Gravity Rush Pre-order DLC Revealed

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Update: As many people asked in the comments, we’d like to clarify that this DLC will be available, at no extra cost, to those people who purchase the game from PlayStation Store for a limited time after launch.

If you haven’t already lain down your order for the hotly anticipated Gravity Rush, due to hit shelves on 13th June, now is a great opportunity to do so. Look out for your local participating retailer and pre-order the game to get your hands on the fantastic Military Mission DLC Pack on Day one.

Unlock a unique military costume for Kat and meet new characters as you continue to defy the laws of gravity in two additional side missions with brand-new content and two new challenge missions, which we can reveal after the jump.


Extra Mission One – “Game Rules”

Complete Episode 17 of the main story to access the new “Game Rules” side mission. Kat has been asked by Commander Yuri to train as a military officer. As she is training with her rival, Seawasp, a message comes in saying that the Nevy have appeared.

After you clear this mission, you can unlock KAT’s unique military costume!


Extra Mission Two – “Visionary Courage”

Once you complete the “Game Rules” side mission, you can access the “Visionary courage” side mission. D’nerica has ordered for the capture of a massive amount of nevies. En route, a disaster strikes and Hekseville is swarmed. Amidst the chaos that ensues, Kat has to decide which is more important – her mission, or her friends.

Challenge Missions

Complete Episode 8 and Episode 11 of the main game and you’ll be able to access the “Factory Energy Gate Race 2” and “Slide Race in another dimension” challenge missions respectively.


We hope you’re looking forward to Gravity Rush, coming exclusively to PlayStation Vita from 13th June; it will be available both as a download from PlayStation Store and on Game Card. Pre-order incentives may vary by country. Please check availability with your local retailer.

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4 Author Replies

  • Again – is PSN a “Participating retailer”?

    • Hi almighty-slayer

      For Gravity Rush, we may just have the right thing for you – keep your eyes peeled!

  • Awesome! Preordered my copy at Amazon UK, are they participating? I haven’t got the Vita yet, but I just can’t resist buying something as innovative and brilliant as Gravity Rush :)

    • Hi darylsdn

      Unfortunately, I am unable to tell at this stage. I would urge you to look out for this incentive in the following weeks.

      Definitely looking forward to owning my very own copy, too!

  • Is there any way we can have a retailer list by country? Thanks :)

  • what about a demo for us who aren’t lucky enough to be Japanese?

  • Is this stuff included if you buy the game digitally off PSN?

  • @4 out towards the end of May.

  • I would also like to know if there will be a demo. I like to try before I buy games I dont know a lot about.

  • I take it the digital has so such pre-order offers? Going all digital for the Vita, as was my original plan, is becoming really hard. PSN needs to begin properly competing with physical retailers.

    • Hi there

      I mentioned this above, keep your eyes open in the coming weeks and you may find yourself in for a treat. :)

  • Everytime I see ´Pre-order DLC´I know I have to wait for the ´Complete Edition´in the bargain bin.

  • You must miss out on a lot of games then.

  • Demo is at the end of next month, already confirmed

  • Is this DLC exclusive to pre-orders, or will you be able to buy it from the PlayStation Store?

  • Could really do with knowing what the UK retailers are and when a demo will be up?
    As I’d like to try a demo before I pre order!
    Not too much to ask!

  • Nice been playing the Japan version since I got my vita great game, I will be buying the game again to play all the DLC. Is there a chance that the special fan book will be released?, that was included with pre-orders when it launched in Japan.

  • Can not wait for this game! Was one of the main reasons I bought a Vita. :D

  • Will the 3 DLC packs that are avalible in japan be on the ps store when the game releases?

  • I’ll be getting this on PSN day 1. Hopefully there will be a nice juicy incentive for us downloaders.

  • So you have 0-day DLC? In other words, you have it ready at launch? Why is it DLC, and not part of the game, then? What you are actually selling is a half (or 75% or whatever) of the game, and you’re asking for more money from those who want to play the full game.

    This why I didn’t buy Kane & Lynch 2 or any other game with 0-day DLC, and I let IO Interactive know. I won’t be buying Gravity Rush anymore, either.

  • @18

    Would it help if they’d made the DLC already but kept it secret for a few weeks after launch. Or released the same game and just not made any DLC? In both of those cases you’d be paying exactly the same for the game itself and would be none the wiser.

    From a developer perspective, it’s no doubt much more practical to make everything at the same time, rather than in the middle of whatever their next project is. These days DLC is almost expected in many cases, so studios take this into account and spend the extra time on making it at the same time rather than later.

    Similar things happen with music and films for many years. A band might record more songs than they include on an album, perhaps releasing the surplus tracks as B sides or on re-releases of the album. A film studio generally films many more scenes than make the cut for a cinema release, but then include them all in the ‘Special Edition’ DVD release, which people lap up in droves.

  • Game coming out delayed and NOT with all 3 DLCs included??? Is that a joke???

  • DLCs are optional, people. Don’t want them? Don’t buy them.

    Ultimately, this game is supposed to be great so while you’re all sitting in a corner having a hissy fit, we’ll be playing the game and loving it. And we won’t give you moaning babies a second thought.

    Certain day-one DLCs are seen as a “bad thing” because you are asked to pay for them. This is different – this is day one DLC added as a free extra incentive to buy the product from certain places. TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

    You lot are just moaning for the sake of moaning without realising what it is you’re actually moaning about. GET OFF THE BANDWAGON; you don’t even know why you’re on it. Try to form your own opinion and don’t just follow what you think others are doing. If you really want to impress someone try actually formulating some opinions to back up your view point. Express them clearly so others can see your point. Don’t just whine like babies in a knee-jerk style because you see an opportunity to whine.


  • Don’t Fully agree with that, Sure no one forces ppl to buy dlc, and ‘generally’ i welcome it, But one recent ‘game/story breaking’ (day0) dlc, from the ashes, for ME3 kinda changes your point, If your a ME player you’ll know why, but basically i feel sorry for Everyone who never played ME3 with the day0 dlc.. Would still of been a good 70hour xp.., But the protheans input into ME lore SHould of been included with main game… obviously the dev responsible is Way to big to care about this blatent sham… and once one starts doing this others Will follow…. Again i Mostly Welcome dlc… But for games i may of platted or have a 90% on I Hate seeing my total decrease by it.. Not enough to buy unwanted dlc… But they really Shouldn’t Add it to your trophy list.. If it is ‘optional’…as i Do actually know ppl who Need to buy, (just to have their 100%) back…

  • Nice. Will pre-order whenever participating retailers are announced.

  • Have a VITA related question, hopefully someone can answer.. i know theres allready a (english) demo for this on the HK store.. And the US store has a compatible psp game that (apparently) we don’t, KZL, Now i know if i factory reset i could (If i had one,) sign into another region/account.. and play anything i own from there… But what happens to my EU games And saves… And Is it possible to play owned games on my main EU psn id… After i’ve downloaded them from a different (owned/legal) psn id… Or would i Have to keep factory resetting/creating my other account Every time i chose to play… Have wondered about this for a while now and it’d be great having some info on it.

  • I’ll get this most likely, but I’d like to see more about it, I hardly know anything about the game or gameplay and it’s set for release soon. All I pretty much know is that you somehow manipulate gravity and use it as a weapon too..

  • What I’d like to know is, why do we have to wait till next month for a demo, when last month I played a fully English demo in GAME last month.

    Is there some magical secret in that demo that must never be in the hands of the masses?

  • Ok ive searched all over looking for news on which retailers r going to be doing this pre order and still no news, the game comes out in just over 3 weeks, now come on dont u think we should bloddy know by now, how can u still not know yourselfs

  • Now that we can preorder Sorcery on PSN does that mean the same will happen with Gravity Rush ???

    Can’t wait for this game.

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