PlayStation Home: Mansion Living

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PlayStation Home: Mansion Living

PlayStation Home will be offline from 8AM BST on Wednesday 9th May for routine maintenance. Here is what to expect after the update…


Step onto the first floor of the PlayStation Home Mansion and experience the frills of a life lived in luxury. Indulge yourself in a classic game of pool or the darts mini-game that comes included in your new game lounge. Couple that with a sleek juice bar, a library fit for a Greek scholar, and a lavishly decorated bedroom and you’re living life like a king. As an added bonus, each section of the PlayStation Home Mansion includes up to 5 unique gold rewards for you and your guests.


Mansion1st_GamesRoom_1280x720 Mansion1st_Bedroom_1280x720

Time for a change? Medusa has everything you need for an image overhaul. For some celebrity cool, there’s the short and spiky David or it’s female counterpart the Victoria, a side-parted, short, sweeping style. To stamp yourself with some urban chic, there’s the manly Lightning Bolt cut or the softer Boho Babe for the ladies – a simple bob given that extra kick with a few carefully placed plaits. Show your sensitive side with the Toby, a face-framing emo look, or become a glamorous siren with the Mermaid, a long fishtail plait.


All styles are available in value packs.

In Alter Ego this week, you can find the perfect anti-hero outfit. Whether you’re saving the world from robots of the future or realising your dungeon slaying dreams, show off your dark side with the Omnislayer, Beam Blade and Soul Hunter armour for male avatars, or the Elvish Fantasy and Special Agent for females. Evil will never know what hit it!

AlterEgo_SoulHunter_580x720 AlterEgo_ElvishFantasy_580x720

Other updates this week include Granzella’s new one-piece prairie dress suited to highland living, while Konami bring us a selection of unusual masks, ranging from the stern bull to the playful feline and the ever-so-slightly terrifying raptor. You’ll have people wondering just who is behind the mask. Come and join the masquerade!

Conjure up the courage to vanquish the Nightmare Queen in Sorcery, coming to PlayStation 3. With the PlayStation Move motion controller in your hands, you must harness the power of magic in a truly spellbinding adventure. Check out the new Sorcery story trailer in Cinema Auditorium 3 and receive free his and hers Sorcery t-shirts!

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  • Hi got ground floor and pool. Given 1 friend 4 gifts from ground floor and 1 from pool.
    Now won’t see friend at pool! Why????????

  • Takehaniyasubiko

    Deleted PSH ages ago. It’s a waste of disk space, nothing more.

  • @2 thank you for that pointless insight into your thoughts. Nice to see you must still take an interest in Home to comment on a post about it.

  • £8.99 for just a personal space part of the PS Home Mansion??

    Times that by 3 since 1st floor might be the same price and bam:
    £26.97 for all three PSH Mansion spaces. Why do you have to make it THAT expensive! I’m sorry, £8.99 for each part of the PSH Mansion space? Sad,

  • no midway 3? comon! the U.S are getting it!

  • put a skyrim space in ps home, put whiterun as a space in ps home

  • @ DAVIE222 USA is not getting Midway 3 tomarrow… The Blog just posted a picture of some games from Midway as a preview only. The Midway space itself is not coming to USA Tomarrow that was just a Picture Preview or Tease if u will. Not the actual Space…

    And u do know it’s still a Pay-To-Play space right?!?!?!?!

  • just so you know the mansion in the U.S. took us 6 to 7 months to get it all it has taken U.K. 3 weeks to get 3 parts of it. now price in U.S. is this 14.99 for the 1st. part of it. 9.99 for the 2nd part of it and 4.99 for the last 2 parts of it each for a grand total of about 35.00.. and you want to cry when it cost you less lol

  • andycass any weirdo in ps home anoying you just MUTE them and walk away and u think ps home is bad its alot worse on facebook belive me

    and KNlGHTRlDER i wont get the mansion till sony fix the uk price buy the 1st part get the rest cheeper its a good thing we dont pay tax on the ps store and home stuff lol

  • Project2insanity

    @andycass; Did you actually think before you posted your comment? That is a completely absurd thing to say, whether or not you found it funny.
    I could go into detail but I’ll just leave it at the PSN T’s & C’s are there for our protection as well as Sony; people need to take responsibility for themselves and their kids rather than passing blame.

  • SirJake_Brookes

    @CoolRichy. The time you actually you start buying mansion, I would have all floors and price is cheaper for us then our friend from U.S as KNIGHTRIDER clearly stated to everyone. @andcass seriously what a stupid thing to say PSH Team wouldn’t allow that to happen. Thanks for update James & PSH designers. :)

  • ok jake il think about buying it but only if once i bught 1 part of it the other 2 are cheeper

  • oh and SirJake_Brookes you tell andynutcass off il say what i said to my freind on home yesterday

    anyone anoys you on ps home mute them if they are really nasty block report and walk away why do people think ps home is a breeding ground for nut jobs so what if people are nasty about what your wearing its only cuz they cant buy it people like that i mute anyway they int worth it

  • id love to see more ps home apartments with all furniture added insted of buying it why dont sony make 2 types apartment in home

    1 you can buy with out furniture or
    2 1 you can buy with all furniture for the lazy people lol

    james the 100 furniture limit and 22 space needed for active items is good plz in a future update make it 200 things can be added in a space and reduce the active item to 10 space limit i want a house full of disco lights

  • james id love to see a projector in home you can add any photo you taken in home and do a slideshow oh and james plzz bring back singstar rooms i miss the projected lights on the floor they where awsome if you cant bring it back make it

    singstar apartments based on the old singstar rooms

  • yes i know james sorry i should put all my comments into one comment not my falt :(

    plzz james for the love of god make more glow in dark things for ps home and more cool costumes like the skater :D

    when dr game comes out on ps3 plzzz make dr who costumes for home

    Dr who
    river song 4 the girls

  • Its soooooo blutty gayyyy.

  • psn home is cool ,

  • we know you are Watz_Linx123

  • londongirl22 ur cool as well :)

    i think the star wars space should be shut not once but on few times i went to that space loads of ppl where fighting being nasty taking the mickey its like being back at school

    i hereby vote that space gets shut down its not frendly no more full of people wanting to be nasty to other people :(

  • F13 error in ps home when you try load a apartment or a space sony knows about this and will be working on a fix asap

    PlayStation Home EU ‏ @PSHomeEU

    Thank you to users for taking the time to bring this F13 error to our attention. We are aware of the issue & are working to find a solution.

    from twitter

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