Cool Summer Gaming On The Go With The Brand New Ice White PSP-E1000

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Cool Summer Gaming On The Go With The Brand New Ice White PSP-E1000



Portable gaming on the PSP-E1000 is about to get a lot cooler with the arrival of the brand new Ice White body colour. Set for release in July priced at just £89.99/€99.99 (RRP), the Ice White PSP-E1000 is a great value summer gaming essential and the best way to access the entire PSP catalogue of games. With a great range of accompanying PSP Essential titles that will be available for £9.99/€9.99 (RRP) each, there has never been a better time to game on the go and enjoy immersive high quality gaming experiences at an affordable price.

The line-up PSP Essential games offers gamers of all ages not only the best value, but also the quality gaming experiences and biggest franchises that PlayStation is known for. Titles now available that are perfectly suited to the brand new Ice White PSP include InviZimals, and Invizimals: Shadow Zone, the first and second instalment in the successful InviZimals series uses AR to enable you to literally hunt down, capture, battle, customise and trade the magical monsters living in the world all around you.

PSP Ice Lifestyle_ON_4732 PSP Ice Lifestyle _ON_4685

Another great PlayStation favourite available for your new Ice White PSP is EyePet. It continues the innovative concept which allows kids to take their EyePet out into the real world using the PSP camera and the Magic card to explore and discover their surroundings.

The best priced portable device with a wide range of pocket priced games – the all new Ice White PSP-E1000 is a summer gaming essential.

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  • Errm. Why are you releasing another PSP, when the Vita is doing so badly? Surely you’re sending out mixed messages of what the consumer should buy?

  • They aren’t, just a new colour :P

  • Well there is a rather tasty white Vita in Japan that isn’t coming to Europe. Yet we get a White PSP :/

  • This is a pretty misleading article – all of the games you mention require the PSP camera, that doesn’t come with the PSP-E1000.

  • So, how many of the black E1000 model has Sony sold to justify releasing this? Must be a fair few, and Sony must be hoping that kids will want to upgrade to a Vita over the next year or two… long-term thinking I guess.

  • Wouldn’t it be wise to focus on the PS Vita? Trim the fat: Reduce the price, pump out games & Ads & stop releasing out dated devices that no one cares about.

  • ^ No, not really. They make a bigger profit margin on the PSP, probably. Try and position this to sell the kids to make healthy profits, while working on Vita stuff too. Served them well with PS2.

  • Sony whats the point of this? work on the Vita instead your just wasting time on that psp tbh

  • I thought I’d come to an old post by accident..

  • yet another good ider. sarcasm.

  • I didn’t realise it has a built-in camera, shame it wasn’t in the original psp.

    • Hi Bonyman,

      It is not a built-in camera but it’s a separate camera for PSP. sorry if it was misleading.

  • Sony, the PSP had it’s run now, it had great library of games SINCE way back in 2005. Also, the PSPgo flopped and I think the Vita could be next if there is no good content or games released for it. Seriously do you guy want the PSVita to fail badly due to lack of games?? The PSP almost fail until many great games came out. The 3DS almost fail due to lack of content, MGS3D was delayed until many great games were out then. If the Vita is doing poorly like PSPgo, I might sell it.

    Seriously Sony you might as well stop wasting time with outdated systems and focus on making more GOOD games for the Vita, not crappy ones like half-finished Ridge Racer and no online play Modnation Racers. It least Resistance and Sly Cooper is coming for it which is good though but still, have more games released for it for pete sake.

  • How about a white psvita?

  • Can only imagine how the conversation went of this.

    ‘Shall we knock a few quid off the Vita to make it more attractive to purchase.’

    ‘Nah!, release the white PSP that’ll make Vita sales pick up’

    ‘Awesome, make it so’

    Sony, I’m not a great business mind but I’ll work for your strategic planning decision for free for a couple of weeks and see if I can help out. I can’t do a worse job that the guys you are paying.

  • Actually this makes sense to me. Sales of Vita over here (NL) are close to non-existent. The PSP overall is outselling the Vita, and changing the production line for PSP requires relatively little effort. Don’t forget, Sony isn’t in the business to provide us with games and make us happy, they’re here to make money. This is a safe and simple marketing scheme, and I have no beef with it. If only the shops here weren’t so eager to shove the Vita down our throat, I’d go and get a fresh PSP, but that’s going to be close to impossible. Sony may think that we have a choice as consumers, but if stores simply stop selling the previous generation of consoles it all becomes moot.

  • Wow, this is awesome! I already bought the black Street PSP (E1000) when it came out, and I am absolutely happy with it! Now this white one comes out in July, and I shall have it! Looks very beautiful.

    If I buy this one, it’ll mark my fifth PSP system. :)

    Thanks, Sony!

  • Posted on 10 February by Mayumi Donovan – European Product Manager, SCEE

    t@g will be available to download for free from PlayStation Store in May 2012; it utilises GPS functionality and is therefore only compatible with the 3G model of PS Vita.

    I personally don’t think it will arriving in May as planned, but to be sure I’d like to hear a response whether t@g will be available in tomorrow’s store update?

  • Are you kidding me? Who cares about white PSP when we’re waiting for white Vita? It’s a shame, that it’s gonna be available in Japan only. SCEE should do everything to import white Vita!

  • The pics of the kids using them outside made me lol, they won’t be able to see anything on those screens outside

  • Oh the irony.
    I have played more psp games on my vita than actual vita games….. because t h e r e a r e n o n e.

  • I’m going to France for several months later this year and I won’t be able to bring my PS3 so I’ve been thinking about getting a PSP, just to be able to play PS1 Classics and the odd game I missed like Crisis Core and Jak and Daxter The Lost Frontier… does this model have a disc drive? I might pick it up!

  • Jeez, will all you moaners just shut up! It’s just a different colour plastic shell for an already existing product. It’s not as if they’ve stopped production on PS3s and Vitas, cancelled all future games for them and gone back to making PSOnes again. Grow up and get a life.

  • Sony dont you think spending time on the Vita should be more a priority

  • cspr, people are allowed to complain you know……. and why would Sony try and sell more psp’s when they have a newer product out????

  • you’ve finally done it.

    scee is now a whole generation behind.
    scej are launching a white vita, scee are launching a white psp.

    congratulations, you’re further behind than even i thought was possible.

  • lol trying to make money off white plastic! :) but hey atleast its a change! i love the red and blue ps3!

  • E2000 (Sony clearly has plans for the PSP, if not the PSV) needs:
    1. a right stick (mapping of the d-pad like you can do on a Vita)
    2. a mic
    3. wifi back
    4. a camera

  • i want color Vita for Europe :)
    @1 Sony support all the consoles all this years
    The Vita comes out but this don’t mean he kill the psp, he doing the same think with ps2..
    @22 +100000

  • just try playing one of these in the sun… i dare you.

    source: me and a blue psp 3000 in the sun

  • the sun?
    like outside?

  • What is next, a green PS2 or a yellow PS1?
    Who is responsible for this wreck?
    Anounce the new PS4, get your globel store and services indeed GLOBAL and get the market back you lost to MS.
    And kill Home or get it out of Beta, this is just so sad.

  • instead off shuffing another version off psp down our throat how about actually geting all the games on the psn store.

  • @31 kill home? lol why would they kill something they probably make a lot of money from..? Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean nobody does. I do think it needs fixing though, it’s so laggy and you get disconnected all the time.

  • awesome buying one

  • rubbish! They getting some games on vita instead and making the ps store more in line with us etc. Sony are really starting to [DELETED] me off!

  • So, Vita in struggling, SCEE downloadable PSP library is insultingly poor, Vita games stay exclusive to Asia and US and you announce a bloody new PSP?
    Really? Seriously? What are you smoking? Top PSP games aren’t even available in Europe. Some, like Yakuza BP1-2 aren’t even available on UMD here.
    Whatever. I’m switching to MS next generation, but it’s still insulting to witness what you do.

  • its funny how people think that big companies have 1 team of people all working on fixing one bug or developing one product. is everyone suggesting that Sony have everyone drop everything and make vita stuff. if anything I am happy that Sony are continueing to support its older kit.

  • Ha lol this got to be a joke but SCEE you are a month off april fools was last month talk about bad timing on Pre-E3 week lol :D

    but the title of this post is misleading “brand new” What? if it says new PSP skin then ppl may not be complaining as much you release the vita in black.

    very little vita releases but a post of a new colour skin shell.

    but of course it’s SCEE that does everything backwards :/

    anyhow i expecting a brick load of vita games at E3 because that the whole plan in the 1st place.

    you wanted to hold off as possible if can then at a big show push out the very big guns.

  • [DELETED] i only bought a black psp yesterday and now they bring out a white one? I can’t keep up and what is this VITA that everybody is talking about? 8)

  • anyways can sony do what konami going to do, a Pre-E3 showcase they doing 1 this friday 1st june 8am BST uk time.

    in they showcase they gonna show games some want be announce again.

    you only get 1 hour to present your loads of wares at E3 so a Pre-E3 showcase be sony answer. :|

  • That would be like releasing a new version of PS2 right now. Totally worthless.

  • I was under the impression that the PSP E-1000 series was released so people could continue using their UMD’s if they upgrade to a PS Vita. And as a cheaper alternative to a PSP 3000 Series.

    Personally I think that bringing out a new colour for the console will in no way effect the PS Vita’s progress.

  • It’ll end up selling like Starhawk anyway.Kids are more tech savvy and trend aware than we give them credit for so given the choice,get a VITA or a white PSP they are going to opt for the VITA everytime.

  • Most EU game retailers have already started clearing their PSP sections to make way for (non-existent) Vita stock and with no wifi this model wont support minis or PS1 classics. Seems a strange move to release an old machine, lacking in features for a small discount rather than adding more functions (such as a camera and improved TV output). With bad business decisions like these, it’s easy to see why the company is hemorrhaging money

  • Oops, thanks for pointing that out Mayumi, i must have scanned the article a bit too fervently! :/

  • What a waste of time, effort & money… SONY you really have dropped the ball this generation in comparison to your competitors, as others have pointed out shouldn’t VITA be your focus? Without some triple A software fast & a price drop I fear VITA will already fail before it’s even started. Poor show SONY…

  • you’re sorry it’s misleading, but you’re happy for it to remain misleading?

    no changing the article to mention the fact the camera is sold separately?

    don’t tell people that anybody buying this device, would not in fact be able play all those games you listed.
    not without buying more hardware.

    no, better not do that, that would imply you actually care about your customers.
    and that just wont do will it?

    it’s bad enough promoting old hardware over new, that’s just bad marketing.
    but making this thing seem more capable than it really is.

    that’s borderline illegal.
    you’re promoting it as being able to play those games.
    when it doesn’t have the capability.

    not to mention making it seem like the machine has a feature it doesn’t.
    that being a camera.

    PSP camera, sold separately.

    see, it’s not that hard.

    too hard for scee obviously though.

  • @Everyone complaining about no games on the Vita

    Uhm, hello, E3 is four days away, plenty of games will be announced.

    So be quiet and tune in to Kotaku come monday.

  • Personally I’d get a PSP-2000 or PSP-3000 at least you can get Wi-Fi and still play certain games online. As for the pictures of the kids playing the PSP in the sun I find that hard to believe since you can’t see a dam thing and I own the PSP-1000 and PSP-3003 both suffer the same problem.

    I guess it’s nice to see Sony support older hardware it’s just I don’t see many stores stocking PSP titles anymore and the older games are getting harder to pick up.

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