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DC Universe Online Expansion


Hi Everyone –

Welcome back from E3! I’m sure you all are pretty pumped for what’s to come this year in the video game world. A slew of new AAA titles, new features and new content from our favourite games and more! Speaking of our favorite games, as the executive producer of DC Universe Online, it is no surprise that what I’m most excited about coming out of E3 is DC Universe Online’s new DLC pack! That’s right, more new content for a game that is already free-to-play!

And the best part is…you don’t have to wait much longer to jump into battle!

dc_scr_DLC4_SafehousePvP_MetropolisPD_018 dc_scr_DLC4_HQpvp_WT_004

Wednesday, we are launching DCUO’s highly-anticipated fourth DLC pack: The Last Laugh. We are extremely excited about this new pack as it is the first time we have created a major update almost entirely focused on player versus player (PvP) combat. The Last Laugh will include hours of multiplayer gameplay in the Safe Houses and Headquarters, an all-new weapon, and new Light-Powered and Kryptonian Legends PvP characters.

The story revolves around one of our favourite villains, The Joker, who has decided that the heroes and villains have been working too closely to defeat Brainiac, so it’s time to create some chaos. He has hacked the security systems of the Hero and Villain Safe Houses and Headquarters, thereby allowing for invasion scenarios. With The Last Laugh, we’re introducing Safe House PvP battles, which are four-on-four battles that take place in new maps created using the in-game Safe Houses. Also, there are three new game modes as part of the Safe House battles, each with its own unique strategies and objectives. We’re also introducing Headquarter Battles, which are massive eight-on-eight battles that take place in either the Justice League Watchtower, or the Hall of Doom. In all of these battles, iconic DC characters and other NPCs will join the fray to add another challenging layer to the chaotic battles. Lastly, we are giving players a new brawler-style weapon, The Shield, which can be unleashed to take down opponents!

dc_scr_DLC4_HQpvp_HoD_022 dc_scr_DLC4_HQpvp_HoD_019

So, as you can see, we created The Last Laugh purely for the players that like to take the fight to each other in DCUO’s amazing PvP combat. It’s going to be a lot of fun and add so much more to the gameplay experience. That said, I hope you take the opportunity to prove to the world whether heroes or villains will be triumphant.

See you in game!


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  • Why do I seem to have to download the whole game everytime my kids want to play it??? Frustrated parent!

  • good afternoon i heve a problem with DCUO on for “Uncover the Truth Feat Trophy” i was premium member until last week i collect all yellow collectibles from Gotham long time ago but i did not know they was from DLC 3 they required lvl 30 to use it ok i collecte all 2 set’s of yellow collectibles i get the mail with the emblem in it, now i heve the DLC 3 + legendary subscription to unlock the trophy but after i collected all collectibles everything from T2 DUO & PGB the trophy Uncover the Truth did not unlock i was on feat info & hi was show me i don’t heve the 2 set’s of yellow collectibles witch i already collected long time ago without heving the DLC 3 now come the worst part i was again in Gotham collecting all yellow collectibles again but all are already collected i can’t re using it i think the DLC 3 did not Update right with my feat Trophy Wath can i do i was on Option in DCUO i send a message with my problem but i don’t get any answer please DCUO wath can id for my feat Trophy to unlock???????

  • @daftdave1978 you dont have to reinstall it if you did it would take at least 4 hours all its doing it jecking for updates and making sure you have all the right data , @UIUoOoUIU you have to be legendary for trophies to work . plus the trophie ur onabout is the yellows that are new with dlc 3 and appere in south gotham . there is no way you have found them before that dlc came out . the new dlc is so good love it as a legendary i get it early and free , its worth the price

  • id love to know why i got banned from dcu i did nothing wrong and when ever i try to get any info i just get told to call customer support is this a way just to make ppl phone your call center that charges ppl for making the call.

  • Not really free is it.

  • Can anyone answer my very nooby question… I recently received my PS3 and ive been playing dcuo on my pc i have DCUO on my ps3 and my psn is the same email that i used for my SOE account when i made DCUO on pc…. i bought each DLC (Except the “Last Laugh”) and i wanted to know if there is anyway i can transfer my DLC to my PS3 account

  • well we all no ther bad at fixing ther mmo’s that just soe just go look up how bad thay r at fixing ther mmo’s

  • i wood if ther not going to fix ther mmo i wood it ben out for 2 yrs and it runs like ass it just time to go and see what out ther to play i ben on dcuo day one and it run bad and the laging out of it geting old to

    Joe Parsons i just dont see the fun in a mmo that wan you go to pvp you may lag out of the game or in pve wan your going super fast you may lag out it kills the fun in a game and it may kill my ps3 so i dont see dcuo being all that by next yr

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