The Ratchet & Clank Trilogy Goes Gold; Brand New Trailer!

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The Ratchet & Clank Trilogy Goes Gold; Brand New Trailer!

Hi Everyone,

I’m delighted to confirm that The Ratchet & Clank Trilogy has now gone gold and been delivered for manufacturing! The Ratchet & Clank Trilogy will be released on Wednesday 27th June across Europe, Thursday 28th June in Australia and New Zealand, and Friday 29th June in the UK and Ireland.

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on the three original Ratchet & Clank games that now look better than ever, remastered in laser-sharp HD and playable in stereoscopic 3D.

To celebrate our gold announcement, we wanted to give you a first look at the brand new launch trailer for The Ratchet & Clank Trilogy:

We hope you’re as excited as us about the games imminent release and have got your copy pre-ordered for launch day!

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3 Author Replies

  • SWEET! Can’t wait to play this!! Memories<3

  • June 28th, day before school holidays! Well I guess I know what im doing these holidays! :D R&C FTW <3

    R&C 4ewer!!! ^.^

    P.S. At once it will be available in PSN?

  • Affirmative!

    27th June on PSN for Europe, Australia and New Zealand & 29th June for UK and Ireland :)

  • looks cool (still), cant wait to play it (again). can the 29th June be today? we wont tell anyone if you just release it now, itll be our secret :)

    dont make me use the Sheepinator on all of you!

  • So far I love all the HD collections so far, I just finsihed platiniuming all 3 Sly games and disliked I missed them out last generation. Noext is Jak and Daxter Collection then Ratchet and Clank.

    But to be honest I am a bit dismayed that out of the 6 games; 1, 2, 3, Tool of Destruction, Quest for Booty and Crack in Time. 4 out of 6 have trophy support and the other 2 which were released in the PS3 era do not have trophy support. I really think you guys should go back and add trophy support for TOD and QfB. Please :D

  • Aren’t you missing something beginning with G and ending with ladiator?
    Otherwise super super news!

  • @ Josh

    FINALLY! :)

    Will we hear soon when Gladiator will be released on PSN, as it was leaked weeks ago?

    Also please consider Size Matters & Secret Agent Clank, either as HD releases or PS2 Classics!

  • Awesome, not to be rude but I hate it when UK get’s everything last. But anyways can’t wait to play this.

  • I pre-ordered this last week and I cannot wait. I have Jak and Daxter Hd Collection to keep me busy until then.

  • Finally, the wait is almost over! I have wanted this collection since the Sly trilogy was released. So happy, I can’t wait for almost 2 weeks!

  • It’s good news, with all these trilogy’s & amazingly good games all I need now is for Sony to release a ‘More time in the Day’ pack so I can play it all.

  • Is the uk not part of europe? Why seperate release dates

  • I’m SO glad this is in 3D, because ALL the classic remakes have the best 3D by far, even better than the games of this gen. The Prince of Persia trilogy has the best 3D by far.

    I’m so gutted Devil May Cry didn’t bother with 3D, that would have been amazing..

  • I don’t normally buy the HD updates if i have played the games on PS2 but the R&C PS2 games were BRILLIANT:P So i will get this;)
    + what about the other PS2 R&C game? ‘R&C: Gladiator’ + the PSP games? ‘Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters’ & ‘Secret Agent Clank’ Maybe you could do a ‘R&C Trilogy 2’ PLEASE to soon? ? ? :P :P :P

  • This is great! R&C is one of the best series known to man.
    I think it would be splendid if you also released it for the Vita…

  • Is there any news on the “extra news / surprise” or similar that the US were promised when the trilogy was delayed for them? Will we get that as well? Would only be fair.

  • yeah RAC is nearly finally here
    never played online mp on the ps2
    splitscreen got in as well didn’t it?
    it wouldnt be RAC without it

  • plz do a ps store pre-order thing for it

  • FINALLY! Was starting to get worried about this! It’s barely had any updates since it was announced. Than it got delayed from May 24th to first week of June, to june 14, and now to june 28. Lets just hope it hits it’s release date this time…………
    Any news on if the EU version will come with a code for the HD remake of deadlocked / Gladiator like the Japanese version does?

    Have to agree with others too, this HD collection should be ported over to the vita. Or even better wait and add in the PSP versions too!
    Shame Sony has not done many PSP HD remakes, GOW origins collection and MGS collection are awesome!
    I’d do anything to get a HD collection of the 2 PSP Syphon Filter games, Logans Shadow and Dark Mirror!

    Why is ratchets helmet big for? fix it plz, who knows how big mode will turn out lol



  • @supvic Crapcom are in bed with Microsoft since the start of this gen. If 360 doesn’t do real 3D do you think Crapcom will give PS3 owners 1up on owners of the other console? Won’t be buying another Crapcom game until Shinji Mikami does a Resident Evil REmake 2. If not Crapcom aren’t getting a bit of money from me. RE6? Did you ever the notice on the cover of the game the logo looks like Capcom on the left and their PS3 customer’s on their knees on the right doing something?

  • To quote Depeche Mode, It´s a question of time until we get this with plus so I wait.

  • When is the Vita version!?

  • First it was sometime in May, then it was June 8th (back when I Pre-Ordered it on the 7th) big disappointment here. Why set a release date if you don’t stick with it, I am slowly losing it here. I’ve been waiting for this release for ages now I have to wait longer. Why even make us R&C fans wait so long, life sucks and it’s not fair.

    What I don’t get is you make us wait and wait and wait, but I didn’t see you make Jak and Daxter fans wait or Sly Racoon fans wait.

    I am starting to think that not only is the UK screwed on every release but we (the people that love old enjoyable games) are screwed even more, I mean not only do we have to wait for the old great PS2 games but you don’t see any great adventure games on the PS3. All it ever is nowadays is COD or Battlefield there are no more loveable games. Devs are only ever making games for the money now.

    Tell me a fun game that isn’t an FPS and doesn’t give you the urge to shoot the devs.

    Why is it Europe gets it before UK, we’re in Europe what on earth is going on?

  • It would sell a bucket load on Vita though. Whose arm do we need to twist? :)

  • i sure would buy an vita if
    sly trilogy,jak and daxter trilogy and ratchet and clank trilogy was in it,
    think about it, all the playstation 2 mascots being portable
    great for all audiences

  • It would have been cool if they had got James Arnold Taylor to dub Ratchet and Clank 1 so that it doesn’t go from one voice to another between one and two.

  • mr Josh Walker comfirm something for me im confused :(

    27th june EU im in the EU well the UK does that mean its out on the 27th for psn store and everywhere else on friday plz conferm im confused :(

    dont laugh no one not my falt im confused

    im in the uk is that the EU for the 27th june wen game on ps store

    SOMEONE TELL ME its driving me mad

  • CoolRichy008UK
    27th june is for all of europe including ireland and uk on playstation store
    games release at retail on a Wednesday across Europe and a Friday for UK/Ireland
    though,digital has no shippings or opening, unlike blu ray boxes

    i think, as it’s not clearly told,

  • Sweet! Pre-ordered this in April, so glad it’s got a final release date!

  • Juhal_1234 thanx that was clear enough for me :)

    thats why i get ps store games now i dont bother with retail no more
    i hope uncharted 3 hits the ps store after 1st 2

    Juhal_1234 thanx alot :D

    & this game is out 1 week before i go on hol il soo has to get it if not before my holiday after

  • Yay! :)
    I’ve been waiting for this ever since it was first announced a couple of months ago, i can still remember finishing the first Ratchet & Clank game on PS2 about 24 times years ago. :)

  • this game will be great…can’t wait to play ratchet and clank 3

  • @andrewsqual thanks that explains it. Screw Capcom.. seriously.

  • @31 – sorry, that’s not correct.

    PSN Europe (excluding UK and Ireland) 27th
    Retail the same
    PSN UK and Ireland 29th
    Retail the same

    This is because laws in Britain/Europe won’t allow the sale of goods online before stores as this is seen as anti-competition.

    The price issues for selling at RRP are due to the same laws.

  • so much love for this game <3

  • Whos remastering them? BluePoint? Or is IG doing it themselves?

  • Why no Vita versie?!

  • @ AaronSOLDIER

    Idol Minds in conjunction with Insomniac Games remastered them.

    Also the PSN release will be the same as retail. Possibly earlier if it’s a midnight release but i’m sure a member of the store team will clarify!

  • No Jak and Daxter on the Vita and now no Ratchet and Clank. Really disappointed in this. Why aren’t these guys seeing that platformers are perfect handheld titles. I’d love to play these again but I’m not buying a PS3 to do it.

    I mean it’s not like Mario was ever on a handheld and successful…oh wait

  • Its a no sale for me until I find out what is going on with the “Extra” item the US is getting and if we are also getting it.
    Shame really, I’m a really big R&C fan and can’t wait to play this.

  • Hi, firstly picking this up day 1 for me, huge fan of the series.
    Secondly since north America got ratchet and clank all for one is it possible it will be available soon for us please :(

  • @37 your wrong LOOK

    Josh Walker


    27th June on PSN for Europe, Australia and New Zealand & 29th June for UK and Ireland

    27th june ps store EU – digital version
    29th june UK oreland – blueray version

    and what juhal said is 100% correct
    Posted on 14 June, 2012 at 7:35 pm by Juhal_1234

    27th june is for all of europe including ireland and uk on playstation store
    games release at retail on a Wednesday across Europe and a Friday for UK/Ireland
    though,digital has no shippings or opening, unlike blu ray boxes

    i think, as it’s not clearly told,like he told it

    27TH JUNE PS STORE PEOPLE only listen to sony NOT SONY WANABES

    he and josh was right i n anyway its a wedsday n it will be on the ps store on 27th june sony juhal & me are right UR WRONG

  • @ CoolRichy008UK

    LISTEN, Josh has replied & it clearly states within the post 29th June UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How hard is that to comprehend?

    Yes we’re part of the EU but as Josh has stated UK releases are on a Friday. Sometimes we have releases on a Tuesday but it’s rare!

    If you’re going to continue to rant on here like you always do, at least understand plain english!

    “Friday for UK/Ireland” as stated by JOSH!!!


    27th June on PSN for Europe, Australia and New Zealand & 29th June for UK and Ireland” Where does the statement break to state Blu Ray???

    LOL, some people *Rolls eyes*

  • Anybody else not understand????

    Europe, Australia & New Zeland will see the release on the 27th but UK & Ireland will have to wait until the 29th like we always do!

    UK are always excluded from the normal European releases unless the release is on a Friday.

  • @ CoolRichy008UK

    You’ll see i’m right when there is no release on the store on the 27th! ;)

    You should know this by now & juhal_1234!

  • blames juhal strokes kitty Catkiller1 lol

    Ok ok ok 29th june i might get it before i go on hol or afterwards when i get back when should i get it

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