PlayStation Store Royale Contenders Sale

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PlayStation Store Royale Contenders Sale

Royale Contenders

Following the announcement of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, I thought it would be good to offer you some great discounts on games and downloadable content for characters featured in this game. So you can expect to see the following on sale when the PlayStation Store update goes live on Wednesday afternoon:

PS3 Content
  • God of War HD
    Was €17.99/£13.99/AUS$27.95 – Now €13.99/£10.99/AUS$21.95
  • God of War II HD
    Was €17.99/£13.99/AUS$27.95 – Now €13.99/£10.99/AUS$21.95
  • God of War: Chains of Olympus
    Was €17.99/£13.99/AUS$27.95 – Now €13.99/£10.99/AUS$21.95
  • God of War: Ghost of Sparta
    Was €17.99/£13.99/AUS$27.95 – Now €13.99/£10.99/AUS$21.95
  • God of War Collection
    Was €29.99/£23.99/AUS$49.95 – Now €22.99/£15.99/AUS$29.95
  • God of War Collection Volume II
    Was €29.99/£23.99/AUS$49.95 – Now €22.99/£15.99/AUS$29.95
  • Kratos Pack (Modnation Racing)
    Was €1.75/£1.49/AUS$2.95 – Now €0.89/£0.75/AUS$1.25
  • Kratos Costume – (LittleBigPlanet)
    Was €1.99/£1.59/AUS$3.45 – Now €0.99/£0.79/AUS$ 1.75
  • Kratos – (Everybodys Golf)
    Was €0.99/£0.79/AUS$1.75 – Now €0.49/£0.40/AUS$0.90
  • Killzone 3 Multiplayer
    Was €0.00/£0.00/AUS$0.00 – Now €0.00/£0.00/AUS$0.00 (Yes that’s correct, it costs €0.00!)
  • The Sly Trilogy
    Was €24.99/£19.99/AUS$39.95 – Now €12.99/£9.99/AUS$19.95
  • Sly Raccoon
    Was €9.99/£7.99/AUS$15.95 – Now €4.99/£3.99/AUS$8.45
  • Sly 2: Band of Thieves
    Was €9.99/£7.99/AUS$15.95 – Now €4.99/£3.99/AUS$8.45
  • Sly 3: Honour Among Thieves
    Was €9.99/£7.99/AUS$15.95 – Now €4.99/£3.99/AUS$8.45
  • Sly Cooper Pack – (ModNation Racing)
    Was €1.75/£1.49/AUS$2.95 – Now €0.89/£0.75/AUS$1.25
  • Fat Princess
    Was €9.99/£7.99/AUS$15.95 – Now €4.99/£3.99/AUS$8.45
  • Fat Princess: Supersize Anniversary Bundle
    Was €14.99/£11.99/AUS$23.95 – Now €7.99/£6.49/AUS$12.95
  • Sweet Tooth Pack – (ModNation Racing)
    Was € 1.75/£1.49/AUS$2.95 – Now €0.89/£0.75/AUS$1.25
  • Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake
    Was €7.99/£6.49/AUS$12.95 – Now €3.99/£3.19/AUS$6.95
  • Twisted Metal
    Was €4.99/£3.99/AUS$8.45 – Now €2.99/£2.39/AUS$4.95

In additional to our PS3 and PSP content, we also have the Radec armor from PS HOME available, so dress up like one of the best and show your fellow homies who is boss!

  • Radec’s Body Armour
    Was €0.99/£0.79/AUS$1.75 – Now €0.49/£0.40/AUS$0.90
  • Radec’s Combat Trousers
    Was €0.99/£0.79/AUS$1.75 – Now €0.49/£0.40/AUS$0.90
  • Radec’s Helmet
    Was €0.99/£0.79/AUS$1.75 – Now €0.49/£0.40/AUS$0.90
  • Radec’s Tactical Gloves
    Was €0.99/£0.79/AUS$1.75 – Now €0.49/£0.40/AUS$0.90
  • Radec’s Combat Boots
    Was €0.99/£0.79/AUS$1.75 – Now €0.49/£0.40/AUS$0.90

This sale is for 1 week only, starting on 2nd May 2012, and it will end on 9th May 2012, so don’t miss out!

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15 Author Replies

  • It’d be nice to have PaRappa up on the store too. :(

  • Killzone 3 Multiplayer for free; Will be looking forward to playing that tomorrow. Sly Trilogy looks tempting at £10 :)

  • The Killzone 3 multiplayer, is that only the trial only or will the upgrade(ie no level cap)be free as well?

    • This is only the trial version, not the full unlock version.

      Apologies for the confusion.

  • Surprised the Killzone DLC for Modnation Racers isn’t included in the sale.

  • shame nothing for the psvita was inlcuded like a discount on modnation racers road trip.

    • Yes it is a shame but there is a good reason for this… which I can’t discuss right now.

  • A discount on the Killzone 3 maps would be nice :(

  • If that’s the full version of KZ3 MP for free I am pretty annoyed having just bought it! While it’s nice for things to go free, I disagree with it happening soon after launch as it just makes people feel stupid for buying it in the first week.

  • @ azakajam

    Why do you need discounted maps when the full MP, which includes all DLC, is now free?!

  • Andy will there be any RE ORC DLC tomorrow?

  • I bought the GoW collection last week in the sale for €22,99. This week it’s 3 Euro cheaper…

    The Sly Trilogy is very tempting for 12.99.

    • I apologies for this, the GoW pricing above is incorrect for the collections as they will still be €22,99. Getting the blog post updated to match this.

  • SSJ3_Bob_Marley

    Definitely appreciated, thanks Sony!

  • Sly 3 for just 5 Euro? Wow , thats great! Will be picking that one up for sure ^^ Also , the KZ3 mp. It that the full version for free , or can we still just play untill we reach a certain rand and then get kicked off?

  • Everyone should definitely pick up those Sly games! Killzone 3 Multiplayer is fun as well, but I think it’s just the trial, as it’s listed with an original price of free. If not, I feel a bit sad for paying for it months ago; I have barely played it.

    Speaking of Sly, I’m having a little issue with that. I got the first game free with Plus and then bought the Trilogy including the first game, but now that my Plus subscription is over it won’t work anymore saying it expired.

  • can we have confirmation that the Killzone 3 Multiplayer thats going for £0.00 is actually just the Trial version? or is it the full unlocked version of the game thats going free?

    kinda confusing (especially for someone who just tweeted its potential awesomeness xD).

  • I’ll pick up Twisted metal PS1 then ;)

    With the announcement that Parrapa The Rapper is one of the characters, please beg, borrow or steal Parrapa The Rapper PS1 Classic & release it please!

    @ MaikelSteneker

    I know it’s a pain but if you need to delete your Sly Trilogy & Data Utility files. Once deleted make sure that you don’t have Sly 1 within your game folder too! You need to view your download list & re-download the Trilogy file & all should be okay!

    Hope this helps :)

  • * but you need to

  • * woops, my bad. Parappa!

    *SIGH* been a long day :(

  • To all with reference to KZ3 multiplayer.

    The Trial never had a price, as it was simply a Trial, so obviously it’s the full game!

  • almighty-slayer

    Great sale. Already own nearly all of them though, booo.

    Needs more Parappa, too

  • One last thing so I don’t plague this post. Would someone be kind enough to state whether or not the Fat Princess online community, is still strong? Does anyone out there still currently play it?

    Thanks in advance & take care peeps!

    • I play it now and again as it is always a good laugh, I have not played it for about 5 months but last time I played there was still others playing it. Will have to try it again tonight.

  • If KZ3 Online is just the Trial, what was the point in stating (Yes that’s correct, it costs €0.00!)like it’s a good thing? Obviously it would be free Andy if it’s a Trial…….SHEESH!

    Should have just stated that the Trial is still available to download, instead of false pretences!

  • I am interested in Sly collection, but have a question.

    Does PSN version also include mini games, that are part of retail version?

    In store there is no mention that mini games are part of the collection, only 3 games.

    Thanks for answer.

  • Oh look, more typos & missinformation!

    Will a post & Store update, ever run smoothly?

  • Killzone: mp will be free. It does not come with the dlc thas how they will make there money. £7.99 etc. On that note will the dlc we own work on it. Think it should hope so.

  • Waiting on a Jak & Daxter Trilogy sale – ~£19.99 and I’ll buy it.

  • Thanks for the clarification regarding KZ.

    Otherwise some decent discounts though perhaps GoW games are still a bit expensive considering the price of the Blu-Rays

  • Actually scrap that GoW comment I was looking at the Euro price not the GBP price, they are actually ok.

  • thanks for clarifying the KZ3 confusion, Andy :)

    ps. someone totally owes me a tweet now lol.

  • To bad the Sly costume for LBP2 ain’t on sale. Maybe I will get some Fat Princess. Great prices for great games.

  • Great sale! Disappointed to see no sale on the Fat Princess DLC however :(
    But I think I’ll take this chance to pick up the other two Sly games, getting Sly Raccoon free with PS+ sold me on the series :D

  • almighty-slayer

    Wait, if it’s the trial, how is that a pricedrop? The trial was always free, so saying it is free now isn’t a change.

    Just wanted to say thanks for the great sales, too :) You’ve been doing great on the sales front recently

  • @ Catkiller1: thanks for the help, but I don’t believe that will work. I already tried to redownload it (without deleting it from my PS3 first, but I don’t think that will make a difference), but the Trilogy and Sly 1 both had blue shopping carts next to them in the Store, just like my Plus content. Furthermore, the game has disappeared from my download list, also just like my Plus content.

    @ Grave_uk: the mini games are exclusive to the disc release. The download version contains just the PS2 HD rereleases, all separate from each other (so you don’t have to download and install them all at once).

  • Unfortunately, Fat Princess isn’t compatible on Ps Vita so there is nothing on offer for me. The psp store has Killzone and God Of War as well, so why haven’t they been put on sale.

    Btw, do you know why there insn’t a single Sly cooper released on the psp?

  • i fail to undestand why giving a free KZ3 trial for free is considered a sale, but thats just me :P

  • You probably won’t read this, but I have some requests:
    1) PS2 Classic: The Simpsons Hit & Run.
    2) WWE Avatars.
    3) The Simpsons Avatars.
    4) PS2 Classic: Spider-Man 2.

  • I might actually get the Killzone 3 Multiplayer so I don’t have to put the disc everytime I want to get into that.

  • Can someone explain the reasoning why God of War Collection 1 and 2 are £16 each when they contain two games each and have been out for quite a long time while The Sly Trilogy is £10 but contains 3 games has new content and hasn’t been out as long?

  • As above, Spiderman 2 would he amazing! Also NFS Underground 2.

  • I might get the Sly Trilogy. It would be cool if the Parappa game were put in the PS Store (Parappa 2 as a PS2 classic).

  • Could you please throw infamous 2 into the sale, it’s still £50 same as prototype 2 and thats brand spanking new.

    a hard copy is about £20 on most sites.

  • Word of warning: Sly Trilogy complete file size is huge. Around 24 gigs – take that into account before buying it! Fantastic games, just make sure your HDD can take it.

  • Bit of a tricky question.

    Does the PSN Sly Trilogy also come with the Move Mini Games?

    I also got the first Sly for Free as a Plus member, if i buy the other 2 separately, will i get the Move Mimi games if they are included in the PSN version o do i need to buy the Whole Trilogy?

  • Is it possible to get the game Gauntlet I and Gauntlet II back in the store… Old games but retro owz!! :)

    These games were in the Store but now they’re gone!! :(

    You know something about it Andy ?!


  • So, care to explain why you even included KZ3 MP over there if the trial was free anyways.

    • It is part of the sale in the view that when you go to the sale area on the PSN Store, you will see this in there. Yes its a trial but it is still part of this campaign.

  • hi guys this is my first ever post just recently got a Playstation 3 console i was looking through the PSone classics on the playstation store there is a really good choice of old classics and i saw that you’ve just starting to put Playstation 2 games on there which is also cool and i was wondering if i could possibly ask if the game Nightmare Creatures will ever be available on the playstation store

  • The Sly Trilogy on PSN doesn’t include the Move Mini games which is probably how they’ve managed to get it on the store cheaper than retail in the first place. I do think though that it should be added to PSN as a separate download now that the Trilogy is over a year old. Probably free too.

  • I do not understand, why do you not give us content that we want and consistently demand?

  • I’m sorry Andy, But is this post some kind of joke.. or do you have crossed wires in the office ?.
    Everything that’s listed above.. except i think, little princess, went out on a different sale last week.. oh apart from the Sly trilogy.., which was the ‘above’ sale price for 2-Weeks around a week after we got Sly1 from plus… so include that if your not a plus subber.. or wasn’t a month or two ago etc.. And ‘little-princess’ as The Only 2 new(ish) Sale items for ‘Battle Royale’.. (have to find out what that actually is now)…And Add the KZ3 MP error into that, Whats happening to the (scee) psn-store lately ?..

    Well, Unless theres ‘other’ content you haven’t included in this post, i honestly cannot see why you allowed this post to happen, Please If i am somehow mistaken i apologise, and be Sure to explain my mistakes to me… am Not attempting to be negative, as i was Allready happy with the recent GoW/other sales.

    • The only content in the Royale Sale that was also available last week was the God of War content. The rest is all new content from the different IPs.

      So therefore all the below is new:

      The Sly Trilogy
      Sly Raccoon
      Sly 2: Band of Thieves
      Sly 3: Honour Among Thieves
      Sly Cooper Pack – (ModNation Racing)
      Fat Princess
      Fat Princess: Supersize Anniversary Bundle
      Sweet Tooth Pack – (ModNation Racing)

      Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake

      Twisted Metal

      Radec’s Body Armour
      Radec’s Combat Trousers
      Radec’s Helmet
      Radec’s Tactical Gloves
      Radec’s Combat Boots

      Also the MK3 MP is not an error. It is part of the sale in the view that when you go to the sale area on the PSN Store, you will see this in there. Yes its a trial but it is still part of this campaign.

      Hope that clears things up for you and good to hear you like the GoW sale last week.

  • Heyy, could we have marvel vs capcom 3 avatars!? my favourite avatar is there USA have them so I hope we can too!?. Even if you just put one there but I’d really appreciate (Jill valentine avatar from mvc3) thankyouu for reading and hopefully updating it for me (:

  • Hi, could u plz tell me when the mt Eddie dlc is out on psn in the UK? Seems other places have it already as per usual. Is it going to be a Thursday maintenance jobby? Just can’t wait to play it (~_^)

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