Starhawk…Welcome To The New Frontier

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Starhawk…Welcome To The New Frontier

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I hope you are all excited about the release of Starhawk, which is available in PAL regions from today!

Release dates:

  • Mainland Europe 9th May
  • Australia and New Zealand 10th May
  • UK and Ireland 11th May

If you missed the previous posts, this game has been developed by LightBox Interactive who are made up of the guys who created the classic PSN shooter Warhawk on PS3. This can be seen as very much a spiritual successor to that classic…

Starhawk Brings Back Split Screen Head-To-Head And Co-Op Matches

The game offers a single-player campaign that provides the perfect opportunity to test your skills before going online. This for me is where the game really comes into life with a great variety of game modes and vehicles to wreak havoc on the battlefield. So whether you fancy taking the ‘Sidewinder’ Jetbike for a spin or flying around in the massive transforming ‘Hawk,’ there is something to suit everyone.

On top of that, throw into the mix the innovative Build & Battle element, which lets you call down a variety of offensive and defensive structures onto the battlefield which can swing the game into your favour in an instant.

Hawk - Ride, Die & Fly In Starhawk!

All the toys available really do create a multitude of great ways to take out your opponents on the battlefield.
Some early reviews have hit and it’s great to see the media agree, as well a few comments from specialist press.

“This is multiplayer at its finest, and it’s among the best you’ll find on any platform.” IGN

“One of the most unique multiplayer experiences we played in a long time. The RTS elements create significant strategic depth and the action is a blast.” GamesRadar

Check out the launch trailer below…

I have some further good news to share with you… In the background we have been busy emulating the PSOne version of Warhawk, and we’ve just made it in time for Starhawk’s launch. Please read Ross’s post on the PSOne emulation that we had to go through to get this in store…

Starhawk_PSone-ClassicFor those that haven’t played it, it was a classic aerial shooter which was released all the way back in 1995! I forgot how popular FMV cut scenes were… :)

In order to get Warhawk PSOne for FREE, all you have to do is redeem your Starhawk Online Network pass, which can be found on the back of your Starhawk Manual. The game will then automatically appear in your download list.

Hope you have fun with both titles, especially the Starhawk Multiplayer battles! Stay tuned to the EU PlayStation.Blog for further updates on Starhawk.

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