half price discount on the 3rd Birthday because it’s at 15.99 on PSN, even though its on the essentials range which usually cost around 7 to 8 pounds in the store.
    Thanks again, Andy.
    For another great sale.

    • No point asking Ross as he only deals with PLUS. However I will investigate this as see what can be done.

  • Come on how about Rayman Origins, that’s one ofthe games I’ve been waiting to come down in price.

    I’d buy that in a heart beat rhe moment that comes down in price.

    I’m just saying, it’s been outfor ages and so far it plays really well on the vita.

  • Forget that, viewing this on Vita takes ages to load partsofthe site, I’ll be sure to grab a copy as soon as the price drops.

  • Was also hoping that plants vs Zombies would be on sale £8.99 is a bit much for a game that you can get on your phone for 69p.

  • LOL AT CoolRichy008UK !!!!

    ask yourself CoolRichy008UK “do i have a ps vita?”

    dont judge what you dont have. android ripoff? yep, you dont have a vita.

  • I’ve been signed up for Inside PS Vita since last year but I have never received anything. It kinda bugs me, luckily I have Unit 13 but would be nice to receive the mails.

    And no, they are not in my spam folder and I don’t have it blacklisted

    • you did opt in to recieve emails when you signed up I assume? If you contact Customer Services they should be able to get you back on the list.

  • Any sneakie peaks at PSP sale next week?
    Please include MGS PW in that sale! It’ll be MGS week for me definately if you do it! (And probably a few weeks after actually)

  • @38
    Come on how about you try reading the full article before making a request for Rayman Origins..

    I’d tell you the new price now actually, it was €34.99/£29.99 – now €24.99/£19.99.

    I’m just saying, it’s right at the top of the page and you somehow managed to miss it so I thought I’d let you know :D

  • lol at Army Corps from Hell
    Was €39.99/£34.99 – Now €26.99/£21.99

    this has been as low as £9.95 for the retail copy (NEW)Bought it, didn’t like and traded it in at GS for £21.50 :-0

  • If the memory cards weren’t so over priced & it didn’t mess up your Vita interface every time you swipe out memory cards this sale would be good but with the Vita it seems the more games you got the more the interface drives you mad, until there’s a firmware update that give us ether a option to change the interface to the way it was on the PSP or fixes the current one I’m keeping my Vita games to a minimum.

  • Argh! I was pinning my hopes on Rayman Origins being at £14.99. At £19.99 I’d be as well just buying a physical copy. Probably more sales in the future where my dream will truly come true, right?

    Next week will probably have certain PSP titles on sale, right? Hoping for some GTA!

  • Next week is Vita compatible Minis and PSP games, yeah

  • Oh, and thanks for securing Tales from Space at £3.99 last week. When I saw that price I then consulted metacritic (never heard of it before, well maybe except for a few seconds on Access) and I was blown away by the super-high score. Get the previous one (Ps3-only, I think)on sale in the future. I hope I have my PS3 (or a Ps3, for that matter…) by then.

    Any chance Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will get a discount to mark the impending release of the HD colletion on Vita?

  • PMSL, CoolRichy strikes again with silly comments!

    I loved your reply Andy LOL ;)

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