PlayStation Home: Get Set For E3

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PlayStation Home: Get Set For E3

PlayStation Home will be offline from 8AM BST on Thursday 7th June for routine maintenance. Here is what to expect after the update…

We are gearing up for E3 this week with the pre-launch of the E3 2012 Theatre and Booth! The Theatre will be available to download from the Navigator from today and will be streaming the SCEA press conference live in the E3 Theatre on Tuesday June 5th at 02:00 BST.

The Booth itself will open on Tuesday 5th June at 8pm BST featuring a series of quests hosted by Christina Lee and a cornucopia of rewards to be won, as well as the latest news from the gaming world and some sneak reveals of what PlayStation Home has in store for the coming year.

Whilst you’re there why not drop by the store in the E3 booth to check out the exclusive items you can pick up there, including Codeglue’s Day of Judgment Device, the Discobot XT6000 and Nebulon Storage Backpack from Hellfire Games and some tasty Billabong morsels.

Day of Judgement Device - Single Shot

Aside from E3 we are also having a bumper Granzella week this week!

Get some cheer in your life with the new Granzella Cheer Squad outfits also releasing this week. The outfit consists of a hairstyle (with headband), a long uniform jacket, pants, and gloves for both men and women.

Making an appearance alongside the Cheering Squad items is an enigmatic series of fossil excavation tools including: Pick Axe found in Ancient Ruins, Ancient Legendary Brush, Rock Drill from an Extremely Advanced Civilization, Shovel of the Gods, and Hammer and Stake from a Lost Technology. You’ll marvel at the origins of these weird and wonderful tools as you unravel the mysteries of the past with them. Also available is a Fortune Excavation Charm which will help increase your probability of finding a fossil.

And finally from Granzella, the long awaited Ninja costume stalks from the shadows!

Available in stealthy black, midnight blue and brazen persimmon, you can walk the path of the ninja, strike with deadly precision and have your enemies at your mercy! Equipment with a higher Stealth Level will reveal a variety of additional Ninja abilities. The Master Ninja Hood and Cross Shuriken will also be released simultaneously with the Ninja costume.

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