Smart As Brings Next-Gen Brain Training to PS Vita This Fall

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Hello, PlayStation nation! As my first post on the PlayStation.Blog, it’s my pleasure to bring you news of a brand new mind-sharpening game for PS Vita: Smart As.

Launching this fall, Smart As is a social brain-training experience that will put your brain to the test with 20 unique, engaging, tactile and highly interactive puzzle games. This next-gen puzzle game will also enable you to share your stats with players from around the world using a robust set of social and connective features.

Produced by XDev Europe, Smart As takes full advantage of PS Vita’s touchscreens, cameras and Augmented Reality capabilities to deliver Daily Training challenges featuring fun arithmetic, logic, language and observation-based puzzles. Your scores from each puzzle are used to calculate your overall Brain Power and anybody at any skill level can get in on the fun. The more you play, the better your chances are of increasing your Brain Power score and unlocking new puzzle games.

The best part about Smart As is that it’s not just a brain training game; it’s a social experience. Once you’ve earned your daily Brain Power score, you can go online to see how smart you are compared to your friends, people that you’ve met through “near,” players in your city, country, continent and the entire world using the Smart As leaderboards. You can even post your Brain Power scores to Facebook to boast about your cerebral superiority. Using PS Vita’s “near” feature, you can also drop off puzzles for nearby users and pick up new challenges left by other players.

When you play Smart As on the go using PS Vita’s Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock even more challenges in different regions with the Street Smart mode. Simply by competing in as many regional challenges as you can, you will get to prove that you are smarter, more travelled and better connected than your friends.

Watch the video above for an exclusive sneak peek at Smart As in action, and check back soon for more Smart As news.

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  • Will the game be a psn-only title?

  • Looks like it will be an easy buy for me :), I hope it’s not Uk only thought, and will be out in Norway too?, and will it in so case be a localized version aswell?. It will be better to get it in english that not at all thought, but it gives us a disadwantage to top the leaderboards then thought….

  • almighty-slayer

    I believe we call it “autumn” here, but thanks ;)

  • This looks like soo much fun and addicting and well there be trophys for this?

  • @#3 being picky aren’t we? LOL XD I wonder what gave him in *whistles*

  • If the european version is multilingual, please add an option to select the language ingame.
    A lot of people change their system language to have the original english synchronization in games, but would prefer to play these word puzzles in their native language for better scores ;)
    Having to change the system language all the time for just one game can be stressful.

  • In the Less Equals More game, at one point you say that 1 > 75%. How can you compare an integer to a percentage? You should at least be encouraging mathematical accuracy.

  • what happens if we say “glasses glasses”

  • Please tell me that I’m not the only person who read this as “Smart Ass” then thought: O_o

  • Thanks Nicolo!

    Please announce some real games, please announce them soon.

    My Vita feels like a massive waste of $420 and I’m not happy about it.

  • I have to say a big “SO WHAT?” to this announcement. How about some REAL games & PSN content for the Vita? releases calander for 2012 is looking very thin for Vita. Support so far for the console has been dreadful, about 4 decent games on release (the rest were crap) and very few good titles for rest of 2012, PSN support appears to be nothing more than a car each week for Motorstorm RC!!!

    Where is ther PSP/PS1 support that was meant to happen?

    Where is the on the move gaming so I can start playing at home on my PS3 then continue whilst I’m on the move on Vita?

    Biggest waste of £ ever.

  • Next-Gen portable gaming at its finest? First an alarm clock and now IQ-test. What next? Solitaire? Funniest thing is the amount of time it takes to develop an alarm clock or IQ-test for Vita.

    I’m still waiting Sony to announce the calculator app called “Let’s Make Calculations Club Online DX!”. With trophies ofcourse.

  • Fall?!
    Please don’t start copy and pasting stuff from the US Blog. :(

    This wouldn’t have happened on James’ watch.

  • This looks very cool, it’s on my wishlist now. Can’t wait E3 for more promising games.

  • Looks like I have to agree with most here, the game itself looks like it may be a bit of fun when you have a spare 10-15 mins, but this is not what I spent near on £300 for, if I wanted a simple game I would have bought a Nintendo DS, but I didn’t, I wanted the MOST powerful handheld gaming unit, so that’s what I got and as stated above apart from 2 or 3 decent games on launch all we’ve had are a few PSN titles, don’t get me wrong Escape Plan is top notch, but not a lot else, MS RC is ok, but not being able to bump into a none AI competitor meant the game runs short, after all nudging is racing. We need some real games with online multi-player and great graphics. Other than that I do have to say that the Vita is pretty sweet when you do have a good game, FIFA looks and plays great

  • what date exactly does it come out?

  • “Smart As Brings Next-Gen Brain Training to PS Vita This Fall”

    “Next-Gen Brain Training”

    “Brain Training”

    You could’ve been more subtle.

  • @7 : 75% = 75/100 = 0.75 thus 1 > 75%
    Even a calculator will tell you 75% = 0.75
    Also when you want 75% of a number x you do it by calculating x times 0.75
    So how’s that for mathematical accuracy :-)

  • obiadekanobi1980

    im all for new games for the vita but if i wanted to play games of this quality id have bought a 3DS!!!

    the line up is begining to take the pee now i mean come on you made us pay 250 quid for a machine that plays stupid games i could play on my smart phone for a quid or so

    im getting very annoyed with sony not supporting the vita, from utterly usless apps to NEAR never working for me since day one with no solution from sony(and registering with skyhook has done nowt to fix it) the sub par games, there are maybe 4 good games the rest are not worth the money, this has o change sony otherwise the vita is going to die a quick painful death [CENSORED] all mine is used for is the mrs to play montezuma blitz im not a happy bunny and i wont be buying any more sony products until they sort there house out


  • obiadekanobi1980

    PS they better announce some awesome games at E3 for the vita otherwise mines gonna have a sudden problem and is going back for a full refund………

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