BBC Sports Application Coming To PlayStation 3!

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BBC Sports Application Coming To PlayStation 3!


Exciting news for lovers of all things sports! Together with the BBC, we’re bringing a new application to your PlayStation 3. The BBC Sports app.

The BBC Sports app will sit on your XMB, feeding you with highlights of key sporting events during the summer and beyond. Throughout the London 2012 Olympics alone, the app will deliver 2,500 hours of content and up to 24 simultaneous events, all in glorious HD and all at the touch of the X button.

Plus catch other sporting highlights, like Wimbledon and Formula One™, where you’ll be able to take command of your viewing experience with an array of camera angles and interactive experiences.

BBC Sports Application Coming To PlayStation 3!

The best bit? It’s completely free and it’s coming to your PlayStation 3 this summer, before Wimbledon 2012 kicks off in June.

We’ll have more news really soon! For now, post your questions and comments below and I’ll do my best to get them answered for you.

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15 Author Replies

  • Epic.

    One assumes that this app will finally bring LIVE streams from the BBC?

  • Delighted that this isn’t just temporary for the Olympics, Good work and look forward to it. The race control for F1 on Sky Go is good and I’m sure this will be similar

  • Great news! Would love background notifications for football scores, that would be neat!

  • Which countries will this be available in? Any chance of it being available in South Africa?

  • will they be an live itv sports app as well ? Looking foreword to this

    • I’ve not heard of any plans for a similar app from ITV. If we do hear anything we’ll post it up here on the blog though!

  • “the app will deliver 2,500 hours of content and up to 24 simultaneous events, all in glorious HD and all at the touch of the X button.”

    Good luck with that. I couldn’t even get one 30 min programme on netflix to work on the Ps3 last night. Switched to the 360 and it started straight away.

    I sense much fail in you!

    • Sorry to hear you’ve had trouble with Netflix, Zorb. I would definitely check the BBC Sports app out when it launches regardless, it’s a different service from a different provider :)

  • Will this be for the UK only?

  • Are events Live?

  • Hi, will this be available in Portugal?

  • Carnivius_Prime

    @6 I’ve never had a problem streaming Netflix on my PS3. Works beautifully even with my pretty poor by modern standards internet connection.

    Anyways I’ll not have any use for this myself (I love to play sports but I can’t think of many things more boring than just watching sports) but I like that there’s more features like this for people who actually do have a need for it.

  • I wish this or the equivalent comes out in the US store and some sort of live soccer app like the NFL and NHL app that we already have. In another note thanks for the app and I’m glad to see you guys still adapting to the current generation with the PS3

  • Sounds ok is this a PS3 exclusive? I hope its also coming to the 360. For some reason my xbox is better at streaming content.

  • Come to think of it. VidZone has issues all the time, yet the 360’s music video streaming service doesn’t. So, it’s not my connection! Both are wireless connected as well so thats not the difference. The ps3 is right next to the 360….must just be the way the PSN streams it out!

  • Nice! I look forward to watching the Olympics on this.

    • Up to 24 events at once :O

      Me being the indecisive person I am, I’ll probably pend more time choosing what to watch than actually watching!

  • @9 @7 and @4

    It says in the countries meta data at the bottom it will be available to GB only. That will be because GB pays for the license fee.

  • nice app. pleased to see this appearing before the Olympics.

  • Will there be live content from the olympics?

  • Indications seem to be that this is a live stream, the same as the ones on the BBC Sport Website, but will it also offer catchup?

    With us hosting much of the Olympics will place while we’re at work unable to watch it, a decent catchup service to watch when we get home would definitely be worth having on the XMB.

  • To everyone asking if it will be live streams, YES!!! Read this from the BBC Internet Blog for more details:

  • Sounds great!
    I’m looking forward to it.
    Now if you can just add Skype to the PS3 too, I can chat to all my buddies about the events :)

  • Will the BBC Iplayer and sports apps be coming to the PS Vita too?

  • Oh goody – another UK exclusive.

  • awesome sauce, i too would luv a ITV one for next seasons champions league games. But as good news as this is it needs a vita version even if that version isn’t in HD it would still be great to have. Kudo’s to the bbc for pushing there services in news ways. Who said the bbc wastes tv license money, not me thats for sure.

  • to those outside the UK it’s highly unlikely that it’ll be available outside the UK due to the fact people pay a license fee which goes to the running of the BBC here in the UK. It’s required by law for every person that has a working tv. Now while the BBC worldwide service has a comercial arm i would imagine you would have to write to them to request this. Alternatively if your country has a publicly funded tv corperation simular to the bbc then it make be worth asking if said corperation would be willing to do a simular service. If you try to get video content via the website outsie the UK you will notice it decline you straight away. hope that clears things up.

  • Excellent stuff;) But i can’t really use it because if i did i would go over my 40GB monthly download limit :-/ i.e i do about 38GB each month anyway :D + no love for the ‘EURO 2012’ football games? (saying that i will watch that on my HD-TV Box anyway) :P

  • You know, there’s other countries in europe besides UK!

    • Hi Chocobo,

      I understand you’re frustration here. The BBC delivers its services thanks to the UK TV License fee, hence why this is UK only for now. I will ask the BBC if they plan to offer this service outside of the UK in the future.

      Why not suggest to your local broadcasting companies that they should follow the BBC’s example and develop a similar service for your region?

  • i imagine the euro 2012 games will be on there as they streamed the world cup on there last time.


  • who votes for musterbuster bieng the next blog manager? I DO!

    • Ha! Thanks for your enthusiasm DAVIE. Unfortunately, James’ boots are too big for me to fill (seriously, you could sail the seven seas in those things).

  • Why are people complaining about this not being available in countries other than the UK? Complain to your own broadcasters that they haven’t made an app!

  • @Davie222 Why would WWE be on it?

  • WOW!!! This is great,looking forward to watching these great sporting events
    and the array of camera angles to choose from and of course it’s all in HD!!!

  • since when did the BBC start broadcasting WWE ?

    as for the “you know there are other countrys beside the UK” omg just wow.

    I swear there are some silly people who really dont think before they type.

  • Let’s hope this’ll turn out better than the dire iPlayer app.

    In fact, just give us a better iPlayer.

  • just to clarify for our fellow EU gamers. BBC stands for Brittish Broadcasting Corperation and is a state service. Hench why the app is Britain only. urgh

  • WWE APP please :)

  • @heathengray

    whats wrong with iplayer? its fine for me

  • “Why are people complaining about this not being available in countries other than the UK? Complain to your own broadcasters that they haven’t made an app!”

    You are missing the point. It’s the way this blog and SCEE communicates. There are similar apps available in other countries, but they just appear without a mention on this blog or anywhere else. Only time the London located office finds something wothwhile to write about is when it concerns the UK. This is not very good policy since 95% of the people in SCEE’s territory feel left out.

    Like when they were promoting Vita. Every promotion they posted about was held in GB. It was like all the promotion money SCEE had was spent in a small part of PAL region which just happened to be where they were located themselves.

  • TheKillerSnowman

    why don´t we get tv channals to PS3?

  • Crazy idea, what about an application for, well you know, all of Europe?
    That would be something totally great, but since it sounds great, that will never happen.
    Also SCEE should be renamed in SCEUK since the UK is apparently the only thing that matters.

    • Hey Ageha,

      Actually, I work for SCE UK – the UK territory office within the PlayStation business.

      Unfortunately the blog we currently use doesn’t allow us to restrict a post to a geographic location, which results in people outside of the UK seeing UK posts. We always try to make it clear which countries a post is relevant to by using the “Countries” heading underneath the title of each article.

  • Guys, this is a BBC app. British Broadcasting Corporation. BRITISH. Why are you complaining that it’s not available in other countries? It’s a public service broadcaster so it’s available for those who pay the taxes (i.e. people living in the UK). Get over it!

  • tell you what, silly persons. You want the app then pay the license fee to the UK BBC or shut up. I agree Europe does get a bum deal sometimes but i’m pretty sure it’s up to you and your localized state broadcasting stations to sort it out. I’d be 99% certain this was the BBC’s idea to do this rather than SCEE’s but i’m pretty certain if your localized state channel does do a similar thing than i’m sure the blog will cover it.

  • @DAVIE222
    >its fine for me
    The problem is that it is “just fine”.

    The previous version (which just used a website structured for the PS3), worked just as well and without the annoyances.

    For example, you can only exit the iPlayer by holding down the PS button, and selecting Quit Application. If you tap the PS button you get a prompt telling you “You need to hold down the button to quit”. If they can make a message like that, they can just put an option to close the bloody thing!

    I reckon this Sports app will be more of the same, and the equivalent of selecting the Sports category on the regular iPlayer.

  • i wish ppl read the post right then we have no complying from other users outside the uk our country rules

  • I’m hoping this’ll work with Remote play on Vita? If so thats awesome. Given the only thing I ever watch on TV is sport I’m mega looking forward to this.

    • Good question. I’ll add this as one to pose to the BBC and will follow up in another article soon :)

  • never had any problems streaming anything to my ps3, smooth as, looking forward to this

  • “but i’m pretty certain if your localized state channel does do a similar thing than i’m sure the blog will cover it.”

    Nope. I don’t know what’s the situation in other countries but In Finland there has been quite similar app available for over a year now and this blog hasn’t even mentioned it once.

    As I wrote before: if it doesn’t concern the UK, they won’t publish it. Like was the case with M.U.D demo. They ran a blog article about it when it was made available in UK and not 2 weeks earlier when it was released in everywhere else.

    …and still no word about Velocity, the free-for-plussies-game not available for most in the PAL region. They are in a no hurry since it’s already available… yes, you guessed it, in UK.

    Yes. I’m p***ed but I dont think I’m unreasonable. People complain about how Europe gets inferior treatment when compared to US, but it’s a similar case when you compare UK and the rest of the Europa. Somehow these problems don’t concern the other console – It’s only Sony that has “lisencing probölems” in Europe.

    • Hi Huono, really sorry to hear that you’re frustrated. I’ll have a chat to some of the guys who look after the blog and see if there’s any way that they can react to your feedback.


  • any possible chance it could be streamed to the tv’s in home, would love to be able to sit with friends and watch the olympics and chat with them, sky do something similar on the 360. it would add a great incentive to use home and make great use of the unusable tvs there

  • nice one MusterBuster cheers for the heads up…..will we be seeing a pumpkin headed sportsman in the future on the BBC… ;)

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