PixelJunk 4am Beta Goes Live

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PixelJunk 4am

We’ve started our early access PixelJunk 4am Live Beta, which available to all PlayStation Plus members now.

What is it?

4am lets you create your own music using a unique Virtual Audio Canvas to mix tracks, experiment with audio effects and control your composition using the PlayStation Move‘s full range of motion. You can then stream your performances live to the world through PSN.

4am is kind of like a radio broadcasting station for PSN, except you guys will be making all the music! Those of you with a Move and a Beta code will be the first in the world to stream your music and visuals live across PSN.

We have limited this early access Beta to just one visualiser and one song. In the full release though, you can look forward to 7 songs and 6 visualisers with 38 variations, 10 events and over 190 different sounds to play with.

I don’t have a PS Move, can I still join in?

Even if you don’t have a PS Move, as long as you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you can download the Free 4am Live Beta Viewer and stream everyone’s Beta performances. It’s a small taste of what you’ll be streaming once 4am is released in May.

During the course of the Live Beta, we’ll host some special live performances from around the world, including DJ Baiyon performing live from Japan. Keep your eyes on the forums for further details.

What do I do?

Seeing as we’re using PSN in some radically new ways, we’re asking all of you in PlayStation Plus for some help in ensuring everything works smoothly. We’ll be testing the broadcasting over the next two weeks making sure that PSN doesn’t explode when we try this. I kind of want a giant red lever to pull when we send this live for you guys. It feels dangerous… dangerously awesome!

Please file any bugs you find using the provided bug report guidelines.

Bug report form

Thanks guys for being a part of something revolutionary.

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