Anyone For A Round Of Golf This Weekend?

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Anyone For A Round Of Golf This Weekend?


Hello Everybody!

It seems this weekend there’s a bit of an event happening that involves golf. We thought that you may enjoy playing for yourself, so we are giving PlayStation customers some great discounts on a selection of golf titles.

Here’s what you can expect:

Everybody’s Golf (PS Vita) Compatible with PlayStation Vita only.
Was £11.99/€14.99 – Now £7.99/€9.99PS Plus member get 10% extra off!

Everybody’s favourite golf series tees off on PlayStation Vita, with loads of unique features and new ways to play, including new shot systems and handy touchscreen controls.



Everybody’s Golf World Tour Complete Edition (PS3)
Was £23.99/€29.99 – Now £7.99/€9.99PS Plus member get 10% extra off!

Download the ultimate edition of Everybody’s Golf: World Tour, with bags of extra content, 3D visuals and support for PlayStation Move. This game is playable in 2D or 3D. To enjoy stereoscopic 3D features, you will require a 3D TV that supports 3D stereoscopic display and 3D compatible glasses.


Worms Crazy Golf (PS3)
Was £6.49/€7.99 – Now £3.19/€3.99PS Plus member get 10% extra off!

Worms Crazy Golf is a hilarious mixture of the explosive action of Worms and the puzzle based challenges of crazy golf! All of the trademark Worms humour, comic violence, and cartoon visuals are present, combined with addictive yet accessible golf gameplay. With extensive and replayable single player options, and hot seat multiplayer for up to 4 players, this is not just a load of balls!


Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 (PS3)
Was £49.99/€69.99 – Now £29.99/€39.99

Tee-off with the most comprehensive swing mechanic revamp in over a decade in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13! Also uncover several more trailblazing features including Online Country Clubs, Coins, Pins Collections and relive first-hand Tiger Woods’ most memorable golf accomplishments in Tiger Legacy Challenge mode.


These deals will start today and finish on Monday 18th June. So get your clubs ready and get some hole in ones with these discounts whilst they last.

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7 Author Replies

  • The Vita Everybody’s Golf is an absolute steal at that price.

  • With Wimbledon starting June 25th hopefully we will see some tennis games discounted ?

    Top Spin 4 £9.99 for PS+ ?!

  • I got Everybody’s Golf for Vita recently when it was reduced to £12 and was very happy, even more of a bargain now. If you have a Vita and don’t have the game yet you should do so now.

  • Great Vita game! More of these kinds of specials would be great for the Vita and PlayStation fans :D

    *crosses fingers for a tennis sale like this*

  • Well it is cheap, nice one! I’ve got Everybody’s Golf (Vita) but that’s so cheap I might buy it twice!

  • Slightly annoyed the vita game is reduced so shortly after it went down to around £12. I thought the store tried to avoid that kind of thing? I doubt there’s any chance of refunding the difference? If I could get that back I would buy the ps3 version as i dont have the disc anymore.

  • Wow, I’m not much of a golf fan but at that price EG Vita seems like a no brainer. Nice work.

  • I am really curious about a new Everybody’s Golf (7) for the PS3 or Minna no Golf 7 in Japan. Is there any news about a new game from Clap Hanz? There haven’t been a new one for many many years now and the last was even before they came with trophies. Would be nice to get an update from the developer.

  • Is the Everybody’s Golf Vita price correct? You do know that the £11.99 price was a sale price already right?

  • Everybody’s Golf for the VITA is a cracking game!


  • Everybody’s Golf Vita, I’m all over it at that price!

    @sharpenedpixel – yeah the price is indeed correct.

  • The only thing ‘Everybody’s Golf World Tour Complete Edition (PS3)’ is lacking is no Trophies :( Shame that. Hopefully another new ‘Everybody’s Golf World Tour’ will come out soon SONY? :P

  • I bought Everybody’s Golf at £30 :(

  • Shame the PS3 Everybody’s Golf World Tour DLC isn’t included in the sale separately. Also the PSP editions would have nice too :(

    • This is a shame… I will see if we can get some discounts for these too though but will not be for this weekend.

  • I owned World Tour on release day but traded it for something else a few months later.

    £7.19/£7.20 for the complete edition is an absolute bargain! Will download this later this evening during the England Match ;)


  • Kind of miffed I just bought the Vita game on the store the other day… :( Why price drop then sale? Bit mean!

    • We price dropped about a month ago and this sale is to coincide with the golf on this weekend. Sorry you are dissapointed but we are not trying to be mean, we just want to give you boys and girls some awesome offers.

  • wow awesome stuff 29.99 for tiger 13 is dam sweet. i spotted the sale today and was like ohh hell yes love me some pro golf and haven’t bought a tiger since 11. thanks andy shame there isn’t any plus discount but hey that what its like when you want the best of the bunch i guess. is for me anyway :(

    • Sadly we can’t get PLUS discounts on all content but we do try our best. However glad to hear you liek the price and hope you enjoy it.

  • Too bad the PSP version of Pangya was never released in the EU. =(

  • That’s a great price for the Vita game, it’s gonna be really hard to turn that down. (Also, great to see PS+ discount for a Vita game. The more PS+ perks for Vita owners the better)

  • @Andy: After all the awesome free PS+ games you guys managed to put up this month (pretty good titles to boot), I think PS+ team can relax a little ;)

    I think though, there should be a policy where if a Sale happens, say, a week or two after you bought the content, we should be refunded in the way PS Wallet money the price difference. That way it’s a win-win for all and people that bought the content at full price just to see it go 50%-75% cheaper a week later don’t feel burnt :)

    • That would be EPIC if we could do that but sadly we can’t. Plus no other retailer does that as far as I am aware of but if they do as a policy I would be very interested to hear about it. I have never been able to get money back from an item I have bought from anywhere (digital or in a shop) which I see on sale shortly after.

  • Arrrrggghhhhh, I bought Everbody’s Golf on an impulse just YESTERDAY at the £11.99 price. This is so infuriating. :( :( :( :( :(

  • Any chance of some Football discounts & maybe Track & Field PS1 Classic & Tennis discounts etc?

    UEFA EURO 2012 is obviously on at the moment, Wimbledon soon, Olympics next month etc! So anything related to these would be great!

    • All I can say for this is… watch this space next week becuase you might have just called something out without knowing :P

  • what is the status of the download list that sorts downloads ;)

  • @Andy: Why can’t you do it and who cares if no-one else does it? Lead the way!

    You win as well as the refund will be in PS Wallet (so it’ll come back to you) and customer loyalty can’t be overstated which this will give a huge boost of, along with your reputation for customer care.

    I don’t know, unless I am missing some law stuff, it seems like too sensible of an idea not to do. I won’t go on about it though, just something I wanted to put out there :)

  • @Andy: That’s all I ask :)

  • That’s kinda what Everybody’s Golf shouldve cost when it was put up on PSN a few weeks ago. I’ll get it at that price for sure though. Shame they didn’t patch in trophies like they patched in 3D though, would much rather have the trophies.

  • @somethingatt I reckon this is a really great idea too. Because right now I’m inexplicably cross about missing the Vita Everybody’s Golf sale by just one day…

    And to top it off, I’m not even a golf fan! I just mistakenly thought the £11.99 price was a temporary sale price and I’d heard good things about the game, so I thought I’d give it a shot and try something new.

    Now I feel like I’ve paid £4 more than I needed to on something that was a bit of shot-in-the-dark anyway.

    I know Sony is not at all at fault in this situation, but anything they can do to mitigate the kind of resentment I’m feeling right now – regardless of how justified that feeling might be – has got to be a good thing, and I agree it would do wonders for their reputation regarding the all-important customer care.

    I really hope the idea goes somewhere.

  • Thanks, Andy, for this sale! Grabbed the Vita version as my PS3 is currently away to console hospital as part of my extended warranty.

    By any chance will Sony ever institute a system where you can buy a game over the internet (via PC?) so that in the event you don’t have a PS3 at the present moment you can take advantage of the deal?

  • And for those complaining about the extra £4 spent on it… Seriously, how could you not notice the proper price cut? If it was a temporary discount it would have said at the time.

  • Damn, and I bought Everybody’s Golf VITA for 34.99€ two months ago…why the only PS VITA game I ever bought in the store is the one who gets reduced the most? -.-

  • Tiger Woods 13 PS3 on sale in Argos for £23 or €29,pity about everybody’s golf droping so soon again. Great game though.

  • Is there any chance of us getting the DLC players for Tiger Woods 13, that the US store has, in the EU store?

  • @24 – nearest I can think of is Amazon’s policy that if something costs less after you’ve pre-ordered it for more then they’ll give you credit in your account for the difference.

  • Oh, and great work again Andy. Another nice surprise. I’ve got Everybody’s Golf on Vita (got it for the full amount) but happy that more people can experience it now for cheaper.

    May get the PS3 version though, didn’t know it was Move compatible before, so well worth a shot.

  • @Andy – some large retail chains (e.g. Saturn, Mediamarkt) in Germany will refund the difference if you see the product for a lower price anywhere within 14 days. It’s basically standard price-matching, just with an additional two week period after the sale.

  • @Chaosprower I bought Everybody’s Golf for the Vita at full price a little while ago as well… only major Vita title purchased on the store so far!

    Regardless, it is a great game and well worth any of the ‘prices’ people have paid. To those that have requested, I don’t see why Sony should refund any price difference… this is just how things work. If you buy some fruit one day and the price is halved the next day does your supermarket give you the difference? If you made a decision to buy you must have been ok with it at the time.

    Anyway, may pick up the Everybody’s Golf PS3 version, have a great time, then complain in a couple of months when it’s free on Playstation Plus!

  • @Andy, Can i get a refund for buying a game too ?.. got tempted by two worlds2 ‘GotY ed.., but seriously it is one of those ones were the glitches and phsycadelic picture in/out are so funnny that it ‘may’ actually Keep me playing… has really got to be seen to be believed… No,?.. ok, worth a try i guess.
    So you have finally pulled a 10/10 out your hat regards vita golf game, i ‘was’ thinking of buying it (retail) launch week, But i just kinda lost all interest in my vita, maybe needing to get reading glasses to see properly could of been the cause, But whatever the reason i just couldn’t stand more than 10 min spells on it, am glad to say that this last week i have finally found my ‘feeling’ for it, and am now storming through G-Abyss,, So i am Very pleased to see that ‘bargain’ on offer, used to love my (mobile) golf games, and will be snapping E’s-Golf later..But going to finish uncharted b4 i play it.. just to add to All above.. Great work,..

  • I used to own the disc version of Everybody’s Golf for PS3.

    Does anyone know for sure that my game save will work if I buy the digital version.

    I assume it will but I remember my Little Big Planet game save wasn’t compatible between my disc and digital versions.

  • Whaaat?! I bought Everybody’s Golf on Vita little over a month ago for £30! Talk about extortionate…

    Now it’s a measly £8. Ridiculous!

    Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the sales, but to drop that low in such little time. It only released 3 odd months ago…

    I feel robbed.

  • Thanks Andy for the reply re: EGWT DLC, I’ll keep my eyes open.

    Having said that, at £7.19 the Complete Edition is tempting. Can anyone provide an answer to #39 (Save Game compatibility) and also the Download size ?… and finally I assume it’s the latest patch level, my disc edition is now v1.08 with an alarming 6588mb of Game Data, so I might be better off with the digital edition anyway.

  • @Topov81

    I’m not sure about save data compatibility, but I can tell you that it is fully updated. I bought it having never previously owned the game on disc and no updates were required…

    As for game size, it’s no more than 8Gb.

    I hope this helps :)

  • @Topov81: I can confirm that Everybody’s Golf World Tour Complete Edition is compatible with the original disc release’s (product code BCES-00068) save game.

    And yeah, no updates were required. Everything was included right off the bat – or should I say, the club. :)

  • To Andy or anyone else willing to help,
    Well I just bought a Vita a couple of hours ago because of the sale and this, my question is that can I download all the games I want on the PS3 and easily transfer them or do I have to download them on the Vita? If the former is possible, can you please tell me how to do it?

  • Bobopudge – you can download the vita games to PS3 and then move them across.

    1) Go to PSN Store on PS3 and find the Vita games
    2) buy and download these
    3) The Vita comes with a power lead that also acts as a USB cable, so insert this in to the USB port on the front of the PS3 and also into the Vita.
    4) the PS3 should automatically pick up the Vita and the screen will show a message.
    5) Go to the transfer app which should be pulsing on the Vita and choose to transfer from Ps3 and Vita
    6) the games should show up and allow you to transfer

    This also works with PSP games

  • I bought a Vita on eBay yesterday and really want to get the Everybody’s Golf. I don’t have a ps3. Is there anyway a can get the game before the offer ends? I’m not likely to get the Vita until Tuesday at the earliest. Thanks

  • Some good offers it seems :)

  • @42&43: Thanks for the replies!

  • Please help.
    Im in PSN store and when i try to buy Everbody Golf it says £23.99 ?
    How do i access the deal ?

    Thanks in advance

  • Hey Andy,

    I saw this promotion from the ps store during the weekend, and I swear I saw this would be available to plus subscribers until the 3rd of July, why as this dissapeared already, yesterday I logged in to buy it and now it’s 30€ again, and it’s not even the world tour version.


  • Yep i’m gutted I’ve missed this deal…

    Was looking forward to playing it with the kids!

    Will it come back on ?

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