Travel, Ecology & Music All Coming Soon To PlayStation Vita

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Travel, Ecology & Music All Coming Soon To PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Vita was developed with the idea creating and delivering compelling content for gamers. With the recent announcement of t@g, the graffiti-based app that combines creative expression, location-based gaming, AR and urban art discovery we continued to build PS Vita’s portfolio of applications. We are now offering you the opportunity to travel the world, manage an ecosystem and express your musical side all via the powers of your PS Vita. We are really excited about the three  latest applications for PS Vita -  Travel Bug, Ecolibrium and Imaginstruments which will all be available free to download from PlayStation Store very soon.

Discovery Apps 3 Discovery Apps 1

In Travel Bug, you can and personalise your very own travel bug and give it travel-based missions to complete. Your bug can take “travel snaps” on its journey and you can track its whereabouts on an interactive map. This innovative application also invites you to compete against friends to reach destinations first – all tracked via the “near” application.

Discovery Apps 2

Take on a divine role in Ecolibrium, an imaginative eco-system simulator where the aim is to maintain harmony within your own created environment. If your environment becomes unbalanced, species in your eco-system must be fed manually by you until you have restored balance and created the optimum environment for your animals and plants.  You can also collect different species and trade them with your PS Vita friends using “near”.

Ecolibrium Shop

If you are feeling musical then give Imaginstruments a try. Imaginstruments is an ‘imaginary instrument’ application designed from the ground up around the myriad of PS Vita inputs. You can play drums, guitar, theremin, and even the violin. Once you have mastered each imaginstrument you can record tracks and share with other players.

Imaginstruments  melody_screen

These great new applications offer unique, social and immersive experiences exclusively on PS Vita all for free – so get involved!

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2 Author Replies

  • Everything looks good! Looking forward to Imaginstruments the most, but I will try the others as well.

  • These look like fun little apps, is there any news on t@g release date, I believe the previous blog post featuring t@g and Frobisher Says said it would be out in May?

    Thank you.

    • Hi mitch_uk_psn,

      We now intend to releae t@g in summer. We will update you once we know more details. please watch this place.

  • Yes please :D Love the idea of all of them tbh, although Imaginstruments will have most of my time :D

  • Oh just go away allready… another free app that vita owners.. translate, hardcore gaming ‘people’ will have absolutely no use/need of.. wheres the ‘real’ apps/features.. maybe a on demand/pay monthly movie or tv shows kinda deal.. or something more ‘grown-up like the ‘whatever’ fan club thing the US had yesterday ?… ok, so since theres basically nothing else around atm, i suppose it may be useful for keeping the kids quite, for 5 minutes…

  • Nice one, these apps look awesome!
    These are the type of things I want for PS Vita, more apps(BBC Iplayer etc) and small bite-sized games (reasonable priced) and PS1 support for Vita! ;)

  • These look pretty good and they’re looking even better seeing as they are free. They have to be better than paint park :/

    Nice one guys :)

  • I hope these apps are just tech demos, and aren’t a sign that Sony have lost the plot and are trying to market the Vita to children. :s

  • Sorry, are these games for kids or adults? The travel and eco apps look like a Cbeebies program gone wild… would you let your kid out to do “real world” challenges with an expensive PS Vita?

  • Looks great! Hopefully it will release “very soon” like it mentions :)

  • Do you have any information if TV catch-up services like BBC iPlayer will be coming to the Vita?

  • :D nice

    Any news on that clock app for the vita that was announced a couple weeks back

    • hi mdogg91,
      I think you meant “Wake-up Club”. we are working on it and looking good. keep eye on here.

  • Well I won’t have much use for Imaginstruments. The Ecolibrium app confuses me to why the idea exists. The mini-game borders on being offensive. A cross between tamagotchi and pokemon with less imaginative names: “kingaroo.” Perhaps the focus is to exploit the human nature to control [these virtual animals], but this free to play will be nothing more than a semi-addictive time waster for the more casual, but nonetheless willing to part with their cash, gamer e.g. TOM Blitz. The travel bug is the best though as it’ll hopefully give some personality to the currently bland photo app.

  • Great to see the support for Vita ramping up. It’s beginning to seem like you all announce a new trio of apps every month or so. Can’t wait to see what more surprises you have in store in the future.

  • why is wake up club taking so long to localise? its an alarm clock for crying out loud. Also not happy the t@g app has been delayed.

    What happened to the niconico app that released in US yesturday and why is that not available in the PAL regions. Where’s Netflix UK app?

    does anyone else see the trend here? app’s announced months in advance on the EU playstation blog but fail to materialise in europe where as they arrive fine in other regions. I do worry that the labourious Q&A process SCEE is doing alot of damage to it’s fans and user base.

  • I know this probably won’t be seen – but I was just curious as to if all LBPVita Beta participants have received their invites already? As its a bummer if they have because it means I didn’t get in :(

  • Where’s my Niconico app, the Americans have it, I want it too

  • OK, it stopped being funny a long ago. In post from February You have clearly stated that T@G will come out in May 2012. We have now 31 May and I don’t see any T@G available at the PS STORE. The same story is with Nico Nico – Japan has it, USA has it, and as ALWAYS Europeans are being taken for fools. VITA is region free so tell me WHY don’t we have releases on the same day in every country? If you tell me about translating then I don’t buy it – finding someone to translate from japanese to english is an easy task. If it’s about legal rights in europe then show us which laws restrict your movements. In Europe there are about 0,5 mil Vita owners, creating a petition to European Parlament is an easy task.
    Another thing about demos – when I have heard from a friend yesterday that it’s “Vita demos day” because of releasing 2 demos i bursted out laughing. In my opinnion every game going on market MUST have an demo. How can we decide? By watching trailers and gameplays? Reading reviews? It’s quite easy to understand that experiencing the game in person is the easiest way to make the decision of buying the game or not. Releasing demo version of the game MUST be a standard at PS, period.

  • These sound like genuinely interesting apps, especially the Imaginstruments one, for times when I don’t carry my guitar with me. As for exciting, AAA games for the Vita, I expect those to be announced during E3.

  • Great. More apps.

    Where are the games already? I bought a PS Vita on day one and used it for roughly one month – while I was away on vacation.

    It has been sitting in a drawer collecting dust ever since.

    The only interesting game on the horizon for me is Gravity Daze but apart from that.. the future of PS Vita looks bleak and when the main focus for Sony seems to be on developing these kiddy-friendly social apps – it’s no surprise.

  • Google Talk would be great on the ps vita since you would be able to talk to your friends using a smartphone or computer. Anybody else agree with me?

  • Are these apps only going to be available in the listed countries?

    That’s kind of lame. If you’re releasing something for free, you should give all of us the apps. We are all costumers and we all bought your product.

  • can you tell us the exact release date please

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