Music Unlimited – App For iPhone And iPod Touch

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Music Unlimited

Exciting times ahead for music lovers as we announce the launch of the Music Unlimited app, new to iPhone and iPod touch! Millions of songs are now available at your fingertips, enabling you to not only stream your favourite music but also Sync* your personal collection to the cloud, and access it via iPhone, iPod Touch and other devices.

Getting the app is easy: if you aren’t already a subscriber to the service click the TRY IF FOR FREE button from any computer to create a Music Unlimited account (tablet and phone users must create an account via a computer by visiting Once you’ve done that, download the Music Unlimited app from iTunes, add it to your device and you’re ready to enjoy.

Already available on PS3, PSP, PS Vita, BRAVIA TV, Blu-ray Disc Players, Android Phones, tablets, personal computers and more, this latest addition is another step we’ve taken to ensure you can listen to whatever you want, when you want, how you want.

And that’s not all. We know how important it is that the music you’re listening to isn’t interrupted by the journey you’re on, which is why we have also introduced offline mode to Vita and Android. Users on these devices now have the freedom to take their playlist with them, unlimited and unrestricted. Just another of many reasons to be a part of Sony’s best ever music service.

Music Unlimited.

Your Music. Your Life.

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  • Why iPhone application dont support offline mode.?

  • Why iPhone application dont support offline mode?

  • Why post this on the playstation blog?

  • Might try it as I have a PS3, PS Vita, IPod touch, Sony blu ray player and of course a pc so it might be handy.

  • Do you know how many people want offline modus? If it’s not on the ios app I’ll stick with Spotify :)

  • @4: Just wondering, why do you have a PS3 AND a Sony Blu Ray player?

  • Why not post here, the news was here!

  • It s pretty stupid for not having able to play music unlimited offline. I am canceling my subscription after this month. I thought I would be able to play offline with the iPhone app. Apparently not. So here I go and cancel.

  • hey, love music unlimted. tryed it on ps3, my tv and on the computer. then i had a trial for my phone. BUT it was first after i tryied it for the vita and found the offline mode i was sold. no its my main musicservice.

    one thing. why isent alot of sonys videogame music on this service (starhawk, journey, killzone and so on)

  • Any chance of a Windows Phone app in the future? (Not holding my breath though :P )

  • I will be canceling my subscription as well. I have waited for Sony to end their childish feud with iTunes for sometime now and when I seen the music unlimited app was finally here I was thrilled until seeing that Sony stuck it to us once again by not incorporating the offline mode for ios. You should be ashamed of yourselves Sony.

  • I mean seriously, the whole purpose to have it on an Iphone or IPod is to travel with it. I mean when you are home, you can listen through the PS3 or other devices(through Wi-Fi). And when now with this App for Iphone is usless, since it takes up so much Data. And who would use it… especialy in Canada, and we have no unlimited Data plans yet. Whoever came up with this idea got brain…simply stupid… either they want everyone to throw thier Iphones and buy an Anroid…I think… but thats not gonna happen from my end.. I am just and will cancel after this month…!!

  • Carrie Surtees

    The first version of the app – unfortunately couldn’t support offline mode, but look out for the offline playback feature to be incorporated in a future upgrade.

  • probably for the iPhone is coming offline version, but the question is that when.?

  • Thanks for the info Carrie. But in that case the questions is when? And most people have been waiting for this app. (who ever had the music unlimited)! And now again a guessing game… And hoping… By the time there is an upgrade to this app most people will lose their interest and get a different subscription from another provider. Who cares I don’t think Sony cares either… Just because you lose few customers per day times 365. Hopefully there will be an update if not I don’t really care and I only gonna wait 1 month till my subscription is done.

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