PixelJunk 4am Beta Goes Live

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PixelJunk 4am

We’ve started our early access PixelJunk 4am Live Beta, which available to all PlayStation Plus members now.

What is it?

4am lets you create your own music using a unique Virtual Audio Canvas to mix tracks, experiment with audio effects and control your composition using the PlayStation Move‘s full range of motion. You can then stream your performances live to the world through PSN.

4am is kind of like a radio broadcasting station for PSN, except you guys will be making all the music! Those of you with a Move and a Beta code will be the first in the world to stream your music and visuals live across PSN.

We have limited this early access Beta to just one visualiser and one song. In the full release though, you can look forward to 7 songs and 6 visualisers with 38 variations, 10 events and over 190 different sounds to play with.

I don’t have a PS Move, can I still join in?

Even if you don’t have a PS Move, as long as you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you can download the Free 4am Live Beta Viewer and stream everyone’s Beta performances. It’s a small taste of what you’ll be streaming once 4am is released in May.

During the course of the Live Beta, we’ll host some special live performances from around the world, including DJ Baiyon performing live from Japan. Keep your eyes on the forums for further details.

What do I do?

Seeing as we’re using PSN in some radically new ways, we’re asking all of you in PlayStation Plus for some help in ensuring everything works smoothly. We’ll be testing the broadcasting over the next two weeks making sure that PSN doesn’t explode when we try this. I kind of want a giant red lever to pull when we send this live for you guys. It feels dangerous… dangerously awesome!

Please file any bugs you find using the provided bug report guidelines.

Bug report form

Thanks guys for being a part of something revolutionary.

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4 Author Replies

  • So we need a beta code to be able to make music? Are these sent trough email?

    • Members of the EU PSN Beta team should have received e-mails already yes. Grab me on Twitter @oL4T3NCYo and I’ll get you organised.

  • Great stuff, downloaded and installed.

    Will there be some announcements when there’s anything to listen to? Because as of right now, I’m finding no performances at all and thus am just sitting here, watching and listening to nothing.

  • In order to download the performer you need a code from SCEE, pretty soon we’ll start a few performances (need to plough through the tutorial but Rowan should be up and running very soon).



  • Yay :D Been looking forward to this. Downloading now. Can’t wait to give it a go.

  • Cool, thanks Dylan. Just listening then, and I like what I’m hearing. Awesome game you guys have made

  • nice, finally its coming. hope it will not be too long until its release.

  • wooo i got the beta i loveee ps plus and anyne who int got ps plus naa na na naaa naa :D

  • Got it off the store,and was dead excited because I thought two moves here we go.
    The viewer is cool,and works great,but a bit of me died when I noticed I couldn’t play :(

  • its a beta viewer demo you cant play it thats the point and i hope the game will have a 4am trophie if you play at 4am lol

  • any plans for NON ps plus peeps to get in on the beta

  • I was listening to you earlier vonhammer – it appears you have got the hang of it! Very good!

  • well i know what i will do with my friends as a warm up, before the concert in my town!

  • I bought 2 Move controllers on day one, I thought I’d be able to perform for sure.
    Now I’m sad : <

  • I need quick help.

    After changing PS Store language to Polish my PS+ stopped working correctly.

    No save-upload, no auto-sync, and if I lose PSN connection while in-game error 8001000A shows. Only way to fix it is to change store to english again but I’m paying for my PS PLUS and don’t get all the services!!


  • @PixelMeister

    Lol,thanks.I noticed you mentioned it on twitter :)

    I can only thank you again for your generosity earlier.And like I said,there is so much hidden depth,I was blown away.
    I think I did better after a break,was more confidant in what I was doing.Seeing the bar at the bottom go mad when you drop the beat (cant believe I just wrote that) made me get into the music more.There’s nothing else like it.


  • so how do we go about getting a code so we can play?
    like vonhammer whom iv just been listining too…..gave you kudos too i think.

    its nearly 4am i wanna get that 4am feeling.

  • I bought 4 move controllers day one and I don’t get an invite? gah, they obviously don’t want me to buy the game.

    • 4 Move controllers!?.. General Grievous! :D Shoot me a msg on Twitter @oL4T3NCYo and I’ll get you organised.

  • It looked fun to play, but watching is no good.

  • q games and pixel junk are amazing and although i’ve just tweeted that i felt that i needed to come on here and praise away because q-games and the pixel junk dev’s have been nothing short of epic in respond to tweets , Q&A’s responding to there fanbase new and old alike. truely one of my favourite psn developers and i hope people on the psn comunity make pixel junk 4am a huge revolutionary success. once again thanks PJ for the code. i’m gonna have a quick smoke outside then get stuck into crafting master pieces

  • I was excited, been wanting to play this, however I was disappointed after wasting little bandwidth I have to find out that all this beta is is watching other people play the game. Sure it had to be tested, but why hype up the ability to watch strangers play a game? It doesn’t really feel like a plus benefit.

    Ohh well, still look forward to trying the game later on.

  • Wow, Thanks! Community support = $$$$$$$$$$$

  • i don’t have twitter but I have 2 move controllers (and also make tunes too) … and we need more aussies to fill in the times the europeans are sleeping!

  • Also any chance there will be remote play support with the vita – could use the 2 touchpads like kaoss pads :D

  • @Rowan Parker

    “We’re streaming this crazy cat right now! o.O”

    oh god,I think I was trying to get a synth I liked,So probably gave up or went mental trying to find a sound I like from it.

  • when Sony buy my inspirational idea or a new Dora’s Adventures game, then I will buy a Move. My huge brainwave of a game has Dora all grown up. I call it Dora’s Street Mooves and it has Dora workin da street, with YOR Move, and all and sundry make their Moves, with cam and with grup Dora(I’m TMing “grup” as a grown up Dora brand, so noone reading this is to pinch my branding idea), maybe you might buy my idea of Dora for 4am? 4am is about grown up Dora’s time of day? Yes? Yes? My people will try and speak to your people… We’ll do business Dora brunch? We’ll get Dora Moveing again…

  • thanx 4 the idea im niking it (C) 2012

  • Dora game on ps3 it int gonna happen not now not never and even if it doeas happen NO ONE WOULD BUY IT i cant stand Dora the explorer i so wanna send her back to the looney bin who wants to nick a Dora game idea NOT ME EWWWW

  • how do i play this

    looks really cool…i downloaded it , set up move controller but all i seem to be able to do is watch marcell something play .

    me and my kids were well excited to try this :(

  • scottscorpion try sending a message to @oL4T3NCYo on twitter and he may be able to give you a code (6kb unlock).

    its rowan parkers twitter and i just want to say thanks to him for the code he gave me. ;)

  • I downloaded it, listened to it and deleted it.
    Between screens it takes ages to load and the so called music is boring as hell.
    Sorry guys, I’m not convinced.

  • Not seeing FB activity for getting a beta unlock (no Twitter acct). I like to do more than view the Community.

    Need somebody to help bend some signal and try to get those last few bugs out? Love to spread some funky cheer, what I’ve listened to has been pretty interesting- much anticipated day 1 one buy /T-M

  • You need a move to make music?

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