On Your Marks, Get Set, Go…!

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On Your Marks, Get Set, Go…!

PS3 fans can really go for gold this June with the arrival of the limited edition metallic gold DUALSHOCK 3 controller.

As excitement builds for some of the biggest sporting events of the year PlayStation fans can get in on the action and feel like champs with the brand new, limited edition metallic gold Dualshock 3 controller. Available this June, going for gold has never been more apt; if it’s scoring a winning hat trick or making poll position, do it in style with the metallic gold Dualshock 3 and feel like a real winner.

Check out these pictures of the hardware below. Cool, isn’t it?


DUALSHOCK 3 utilises Bluetooth technology for Wireless gameplay while the controller’s USB cable automatically charges the controller when connected to the PlayStation 3 system.

  • Pressure sensitive buttons that react to each action make every impact feel like you’re right in the game
  • SIXAXIS motion technology senses your every move
  • Features Bluetooth technology for Wireless gameplay; the PlayStation 3 system can support up to seven wireless controllers at one time.

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  • On your marks, Get set, No!
    Seriously, this is one heck of an ugly controller… Only a mobster would want to have it!

  • Just pre-ordered mine from ShopTo. I like it.

  • Does it come with a chain, so I can wear that badboy with a shell suit?

  • Links point to a private flickr page.


  • looks nice and pretty, if youre after a new pad then it would be a cool one to go for :). tis for winnars!

    though i hope Sony know that it shouldnt actually cost its own weight in gold ;). £40 is too much, maybe you can bring out a bronze version for half the price :D

  • @8 lol that is brilliant

  • How about instead of shilling pointless new colours for existing products, you let your current customers know what they are getting with PS+ this month and confirm whether or not the EU is getting shafted out of the 12 games that the US are getting

  • Really, a gold DualShock 3 announcement when E3 is happening? Don’t you guys have other more news worthy stories to post on the blog like the european PS+ information. I’m shaking my head in disbelief.

  • I just want a controller that doesn’t go all creaky after 4-6 months. :(

  • Mith1970 i might buy it and that makes you the mobster

  • Oh darn just bought the red one a few weeks back.

  • I want a real gold pad & ps3 :D

  • SHAME theese controllers are just AWFULL in built quality, i had my blue one sine june 8th 2011 (my birthday) and its already creaking like hell plus its cracked alot even though i aint droped it once.

    same with my 2 black ones. pure discusting built quility!

    oh and then theres that stupid high price tag of what? £42? around that anyway.

    all in all the ps3 controllers SUCK! and the coloured ones seem to be even worse in built quility.
    guys dont buy this rubbish. i sure as hell aint gonna buy another ps3 controller.

  • @10 Ross on twitter has CONFIRMED THAT YES WE WILL get the same PS+ stuff as the US!
    Great news I’m sure you’ll agree :-)

  • That’s one seriously pimp controller.

  • apparently till both SCEA & SCEE publish blog posts still confusing.

    TSA has reported SCEE get 10 games you get to chose 3 out of 10 when jack says 12 is misleading they pick 3 if that what SCEE had said.

    with the 3 you already got you get 1 game of a month so that makes 4.

    you get a further 3 titles infamous-2, LBP-2 & unfortunately not saint row-2 but MSA i would wanted SR-2 :(

    so in all you get a 7 games a month the others are in rotation so that means you can wait to get the others.

    now that may be a problem instend of different refresh every month it wont be also i dont know if they keep the 2 psn 1 ps1 & 2 minis maybe that been scraped.

  • Haha,I’m a gold player now!

  • Apparently theres a couple of different models/model numbers.., and depending on what one you got it makes a difference.. something to do with where they were made, (i think), anyway theres a thread in playstation support with more info, and opinions, but to be fast, basically theres a certain model number CECH etc that is considered proper sub-standard… apparently the best quality ones are CECH ZC2E, you can find this on the back of the controller… so if you feel your controller isn’t as good as others you might of had check it’s number, same as if your looking to buy a new one, as the CECH number will be on the box… i ‘seriously’ recommend ppl thats had problems or thinking about buying another contrll to go to playstation support (uk) and read the thread about all the different numbers and how they stack up to each other… unfortunately you may spend a bit of time searching for the thread… as i can’t recall what section/page it’s in, But it Will be worth it.

  • i need a new controller so y not get a gold one

  • Where & when can I buy it in France ? Thank you.

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