The Art Of Gravity Rush On PS Vita

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With Gravity Rush releasing in June, I wanted to share how the artwork of this game came together as well as how the style of “Bande Dessinee” influenced the title’s art direction.

Gravity Rush incorporates the theme of Bande Dessinee (BD), a popular Franco-Belgian comic book art style. There are various types of BD style and they can be perceived in many ways. We first approached an element of BD we thought would fit well into the pre-existing game art. One of the differences between realistic expression and schematic expression represented by BD is that BD exaggerates the information that author wants to convey to the audience. By doing so, it conveys more of the accurate information that the author wants to be recognized.

While considering the gravity mechanic in the game, we brainstormed with these elements in mind. If a player can move around freely, the level should not only be big horizontally, but also vertically. Therefore, we designed the city with multiple levels of layers and structures.

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Additionally, the line drawing method was used to exaggerate buildings and allow them to be more easily recognized. The color of the sky was also enhanced to give additional sensory information to the players.

Image 2

The direction we chose to use for the game’s graphics conveys the necessary information with exaggeration that matches the player’s sensation. Taking that into consideration, we also wanted to use line drawings, the characteristic of BD and the simulation of beautiful air effects. I think the broader the game art expression becomes, the more interactive a game becomes.

Another important factor is the concept of a “living background.” This is the idea of bringing the game world itself to life so that users can actually ‘feel’ it. Basically, players can interact with certain objects in the game and they can actually get into the scenery within the remote background. Environmental background is not a piece of a picture, but it actually exists within the game, and we can use that background with our gameplay. That was our ultimate goal. By combining the unique art style of BD and the idea of living background, we created a sensation that could only be brought to life with a video game.

As a special treat, I am happy to share this concept movie that we created during the early stages of Gravity Rush’s development.

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  • You guys did a fantastic job with the presentation of Gravity Rush! It looks absolutely beautiful :) I’ve played the demo at the PS Access events, and it’s one of these kind of games that make you go “wow” when you play them!

    Looking forward to my already pre-ordered copy :)

  • I have only 1 word for this game -> LEGENDARY !

    1 Day buy !!!! !!!!

  • I don’t have the PS Vita yet but I swear that when I will have it Gravity Rush will be my first game.

  • So why can’t we have a (very) early demo, or two ?.. i mean it is allready available/ready in English on a certain Asia store, surely it can’t be that hard to allow EU access to it.. even if i am mistaken about it being in English… Really think that this is going to be the type of game you just take to and grasp easily, or the total opposite.. which is were a early demo would/can take care of.. ie it maybe may just need to grow a little on some…

  • Held back on pre ordering because I don’t really know what the gameplay is all about, but I’m intrigued and I love the artstyle. Pre ordering now.

  • I played this again today. every time I play it, i like it a bit more. I find the comic book style story parts very good, keep moving the Vita around to see the characters move around.. can’t seem to stop doing that.

    With this & Zen Pinball 2 I’ll be set for summer.

  • Looks great but a UK demo before I decide if I pre order would look better!

  • Can’t wait for this game. Really looks like something special, and a real original to go alongside great PS franchise entries like Resistance and Uncharted.

  • I’ve already pre-ordered this, it was the main reason I bought a Vita after playing a demo in GAME UK, what I don’t understand is, why can’t we have that demo on the PSN? It was fully english and at a kiosk at my local Gamestation too…

  • i have got this game platinum

  • Jacks_Mannequin

    This is my opinion but this game has taken way to long to be released here. With a schedule of at least 3 months without a big hitter then releasing Resistance a mere 2 weeks before just makes no sense. Then Sony wonder why Vita sales haven’t really gone through the roof since launch day!

    Obviously the demo will be released about 2 weeks that time, i probably wont be bothered to download it and just wait for the release day.

  • day 1 purchase for me looking forward to it

  • can’t wait for this and Ni No Kuni! Why does localisation take so long though? Ni No Kuni has been out in Japan for sooo long…and Gravity Rush was a Vita launch title over there! it makes me crazy…

  • The Game looks awesome! Have played with a demo.

    Any chance of adding the accent to the Frnech in the article? Should be “bande dessinée” with the accent abvoe the “e”.
    – Sorry its the pendant in me.

  • I have played the demo, and absolutely love the art direction in this game. The overall style is quite unique and the people and environments really do feel “alive”.
    Sometimes I like to find a good spot, push “up” on the D-pad, and just use my Vita to look around in first person(gyro). It really is the most beautiful and most attractive game I’ve seen so far.

  • I was in my local games store here in Aus today and they had an EU version of the demo on the Vita they had in store…so why isn’t the demo available to download?

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