Spread The Chimeran Virus NEAR You!

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Spread The Chimeran Virus NEAR You!

As the Chimeran virus prepares to unleash its formidable force on PlayStation Vita users later this month, Frank Simon, Senior Managing Producer at Sony Computer America – recently paid Australia a visit to talk all things Resistance: Burning Skies. He took time out of his busy schedule to speak exclusively to us on camera about an exciting new social feature using the PlayStation Vita’s social and location based service, ‘near’.

“With new hardware comes an exciting new scope of uncompromised gameplay capabilities for the first FPS on PlayStation Vita” said Frank. “Taking further advantage of the unique social connectivity of PlayStation Vita, while playing Resistance: Burning Skies in the dynamic new multiplayer mode, ‘near’ will enable players to become infected with the Chimeran virus for multiplayer bonuses – and ‘gift’ these to other PS Vita users”.

Resistance Burning Skies launches across Europe on May 30th and UK June 1st.

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  • Sounds interesting….. But I’d settle for a single player demo tbh.

    Any news on when a demo will be out???

  • realy can’t wait, but I was thinking the same: will there be a demo?

  • What’s near can’t say I’ve noticed it on my vita.

  • dark_shinobi100

    that sounds great if only I can get near to work for a change

  • Really disappointed that the US got a great pre order bonus and we got nothing.

  • I’d like a demo.

  • has the beta already come out??

  • “actually, good, thing, infect” – this guy uses like four different words in the whole interview. If the story will be on the same intellectual level then playing Halo on 360 will be like defending PhD dissertation in nuclear physics compared to “Burning Skies”.
    No information whatsoever on game-play, story, connectivity with PS3 or PSP (you could have had your PSP “infected” ages ago, so nothing new here).
    I do hope that the story is on par with previous Resistance games, especially I’d love to see it taking place in Europe. Enough of trying to lure american teenagers with US backdrop/locations, they won’t buy Resistance anyway, on the contrary, grown up gamers in Europe – will.
    Agree with all previous comments – demo is a must, since at the moment this is “no buy” for me.

  • @ 4 same i also cant seem to get NEAR to work maybe because i got the wifi model (should of got 3g one instead)

    @ 3 every vita should have it and im pretty sure Sony have said it should work on all models (near on 3g will work better though)

    anyway I probably will get this the gameplay seems ok

  • Thanks @9 I’ve found it I had moved out the way to my last screen it seems a pointless app now that I’ve had a look at it a bit like home is on ps3.

  • looks great. but i wonder whats the story about this time

  • looking forward to this

  • This video didn’t give info on story or gameplay because it was specifically about the NEAR features. Story and gameplay have been detailed in previous trailers and videos. It’s set in the early days of the US invasion as New York gets attacked, you play a firefighter who stays behind to help as many people as possible and get to his family, who will eventually become more deeply involved with the conflict.
    I can’t wait for Burning Skies, it doesn’t look up there with the other 4 Resistance games, but it looks enjoyable enough and any Resistance on my Vita is good enough for me.

  • Personally i have no interest in multiplayer or the socially transmitted disease that is infecting more and more games but at the same time i’m really keen for some fps-action on my Vita. So long as there’s a decent sp campaign i’ll buy it!

  • obiadekanobi1980

    WOW this would be awesome………..if my NEAR actually worked oh hang on it did work with the broken 1.66 update and then i installed the 1.67 update and then i didnt work…..[DELETED] im sick of this bull it has never worked since i took it out of the box typical sony bull this is why ill not buy a single game until sony gives us what they said they would, an awesome sharing app, ps1 compatiblity, remote play that doesnt disconect after ten minuites of playtime, shabby release games that are overpriced, ive nearly sent my vita back twice now and even thought of trading it for some ps3 games as at least they will work as intended

    so i for one will not be buying this or any other game until sony look after us a bit better and give us something useful for our vitas to do better than that awful paint park or skype……….

  • @TrulyALie
    Thanks a lot for pointing this out. I’ve missed lots of updates recently, so after you mentioned that the story is set in US again I did some research: it looks like the protagonist is going to be another brave-self-sacrificing-for-his-family american hero, who lives an average life before the game’s events take place. Not up my street at all.

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