Assassin’s Creed III Liberation On PS Vita!

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Assassin’s Creed III Liberation On PS Vita!

Bet you didn’t see this one coming, eh PlayStation Assassins?

It is with a great deal of pleasure and a substantial amount of pride that we announce Assassin’s Creed III Liberation for the PlayStation Vita!

Liberation introduces an all-new assassin named Aveline, and takes place in the rich, varied and vibrant environments of eighteenth-century Louisiana. To get a better idea of how she’ll operate in the more populated urban areas, and just a tiny tease of Aveline’s stealthy activities in the bayou, you should totally check out the announcement trailer:

During 1765, Aveline stands directly in the path of Spanish forces seeking to overrun and take Louisiana while the rest of the coastal colonies are occupied with the American Revolution. Aveline is a uniquely effective assassin, employing tactics from her mixed French and African lineage including machete, poison-dart blowpipe and duelling pistols.

You should take a moment to better acquaint yourself with Aveline by watching this video…

Illustrating greater depth and dimension in a period of history that would ultimately help shape the world, Assassin’s Creed III Liberation expands the Assassin’s Creed universe to give a broader portrait of this pivotal era.

And, if you play Assassin’s Creed III on your PlayStation 3, you’ll get access to exclusive unlockable items in Assassin’s Creed III Liberation on your PlayStation Vita, such as: Connor’s tomahawk, an exclusive character skin, a multiplayer character and a complete upgrade of all ammunition pouches.

Ignite the revolution!

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  • Finally a decent Assasins Creed game!

    I enjoyed the first title & the Sequel but Brotherhood & Revelations, not so much!

  • Well I wouldn’t have seen it coming if it wasn’t leaked before the conference! Anyway, looks like a really good title for the Vita.

  • Well done guys. ACL for Vita has me excited about the Vita again.

  • When are we going to see ANY footage of Assassin’s Creed 3 where you’re NOT killing British soldiers? You and all the other PR folks at Ubisoft have repeatedly said “Oh no, AC3 isn’t racist. The British aren’t the bad guys”.

    Really? Because that’s not what you’re showing me. For example, Assassin’s Creed 2, Brotherhood, and Revelations were Italians against Italians. But because half the American kids didn’t know where Italy was, NOW Ubisoft are pandering to the North American illiterate sixteen year old male and built Assassin’s Creed 3 around killing British people.

    I can’t wait for the English press to get wind of this. I’m offended, disgusted, and feel embarrassed for all those at Ubisoft who sold out to the yankee dollar.

  • Is it just me or did everybody see the flash on Aveline, which showed a modern woman. I assume she is a descendant of Aveline, much in the same way as Desmond.

  • this im only game im looking frward from e3 on vita.
    e3 was a let down on vita

    @Scuffy I believe Ubi is following history.
    you say racism.i say to you dont try to deny
    the white mans oppression against the other races.

  • I think this stole the show for me, it looks epic and a guaranteed day 1 purchase for me.
    Im a proud Englishman and i don’t think its racist… its history.
    Just like all war games, we are either killing Germans, Japanese, Americans etc. its nice to have a different war to fight for a change lol.

  • Do my eyes deceive me? A Vita game shown at E3?

    what a £250 piece of junk this turned out to be.

  • Weren’t there supposed to be a whole bunch of new games announced? Think I only spotted three. Wish that they’d told us more about upcoming Vita games and features, solid info not just vague promises.

    I guess every E3 will be dissapointing until they announce PlayStation 4 though.

  • My second favorite announcement after Beyond. I was kind of disappointed in the PSP Assassins Creed but this definitely looks more like the console experience. Instant musthave.

  • So, we have one day to complete Assassin’s Creed 3 if Liberation launches the day after.

  • Well it’s nice to see some new games announced at E3 for the PS Vita sadly there just PS3 games downsized for the Vita.

    I was hoping for some new games made specifically for the Vita that showed why it’s got a touchscreen front and back, six axis motion sensor, cameras. How about a new Locoroco or Patapon?

    For now there is nothing to show why the Vita is an essential purchase unless you want to play PS3 games on the go and that’s what happened to the PSP just ports from the PS2 and a few original titles.

  • this looked good but who are we playing as in modern day (you aren’t going to ignore that part ala bloodlines as it’s part of the story of AC…) and also Rayman: Legends is it a wii u exclusive game or does it just have wii u exclusive features? because after origins i’d been looking forward to that on my vita….

  • @koma1tose: they said that he’d be killing people on both sides of the war yet have displayed no killing of american troops, and as far as I’ve seen have painted the USA troops as the good guys somewhat when in that war in particular neither side was ‘good’ with the americans threatening innocent people with canon fire etc from what I know; now are you trying to tell me that the assassins would be fine with that, or the intention to keep slavery; that said in the liberations trailer Aveline is killing blue coats and not red coats from what I see even more interesting when she’s part french :p and connor who is killing red coats in everything is half english

  • Announcement gives me several things I was hoping for before I make a Vita purchase (Vita exclusive, White Vita, Female Protagonist in an Assasins’ Game). Just a shame there wasn’t more of this stuff. Hope your Japanese division are holding back the good stuff for TGS.

  • I cant wait to kick some british ass!!!

  • Looking forward to playing the game, and also pleased to see the White Vita getting released outside of Japan.

    I did know about it before the reveal though, Sony seems to have more leaks than a colander.

  • chucknorrissuper

    This game looks amazing. Definately a must buy for the vita. If you hate this game it means that you’re racist!

  • Superb announcement! Assassins Creed is one of the reasons I brought a Vita, it looks amazing and am looking forward to finding out more about the game and Aveline!

  • I said that when there will be 5 games that are must play for me (I don’t play that much, 5 games is all I need in a portable console for a year – maybe less) I will buy a Vita. Wipeout, Uncharted and Resistance are out and Assassins Creed and BioShock are coming … So I think I know what my “self X-Mas” present is :)

  • I hoped for an announcement of AC for Vita, but I didn’t hope it would be so good! Not that psp crap.

  • Can the next Assassins Creed be set in Agincourt, you know, just to even things up ;)

    Joking aside, this does look great. It’s a pity that most people only see the big live E3 shows as both Sony and 3rd parties had a load of Vita games that didn’t get a mention, such as NFS Most Wanted.

  • jes , i am bored to play most of the time whith male karakters

    also ubisoft u are big winner one e3
    sony disepointed only 2 games are wow to me = The Last of Us –
    Two Souls rest = bofff lowest intrest = magick book = not somting u need to chow on e3 sol long . 3/4 min max then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    ea = bigest loser = no dragon age 3 ps3 – sims city on ps3/vita
    new burnout city on ps3/ vita ????

  • i dont have a vita but when i get one. i will for sure get this game. mainly because i will get AC3 & i want the full story of the assassins. And one last thing please will you release a metal gear solid on psvita.

  • This and Uncharted the Golden Abyss may eventually convince me to purchase a Playstation Vita… if and when there are a few more interesting game experiences in the pipe-line.

  • @Scruffy_P Connor just wants to kill the templar the british army is between him and the templar, he has no choice.

  • And he also fights for freedom, that the didn’t give.

  • big disappointment with the female assassin not having a hood :( why get rid of it??? she looks like a bloody pirate!!!

  • big disappointment with the female assassin not having a hood :( why get rid of it??? she looks like a bloody pirate!!!

  • Why are my fellow English people crying, because the British are being beaten in AC3??

    Did you moan and groan when COD allowed for SAS to round killing Russians etc?

    Don’t be a bunch of hypocrites and just enjoy playing the game!!

  • why is there not a video of this game actually running anywhere to be found? very strange with this coming out in less than five months.

  • this looks good and all but i think dishonoured is the main assassin game in E3 maybe the best game in E3

  • Ubisoft have single handedly made E3 this year worth it.

    Please please please PLEASE can you bring splinter cell to the ps vita??????

  • i really don’t want to play as a female assassin its just wiered for me getting used to all these male assassins and all of a sudden ubisoft is just like hey i have an idea lets put a female assassin on the greatest portable system out right now like seriously is there any way i can get a ezio or connor skin does ANYONE have an idea what the exclusive character skin is that you get when you link assassins creed 3 vita and ps3 together please ANSWER

  • i dont know what happened one minute it was altair now its aveline who next brenda the butcher from a shop

  • i think they are bringin sumert different wiv liberatios,and its about time.thoes who say they are racist need 2 give there edds a wobble and stop bein lil biches:p

  • I CAN’T WAIT I THINK It’s the only cool game on vita

  • Good good, i’m sick of Ezio, I was sick of him by AC2. The first game will always be the best. But this does look promising.

    Just ordered a Vita but with all of the cross-console features between Vita and PS3 I feel like I should get one of the too. lol

  • I think that is pretty dump to put a female assasin in one of the newest and best games of Ubisoft for the PSvita because if this game is one of the newest Asassin’s Creed game could that mean that in Asassin’s Creed 3 the asassin will be a female too ? And if you think it in another way Desmond is a male so it will be dump if he plaied a female inside the Animus. Also there is a possibility that this could ruin the whole image the people have for this game.So please dont try to put a female haracter in Asassin’s Creed 3

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