The Apocalyptic Sale Is Nigh On PlayStation Store!

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The Apocalyptic Sale Is Nigh On PlayStation Store!

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Hello Everybody

The year is 2012 (gentle reminder!) It is told that this year brings forth the end of the world or so the interesting people tell me. So I thought it would be a good idea to bring you some awesome games with an apocalyptic theme to get you in training for our impending doom.

One of the best ways to get a crash course into surviving a nuclear fallout would be the legendary games Fallout3 and Fallout: New Vegas. There will be a 30% discount on all Fallout3 and Fallout: New Vegas individual add-on packs, and a 50% discount for fans buying all add-ons as a bundle (with extra discounts for PlayStation Plus members).

How about living in an underwater city? Or on a strange, distant planet which looks surprisingly like the Arizona desert? You can expect titles such as Bioshock 2 and Borderlands from just £9.69/€11.99 with extra discounts for the DLC.

Of course, no ‘end of the world’ scenario would be complete without a zombie biting at your ankles here and there, so for this we have Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica: X, as well as Amy, Burn Zombies Burn and All Zombies Must Die.

What better way to spend your last moments on Earth than playing games where the world hasn’t quite ended? So check out these great offers and more available on the PlayStation Store from Wednesday 16th May to Wednesday 30th May.

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30 Author Replies

  • Really tempted by New vegas, Haven’t had a chance to pick it up yet.

  • MotorStorm Apocalypse would have earned you a sale.

    • Motorstorm Apocoalypse has already been on sale recently for a weekend deal. Sorry to hear that you missed out on that but I am sure it will come around again at some point.

  • Carnivius_Prime

    @2 I was surprised to see it not listed here considering it’s got Apocalypse in it’s name but I found the game to be totally worth the £19.99 I paid for it. Definitely one of my all time favorite racers.

    Cheers for the discount on All Zombies Must Die! I’ve been waiting for that to drop for a little while now. How much will it be?

  • almighty-slayer

    I thought Motorstorm would be here too! First thing i thought of when i saw the tweet. Would probably have bought that one.

    Actually own all of these. Well, apart from Amy, which i have no intention of buying.

    Good sale though!

    • Motorstorm Apocoalypse has already been on sale recently for a weekend deal. Sad to hear that you missed out on that but I am sure it will come around again at some point.

  • Fallout 3 suffers of complete freezes and sudden slowdowns. Even more severe and frequent with all of the DLC installed. Great game with severe bugs. Lost my patience to play this game for a while.

    Hope DogMeat is still waiting me at the entrance to the home vault ;) …when I’ll dare to start playing again. New Vegas still in the plastic wrapper next to it for the same reason.

  • its a shame motorstorm apocalypse was not included un the sale. :(

  • It’s the sale to end all sales.


  • Yeah, totally expected to see Motorstorm up with a name like that! It would have been too perfect :P

    Aside from that, sale sounds good :)

    • Motorstorm Apocoalypse has already been on sale recently for a weekend deal. It sounds like you missed out on that but I am sure it will come around again at some point.

  • @ Andy: why is the game Gauntlet 1 and Gauntlet 2 no more in store ?! :'(


  • My advice is to avoid the Fallout Games, they suffer badly from the usual poor PS3 coding and memory management. Trust me, I was bitten by both FO games.

    Borderlands is a MUST. It’s an epic FPS that is massive in content. Double check to see if it’s the GOTY version which includes all the released DLC. The was a previous sale for this version and I picked it up even though I already had the disc edition.

    I think I shall probably pick up Bioshock 2, I have been eyeing it up for awhile now and even though I can get the Disc (new) for less than £3 I prefer to have it on my HDD.

  • MP_is_for_Chumps

    Hey Andy, Can we have some nice new avatars from;

    Dead or Alive 5
    Yakuza Deaad Souls
    Resistance 3

    ….added to the store please? Thank you :)

  • MP_is_for_Chumps

    Can we have some nice new avatars from:

    Dead or Alive 5
    Yakuza Deaad Souls
    Resistance 3

    …added to the store please? Thanks :)

  • MP_is_for_Chumps

    oops sorry for the double post lol

  • Well, there goes my carefully constructed plan for what to buy when… Damn you and your awesome, frequent sales!

  • @Borderlands might be kind of nice in the long run but the beginning of the game isn’t. Read missions from board in the middle of the desert and run back and forth doing WOW like pointless grind missions to level :(

  • Gauntlet 1 and Gauntlet 2 WILL NEVER COME TO THE PSN STORE GET OVER IT

  • I guess all these will be 99p for Americans then?

  • how about actually bringing more content 2 he store instead off this. discounts on content that has been discounted about a hundred times how about actually going after all that missing content!!!!

    • The fallout DLC has never been discounted in the EU locales…

      However we do still work towards getting all the content we possibly can.

  • All I want to see on psn is minecraft. That is all thankyou ;-)

  • Considering this sale is because of the end of the world and all that, I think you guys should apply a 100% discount. I mean it’s not like you’ll be re-investing the money you earn from this sale in any new games for next year if there ain’t gonna be a next year right? ;-)

  • A small question: is there a chance that Fallout 3 DLCs will be released in russian store before being discounted?

  • Aww YES, great new sale. :)

    Definitely gonna look, seeing as only today I bought a £10 PSN card.

  • end of the world <<< ye right

    are they adding fallout vegas to store it doesnt say

    • There are no plans yet to release the game of Fallout 3 or New Vegas on the PSN Store as far as I am aware. You would need to contact the publisher.

  • SSJ3_Bob_Marley

    MS Apocalypse discount please, even if it’s only for + users!

  • Just a quick ‘heads up’ to the commenters here…

    These ‘deals’ are only a few of those which will feature from tomorrow. Check out the final few bits of text right at the end!

    Hoping Apocalypse does hit though, that’ll be grand.

    Hopefully Resident Evil 4 is around £7.99 like Crysis was a few months ago and I’ll snap that up along with Bioshock 2 Minervas Den. Hopefully they somehow manage to cram in Dead Space 2: Severed too.

  • How about the Fallout 3 GOTY and Fallout New Vegas GOTY editions on the store? I already own the discs and would double dip to have them on my HDD (I’m moving to 100% DD now for all games).

  • Also yeah, MotorStorm Apocalypse should be included.

  • I returned New Vegas: GOTY edition to Amazon for a complete refund after two months. 50 hours in and the game kept crashing every time I walked through a door or tried to trade. Reverting to an earlier save only resolved the problem until I was 50 hours in again, and then, it began freezing and crashing again… until disaster struck: It corrupted the HDD and I had to format it and reinstall everything. Boy am I glad to be a PS Plus member because all of those game saves (relating to other games) would have been lost forever. I’m also glad I didn’t buy the game from the Playstation Store because Sony think they’re above the Sale of Goods and Consumer Credit Acts, and don’t give refunds for inadequately described or not fit for purpose goods at all unless you get Trading Standards involved. So yeah… be wary buying that game.

  • bruceybonus minecraft will not be on ps3 because its a pc game only

  • wooooo ive been waiting so long for the new vegas dlc to get a discount! i shall definitely be signing up to ps plus now this month is awesome!!

  • Minecraft is on the 360…

  • I don’t want to nag you guys too much, but is there any chance some of the offers from the US Ubisoft sale will be coming our way? I’d like to pick up Prince of Persia for a discounted price at some point.

    • We did this sale about a month ago, so sadly you missed out but I am sure we can try and sort something out :)

  • Hi Andy,

    I have a question: in the store for Fallout New Vegas, there are 2 categories, one for BLES-00901 and one for BLES-00902.
    I happen to have the first one but The Courier Stash is missing for that version (it is availabe for BLES-00902 but not for BLES-00901.
    Is this a simple error or is it really not available?
    And will you put both versions on sale?

    Best regards,

  • What about the 2 zombie apocalypse games?

  • EmperorLawlight

    No Dead Nation or Motorstorm Apocalypse? And No Fallout GOTY Edition?
    A physical copy of Borderlands GOTY edition (with all the DLC) for the PS3 can be bought for £14.95. Bioshock 2 is £7.95.

    What kind of “sale” is this where digital sale prices are higher than physical prices?

    • Dead Nation was not added as it has been discounted quite frequently in the past and was also given away in the welcome back offer. However I will see if we can get it into future sales.

      Motorstorm Apoc is not in due to being on sale recently already for a weekend deal. However again I will see if we can get it into future sales.

      Fallout GOTY edition is not on the store so we can’t discount it as we do not have it.

      As for Borderlands and BioShock 2, thats great and at those prices I would suggest you purchase them.

  • @ CoolRichy008UK

    Don’t forget XBOX360 have Minecraft too!

  • @EmperorLawligh

    “SONY’s overpriced imaginary sales(tm)” of course. Don’t you rember the infamous Christmas Sale ? :D

  • I’ll only get Amy if it’s less than £3, played it before and it was just horrific (not in a good way).
    Played it at a friends and the only thing that made me scared was the fact I thought it was going to break his PlayStation 3. But as i’ve said, it’s worth it for for under £3 as it’s not completely terrible.
    I’ve been waiting for a Resident Evil 4 & Code Veronica X sale so i’m pleased about that & I’ll probably pick up the Fallout 3 DLC & Borderlands DLC too.

  • Dead island on sale ??

  • Dead island on sale ??

  • Fingers crossed that Closure, Rock Of Ages & Pinball Arcade are released today……..doubt it though! :(

  • almighty-slayer

    Maybe the fact that so many of us missed Motorstorm says a lot about how you promote these things ;)

    • We banner supported it on the PSN Store and sent twitters out about it like we do for all our sales, so not a lot else I could do really.

      But ‘food for thought’

  • hi andy
    i have dont saw a MotorStorm Apocalypse sale…
    when was it?

    • Its was a weekend sale about 3 weeks ago now under the Racing Weekend sale. We also had F1 2011 for Vita and ModNation Racers for PS3.

      As it looks like you guys really want it again I will see what I can do but it willnot be in time for this sale.

  • Andy, please give us the real prices. Where can I find them? Except my PS3 of course. Don’t you have a list with the new prices?

  • And what about Resident Evil 5?

  • I remember the weekend F1 on vita was on sale but don’t remember seeing anything about MS Apocalypse, how much was it in the sale?

  • HI, could you let me know how much Borderlands is both with and without the PS+ discount and is it the game of the year edition?, thanks

  • another good sale Andy but could you put the prices on your blog posts you might get a lot less questions then


  • Think I’ll nab Code Veronica from there.
    Currently (re)playing the entire Silent Hill series and was contemplating a RE run from there :D

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