Foosball 2012 Developer Diary #1 – PlayStation Move Controls

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Foosball 2012 Developer Diary #1 – PlayStation Move Controls

Hi everybody, it’s Jakub here from Grip Games.

In March, we announced our upcoming PS3 and PS Vita game Foosball 2012. Now, we’re back with a series of short developer diaries. We’ll introduce you to some of the game’s coolest features, like PlayStation Move support, full cross-platform compatibility between PS3 and PS Vita and also the online multiplayer mode.

The first video you can watch today demonstrates Foosball 2012 and PlayStation Move controllers in action, showing that you can play this game exactly the way you’re used to when playing on real table football!

Thanks to the precision and zero lag of PlayStation Move, even the slightest movements of your hands can be properly translated into the game, allowing you to precisely control everything from shot power to the positions of your foosmen.

One or two Move controllers can be used by a single player, or you can ignore Move controls completely and play with the good old DualShock 3 controller. Using the DualShock 3, the left stick controls the poles and movements of the ball and the right stick is used to shoot; allowing you to accurately aim and control the shot power.

We hope you enjoyed the video. Watch out for next week’s episode where we will be showing you how cross play and game continuation will work.

Foosball 2012 will be released soon on PlayStation Store where you’ll have both the PS3 and PS Vita versions together for a single price.

If you want to know more about Foosball 2012, visit

See you next week ;-)

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