PS Vita Sale Coming To PlayStation Store

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PS Vita Sale Coming To PlayStation Store

Out of the shadows I return to announce another sale for our ever loving consumers. This time we’ve got a THREE week sale for you. What’s it about? What can you expect? Why should you care? Read on and find out.


Starting on June 13th until July 4th, we will run a sale for content compatible with PS Vita. Each week we will rotate the content, starting with digital only titles followed by adding in retail releases (that are also available through PS Store) and finally on the third week, retail and PSP/mini titles compatible with Vita.

So, for week one you can expect some of the following great titles:

Escape Plan
Was €12.99/£9.99 – Now €8.99/£7.29

Hustle Kings
Was €7.99/£6.49 – Now €5.99/£4.79

Motorstorm RC
Was €5.99/£4.79 – Now €4.99/£3.99

Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack!
Was €6.99/£5.49 – Now €4.99/£3.99

Top Darts
Was €7.99/£6.49 – Now €5.99/£4.79

Super Stardust Delta + Advanced Star Fighter Pack
Was €9.99/£7.99 – Now €6.99/£5.49

and more!…..

But that’s not all! For PS3 owners, you too can find some offers such as Sonic 4 Episode I, Sonic Adventure and Tales from Space: About a Blob. Check out the PS Store for more.

With that, please check back each week as we’ll update the blog with some of the new titles on offer.

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9 Author Replies

  • im counting on Tales From Space massive discount for PS+ users, or maybe free ;)

  • Awesome to see some Vita love on the PS Store!

    I still haven’t redeemed the Escape Plan £5 discount code I got with my PS Vita pre-order pack, if anyone wants it and it’ll work for them it’s:



  • The prices will update with the weekly update ?

  • 50% discount and vita compatability on PSP ‘Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker’ in the week that Metal Gear Solid HD is released (since it’s not included) and i’m in!

    Please make it happen.

  • Brilliant! I’ve been holding back on a couple of Vita (and PSP) games while I finish up the ones I’ve already got so that’s great news for me. :)

  • @ Ayumaze69

    The EU store updates every Wednesday, so the prices will change with tomorrows update!

  • Nice !
    @Catkiller1 That’s what i thought ^^’

  • Nice to see some Vita love but we still don’t have enough new releases. E3 was something of a Vita bust unfortunately with only a few games announced.

  • @CassyChan Thanks a lot man, tried to used it, but looks like someone beat me to it. Who ever used it, they own CassyChan a thanks. A thank you post would be expected of them :)

  • Could we please see those prices in AUD?


  • From that list I’ve got every game I wanted on release date. They were always quite well priced :)

    Looking forward to the second week though. I hope Uncharted is one of the games on the list as it’s one I still want to add to my collection

  • Good work, Andy.

    Do you have any idea if certain third party titles (Rayman Origins!) will get a price reduction in the future weeks? Not had a reason to buy more Vita titles off the store because I’m a bit preoccupied with Motorstorm and WipEout, but thanks to this reduction I’ll get the fantastic Hustle Kings.

  • NO WHY ROTATING :( I will miss next weeks sale…

  • Oh, completely forgot: will the SS Delta dlc be discounted? I already own Delta on my Vita.

  • I agree with sem, And assassins creed psp half price would be good, Having not played it. Please. Make it happen.

  • @Erroneus sorry to hear someone beat you to it dude, at least with tomorrow’s update it’ll be close to that price anyway :)

  • “and more!…..”

    Hopefully by that you mean Plants vs Zombies and Pure Chess! That’d be great if you could include them in the sale too :D


  • i got ps vita last friday, june 8th on my birthday and no regrets :)

  • I agree with Sem, regarding a discount Metal Gear Solid: PW because I have pre-ordered the HD MGS and would like to own the complete collection but I don’t think both are worth it at full price.

    By the way, please consider putting a half price discount on the 3rd Birthday because it’s at 15.99 on PSN, even though its on the essentials range which usually cost around 7 to 8 pounds in the store.

    And, thanks for the sale.

  • +1 on Plants vs Zombies and Pure Chess

  • @#1 – Mutant Blobs is a great game, it was well worth £5.49 so it’s a steal at £3.99. I wouldn’t wait for it to become free or discounted further as it might not happen and you’d miss out on a great game.

    @#18 – Reality Fighters is already on sale on the Vita store for £11.99, not under a tenner of course but I doubt it’ll go any cheaper soon

  • damn shame i already own all psvita psn only games

  • If anyone is interested, Zavvi are selling Wifi enabled VITAs, for £179.95 this week!

  • It mentions some PS3 games too. I hope Dead Block & Dragons Lair 2 will appear within a SALE soon!

    • Not for this sale sadly but good ideas for the future, I will make a note.

      Thanks CatKiller1 as always for your commitment to value for our consumers, I am always grateful.

      (I am not being sarcastic btw, I am genuinely grateful)

  • If you could get a reduction on Persona 3 portable and Trails in the Sky in the last week of this promotion, I’ll be a very, very happy man. I know they reducted the standard price recently, but still, it wouldn’t be bad to have a nice little promotion no?

    (I own both on UMD, but want them on Vita as that’s the sytem I carry with me all the time)

  • Hi Andy, glad to see a vita sale at last. I will pick up Escape Plan and maybe something else as I’ve already got Motorstorm RC, Hustle Kings, Tales of a Blob and Super Stardust Delta but I have a few questions first.
    1: Will there be an extra discount for plus members?
    2: You mentioned Top Darts on the list, does it include the PS3 version for free as well?
    3: Will Plants vs. Zombies be on the sale too?

  • I’ll get Darts this week. then fingers crossed Plants V Zombies is on next week.

    Wouldn’t mind virtua tennis too.

  • When will I learn to be more patient and wait for sales. Bought escape plan last week nevermind it’s good to see the vita finally getting some love.

  • @ Andy

    No Problem! I always shop around for a bargain before I make a final purchase.

    Zavvi have great reductions every Monday & add more titles later that afternoon too!

    I won’t mention any titles but go look for yourselves peeps, as i’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised ;) Good prices on Blu Ray movies too!

    Also the sarcastic thing, I didn’t mean to have a dig at Jawad. Must have had an off day like I do, with the constant pain I have :( I did apologise to him though ;)

  • So I might get to spend that €27 I’ve had for some months now. I was looking at Escape Plan but now with a lower price….I might be sold.

    I’ll then see what else drops into the sale.

    Good man Andy. ;)

  • I have my fingers tightly crossed that Mike Kebby will make an announcement soon, that the Streets of Rage & Golden Axe Vintage collections will release on PSN for PS3 & VITA!

    Why XBLA only? Microsoft must have thrown some money at them!

    I know they’re on the Megadrive Collection but the recent releases were better ports imo.

  • Any update on remote play?
    Sony said at E3 that it was coming for god of war 1&2 and Ico and Shadow of the colossus. Do you know when and if other games will be also work with remote play?

    ps good sale.

  • yeah a discount on Plants Vs Zombies would be nice, £8.99 is pretty expensive when you compare it to the prices of arguably better games like Motorstorm RC and Mutant Blobs

  • Also, to add to CatKiller’s comment, if you use the code “CONSOLE” at checkout, you can get a Vita for £165 from Zavvi. Bargain or what?

    Great sale here Andy. Personally i own all of these, but i am hoping there’ll be some bargains in the “retail titles” sale.

    Any hint as to what would be on sale? C’monnn… ;)

  • Aargh, just bought Escape plan 2,5 weeks ago…

    But great that Vita is getting some discounts. Unfortunately I already bought the great games (Motorstorm, Tales from space, Super Stardust Delta, Escape Plan).

  • Glad to see the Vita getting some love. I own 4 of that original 6 but I’m looking forward to the next few weeks.

    It seems a lot of folk own most if not several of these, would love to see the attach rate for them.

  • There’s finally a sale for retail Vita titles next week and I won’t be in the country.

    I will be in Europe, could I purchase them on the PSN store over there and download them when I get back?

    (I have the 3G Vita)

  • It’s great to see the Vita get some love, but a shame to see the games that are already reasonably priced go on sale when the ones that are over priced remain, well, over priced.

    On a related note, are the recent price drops on Mod Nation and Everybodys Golf permanent? this is the kind of price reductions the Vita needs to get more people buying and playing and after picking up Modnation at the new price i’m planing on picking up Everybodys Golf too, there are a lot of other games i’d grab if the prices were more reasonable ;)

    And will we ever see proper pricing of RidgeRacer or even the game/glorified demo (compared to every other RidgeRacer content wise) plus all DLC for €20? ;)

  • Great news on the sale…. Escape Plan and Mutant Blob look good to me.
    Already got SSD Delta and MotorStorm and Hustle Kings, all well worth the price.

    Any chance of a sale on Velocity?
    It’s a mini at £3.99 and I missed my chance at getting it free on plus!

    Also some discount on some top psp titles would be nice but the Vita games are the main ones I suppose.

    Looking forward to there being a few more PSN vita titles released at some point.

  • Also, sorry for the double post, but Valkyrie Chronicles II is still £28 on the PSN store. It runs on Vita, but can only be downloaded on the PS3.

    Please reduce it’s price and/ or put it up on the Vita store. It can be found at retail for £8.

  • @PBUH

    if you connect to PSN via 3G you should (as far as i am aware) be able to purchase the games, although it won’t download them until you connect to wifi

    You could, of course, connect to wifi while there and just download them ;)

  • @FBZ

    Velocity is incredible and well worth the £3.99 price. It was only free on PS+ last month so i highly doubt it will be on sale any time soon

  • What I’d absolutely love to see, is some kind of massive discount on PSP digital downloads…Or maybe a code so that we can download something like 3-5 games of our choice at massive discount of 90% or so.


    Because I have some great games sitting here on UMD, that I’d love to have on my Vita, but am loathed to pay for again. Some of them are £15 on the store right now, not exactly cheap for a game I already own.

    Seeing as we never got a UMD trade in programme, it would be nice to see some kind of offer from Sony, for those loyal customers who bought PSPs and games for them. I used to enjoy the odd blast on Space Invaders extreme. While I can still play that on my PSP, it’s an inconvenience to keep it charged just for the occasional game.

    I’ve already repurchased Pursuit Force. . I also have many more… I don’t expect to just be given them all, but some kind of offer to help get some of the most wanted ones on the Vita would surely go a long way to generate some appreciation from users.

    So I’m not sure how it could be done, but some kind of extreme PSP sale would be fantastic…. As also present Vita gamers with access to more gaming while they’re waiting for the next round of Vita titles to hit.

  • I have no idee where i should ask this.
    But is there a certain hour for psvita games to release in the ps store.
    gravity rush should release today but on what hour?


  • I bet PS1 games will come out after this sale! Whose in?
    Prices are starting to get to where they should be. I would have bought way more games if they were released at these prices.


  • A never mind i see the date has changed in stores to to tomorow.

  • any news on silent hill 2,3 themes and avatars and ghost recon aswell usa have these for ages now lol. Thanx

  • Will there be any news about Gravity Rush? The game is coming out tommorow.

  • Wow i absouletly love PLaystation and Sony Now i am buried in games to play!

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