See PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale In Action

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See PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale In Action

Today marks a special day for us here at SuperBot Entertainment, as we finally get to share our game with the world! PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale existed as an idea in the hearts of gamers way before SuperBot got around to making it, and the expectations of the fans are really what drive us. This game is a labor of love, and we’re excited to be able to finally show it — learn more in our new video interview above.

PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale

So what is PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale? First and foremost, it’s a celebration of a storied history of great characters and rich worlds brought together in one game. And for us, there’s no better way to celebrate than by creating an experience that players can sit around one screen and enjoy together. There are probably a few types of games that can be enjoyed by four players simultaneously, but for us at SuperBot, a brawler was the obvious choice for one really good reason: the developers here at SuperBot really like fighting games. We love playing them and we love making them. With PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, we set out to make an experience accessible enough for all PlayStation fans to enjoy while also creating something deep enough for the serious fighting game aficionado. We think this “accessible yet deep” strategy is the perfect way to bring PlayStation fans of all stripes together.

PlayStation All-Stars: Battle RoyalePlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale

The game features a number of cool game modes for both single and multiplayer, with a focus on online play which features a robust tournament mode. Players will be able to compete against each other as well as play cooperatively. We can’t wait for you all to try it for yourself.

Until then, please stay tuned; there are plenty more features, characters, and levels we want to show. And you definitely don’t want to miss what we’ve got in store for E3!

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  • Game looks awesome.
    I just hope Crash Bandicoot and Spyro are in the game.

    • Hey everyone, we’re glad you’re excited about the game and can’t wait for you to give it a try. Just letting you know that we’re not really going to be able to share any details other than what’s here in the post, for now, but do keep your questions coming in – it gives us ideas for what to include in the next reveal.

  • Why ? Why ? Why ?! Why you don’t make this game for PS3 and PS Vita ?! I really don’t understand the brain of Sony Entertainment, do you want the end of the little sister of Playstation 3 ?
    I’m really sad to learn that game don’t go available in PS Vita :(

  • You need to get permission to use Crash and Spyro. If you think of classic PlayStation mascots, those are the two that come straight to mind.

  • Well it’s reported that there will be 3rd party characters in the game, so crash and spyro being in there is not impossible.

  • If it’s not only first party games, it would be cool to see Desmond Miles vs Altair and Ezio.

  • All I’m really hoping for is Jak and Daxter to be included. I think they’d fit so well into this game!

    Roughly how many characters are going to be in the game?

    Also, I know it’s highly unlikely, but how much fun would it be to play as Atlas and P-Body? (Both controlled by the same person) Having some kind of Portal mechanic in the game would be so awesome!

  • Sony smash bros. Seriously as much as I love playstation and would love to see all Sony characters in a game together this one just looks like a complete rip off. Also its a fighting game. I hate fighting games. Ah well I’m sure many people will still love it. Might be better as a Vita game to be honest. The gameplay looks like its one of those games you play for 5-10 minutes at a time while waiting for something.

    I don’t see myself playing this for hours on end on a PS3 but I do see myself playing it for 10 minutes on a bus journey home.

  • My biggest concern at the moment is being utterly distracted by what’s going on in the background. I’ve had to watch the video twice now, once to watch the gameplay, and once to watch the backgrounds!

  • Vita compatible please.

  • Ugh. I just can’t consider Smash Bros to be even remotely a ‘fighting game’. Seriously most ‘fights’ are spent watching the characters getting knocked miles away from each other and having to waste time getting all the way back again and messing about with all sorts of stupid gimmicks. Horrible game.

    Also I’m not very keen on the more ‘gritty’ or ‘realistic’ characters interacting with cartoony cute ones when it comes to crossovers. Hated it when Solid Snake had to be in a game with Mario and Pikachu and the like. It’s fine when PlayStation Move Heroes got Ratchet, Sly and Jak together cos they all sorta fit together. The Killzone/inFamous/Resistance characters as Uncharted 2 DLC? Works (even if the chimera is pushing it, but I do miss playing as Cole McGrath and wish he’d return in U3). Kratos fighting Parappa? Doesn’t work for me at all. Still I’m sure this game will be heaven for those fans who are always dreaming of some insane crossovers.

  • Amazing. i think the game looks great and has great potential to appeal to all ps3 owners because it covers so much ground with relate-able characters but having looked around at some of the comments of numerous websites (*cough IGN cough*) i can’t help feel slightly embarrassed as a gamer. Sony makes a reveal with no where near the full details and the amount of hate and vitriol spreading through forums and the web is ridiculous. Sony has been probably been the best over the last 20yrs when it comes to innovation in games. I’m pretty sure this project would never have been green lit unless Superbot could have taken a this genre and really push it and fill it with innovation to make it stand out from the crowd. Good job Superbot & SSSM for daring to make it and i can’t wait to see and hear more. *end RANT*

  • after reading news about this all morning I am actually really excited by this now, it has exceeded my expectations

  • Lol!

    This would seem like new news but there have been leaks for months! I wonder if a game announcement will ever be kept under wraps! ;)

    I’m not sure on this as Super Smash Bros. worked, due to most Nintendo Characters having that cartoony feel. I’m with Carnivius_Prime on this one. I wanted the idea to work but i’m not quite sure.

    Hopefully there will be some sort of BETA so I can make my mind up!

  • Would be nice to see some of the older PS characters in the game aswell, even if it’s somewhat unlikely since many of them went multiplatform years ago. Would love to see Crash Bandicoot in the game.

  • I saw that the characters have life bars with a number next to it.
    Is that the amount of times they got K.O’d or the amount of time they K.O’d someone?

    Also, are there discussions on when it’s gonna be released?

  • Now release Parappa The Rapper within the PS1 Classics ;)

    Please don’t do a CASHCOM—-CAPCOM & release a vast amount of fighters & costumes as paid DLC!!

  • I’m really liking some of ideas in this game, like the stages being crossovers themselves. The glowing outline around the characters also makes it very easy to keep track of yourself.

    The only problems I have are with the name, and the shading on Parappa. ‘Playstation All-Stars’ or Playstation Battle Royale’ would be much better, and keeping Parappa as bright primary colours would make him stand out more, and keep with the style of the first game.

  • You know what it looks VERY similar to Digimon Rumble Arena 2

  • @ 15

    I read a preview earlier, that explained the life system for the game.

    It seemed like the bar at the bottom, rather than being a health bar, is actually a bar that fills up as you collect “something” or get hits on people. Once it fills up, you get a finishing move, or you can choose to save it and save up for secondary or tertiary finishing moves, each getting progressively bigger and more devastating.

    How you “win” without having life bars, I’m not sure…

  • Wow so it really is this? I was hoping for a Guarilla Games or Quantic Dream announcement.. The first thing I instantly noticed is how much it has in common with Smash bros. The maps look really small and simple, I guess there’ll be a bigger focus on fighting than moving? It also looks kind of blurry to me, a bit like LBP, was expecting more vibrant colors for this.
    Lastly, I hope there’s a lot of third party characters that spiritually could be considered Playstation characters (or not) : Solid/Old Snake obviously, Cloud and Squall maybe? Maybe some GTA characters, Nico Bellic would be cool. Adam Jensen from Deus Ex, (old) Dante from DMC, Altaïr or old Ezio, Shepard from Mass Effect, ..
    I hope I’ll like this, Smash bros. is probably my favorite fighting series because it’s so different and fun, and I could use a good fighting game this generation. Oh and I’ve got to say it, the name for the game sounds absolutely ridiculous, could’ve gone with something more simple and a shorter title. Anyway, let’s see what this new studio brings to the table. Exclusives FTW.

  • I didn’t expect to like this but somehow it made me smile.

    The question is though, is this a PSN or a Blu-Ray title? If it’s the former then there is a good outlook, if it’s the latter I think most people will pass.

  • Oh and, I am sorry to say that the name is just terrible!

    A good (PSN) price point and fun gameplay will overcome that though. ;)

  • I won’t lie, I was hoping for a new Sucker Punch game, but… I think this could be fun. What I’ve struggled with on other games similar to this one is that it get’s very boring after a while… and when I get bored of it I get so bored that I never ever touch the game again. But yeah, I do hope it does well.

  • I’m not that impress so this is that exclusive game all i see is very low copy of SSB by ninty a clone.

    what the point of having rapper in it when ps1 classics of rapper not on our EU Store so another game not for E3.

    hmmm. :|

  • They where going to do a Xbox version but they couldn’t find any exclusive characters to be in the game :D

    Looks cool. Hopefully it will have all the PlayStation characters i love in the game;)

    + MORE PS3 Exclusives = MORE gaming choices which is always good. Well done SONY;)

  • Wasn’t sure at first, I thought ripoff… But after seeing and hearing how the stages look and act, and seeing classic characters jumping around I couldn’t help but smile. I’m hoping there will be a lot of older, retro characters.

    Crash Bandicoot in his original form, exclusively on PlayStation, that is a need and will make this sell. Bring on that spin attack Sony, nineties style! ;)

  • id love it if some final fantasy characters were included too

  • Hey Omar, game looks fantastic.

    Quick question, will this game be in Stereoscpoic 3D?


  • Super excited for the game. This will most likely be the first fighter I play and really enjoy.

    One issue though is with the character design. It looks like you’re trying to give the characters a uniform look with their style and shading. For example, Fat Princess. In the video she has a lot of shading and appears to look fairly realistic but in reality she’s supposed to be a bright colourful cartoon character. Choosing to make her look realistic really take away from her authenticity, in my opinion. Is this just an isolated issue or are all characters art styling changed for the game?

  • Super Smash Bros. with different, Playstation specific, character models – this is the big, huge, awesome announcement rumoured?

    Sony isn’t even trying anymore. I still remember the time when Playstation was cool but that memory is fading… FAST.

  • Don´t forget putting a load of dlc characters on disk so we can buy them later othough they where already on there…

    You guys have a great protofolie of original exclusives, this is not one of them.

  • no vita version !! someone tell mr sony that vita needs games too.

  • smash bros ripoff no thanks atleast that game has characters that are all legendary while this one is filled with human and oddity characters i couldnt care for even though some ofthem have decent individual games. A game like this is supposed to be filled with likeable characters that have been around for so many years and have had 5-6 huge games in their backloggery individually, thats why it works with Smash Bros. The characters track back so long that its like opening a box of your favourite chocolate. As for this its basically pretty much has the same appeal as Turtles Smash-up with the Rabbids as unlockables

  • please give us solid snake

  • So are we um, decided on that name then…??

    Hoping that there’s a typo and the words ‘working title’ have been left out.

  • First,I cant believe that name was real.Henceforth, I dub thee PS Smash.

    And thats part of my problem.I love Smash,i’ve been playing it for a decade.It’s got to be as good if not better for me to even consider it.But it’s also got to be different so I’m willing to pay for another Smash.

    But,control looks tight in the vid,the stages look great,and seems to play like Smash.So overall,a good start :)

    Omar’s best line the vid

    “Characters like Fat Princess,who you’ve never seen before”

    Sums my feeling towards Fat Princess being in this.

  • Just hope Crash Bandicoot and Spyro are included in the game. They are two of the most famous PS mascots from the old games.

  • Wow. Really.
    You couldn’t make this for the vita?

    There is literally no hope for the device.
    Back to ios for my portable gaming.

    I tried Sony. Which is more than anyone can say for you.

  • Why would anyone 3rd party develop anything for Vita if even Sony won’t bother? Vast majority of games released on Vita so far have sold less than 10.000 copies globally. FIFA 12 have shipped 180.000 which propably doesn’t even cover the FIFA lisence and Lego Harry Potter sold a whopping 10.000.

    So unless Sony drops the Vita’s price fast, you are not going to see a avalanche of new software for it.

  • I hope we get to see Croc, Tombi and Spyro :)

  • Yes, please release Croc & Tombi Characters!

    Then release Croc 1 & 2 PS1 Classics & Tombi/Tomba Ps1 Classics ;)

  • Ninty clone for kids only. I’d like to see Dissidia 3 on PS3 please!

  • PARAPPA THE RAPPER IS IN THIS!? Awesome and Sly Cooper. Now all we need is Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, Jarvis from PAIN, Nathan Drake, Sackboy, Feisar (in fighter robotic form), Sir Dan from MediEvil and Cole then we’re good to go. Also too the people who keep asking that Spyro and Crash might be in it, Sony doesn’t even own the rights to them and Activision owns the rights to them.

  • well activision wont add them to that game cuz they didnt even make a ps3 game if i had the money id buy crash and spyro off stupid activision and give them back to sony that they stole from sony in the 1st place

  • Keats or Ellen from Folklore NEED to be in the game.

  • Sony never owned Crash or Spyro in the first place, it was joint ownership with Universal, if Sony owned it 100% they’d still have it under their belt.

    This needs Cloud and Sephiroth.

  • I hope there’s some characters from Metal Gear Solid!
    Also would love the PS1 versions of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro. =D

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