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It’s been a little time since we have updated the application, and what better time for a spring clean than… well spring! We have been once again listening to you and subsequently tweaked, sped up, prettied and smoothed over the whole application to make you experience an even better one! We hope you like what we have done! The patch is available now so see below for to see exactly what to look out for.


  • Lightning quick application start-up time – No waiting around for the app to start
  • Playlists are now backed up in the cloud – Never lose a playlist again!
  • Full-screen experience redesigned – Less intrusive and prettier in full screen
  • Better video caching – Keeping your bandwidth as low as possible
  • Various performance and design improvements – Just generally improved

We also have a huge haul of new videos and features for you including some special pre Ibiza opening party goodness from our friends at Pacha.

Check out below for all the highlights of the next couple of weeks.

Dance Zone


With Pacha “in the house” our spotlight had to be the Dance Zone, check out what’s changed!

Pacha Ibiza
Bringing you behind the scenes footage and interviews with some of the worlds hugest DJ’s including Booka Shade, Chuckie, Pete Tong, Luciano, Laurent Garnier and many more.

Artist Of The Week – David Guetta
Guet Guet keeps em coming with brand new video ‘Alphabeat’ plus all the rest!

Artist Focus – Justice
Gaspard and Xavier go ‘On’n’On’ with their new video ‘On’n’On’

VidZone Recommends – Above & Beyond
Trance legends A&B know not how to stop. Featuring brand new video ‘Love Is Not Enough’

Centre Stage – Bodyrox
Electro House Duo start the party with new video ‘Bow Wow Wow’ ft Chipmunk.

Greatest Hits – Chemical Brothers
Listen to the Dance music behemoths back catalogue and 2 live performances from the film ‘Don’t Think’


Pop Zone


Artist Spotlight – Jessie J
Guet Guet produced Laserlight featuring well… David Guetta

One To Watch – Connor Maynard
Brighton’s answer to Justin Beiber releases debut video for ‘Can’t Say No’

Hip-Hop Zone


Live At Axe Lounge – Drake
Not a duck… A hip Hop legend performing ‘Money To Blow’ and ‘Forever’ and more live in Miami.

One To Watch – Azealia Banks
Featuring the potty mouthed NY munchkin rapper’s video “212”.

Alternative Zone


VidZone Recommends – Damon Albarn
Another new project from the Blur’r with new video ‘The Dancing King’

One To Watch – Kyla La Grange
Watford wailer La Grange is worth watching with new video for ‘Vampire Smile’.

Centre Stage – Sigur Rós
Ethereal Icelanders are back with new video for “Ekki múkk”.

Rock Zone


Artist Spotlight – Tenacious D
Black is back! Featuring the latest video “To Be The Best” with cameos from Dave Grohl and Val Kilmer

One To Watch – Fearless Vampire Killers
Named after a 1967 Polanski film, featuring new video ‘Bow Ties On Dead Guys’

Latest Videos
Intro to latest videos

  • David Guetta – The Alphabeat (All)
  • Katy Perry – Tommie Sunshine’s Megasix Smash-Up (All)
  • Conor Maynard – Can’t Say No (All)
  • Azealia Banks – 212 (UK IE AU NZ)
  • Damon Albarn – The Dancing King (All)
  • Norah Jones – Happy Pills (All)
  • Feeder – Borders (UK IE AU NZ)
  • Sigur Rós – Ekki múkk (All)
  • Keane – Disconnected (UK IE)
  • The Japanese Popstars – RS27 (All)
  • Ladyhawke – Sunday Drive (AU NZ IE FR FI NL PT)
  • Fearless Vampire Killers – Bow Ties On Dead Guys (All)
  • Feist – Bittersweet Melodies (All)

As always, please keep in touch with the following fun ways to communicate. We read everything and love your comments so don’t be shy!

I’m off to upload some playlists to the cloud!

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5 Author Replies

  • Hi Ben,
    It’s great to see the continued support for Vidzone.Sorry to be a pain by asking this.But have you any plans/timeline for release of the App for the PS Vita.It would make a great addition to the Vita.
    Thanx & Regards

    • Hi Baz3

      You can use your Vita with remoteplay to view VidZone. We are alswys thinking of ways to improve VidZone. Hopefully we will be able have time to implement them all.

      Thanks for your comment!

  • Playlists are now backed up in the cloud…
    Bit too late, lost all my good playlists :(

    • Hi Chrizs

      Sorry to hear you lost your playlists… This is why we have implemented this feature, sorry it is too late for you. We promise that if you build them again they will never be lost.

  • Bring this badboy too PS Vita!
    Would be amazing on the Vita using the touch screen.

  • Awesome keep up the good work.

    More metal, rock would be nice though.

  • Thanx for the response Ben,Keep up the good work +1

  • Really nice update, but PLEASE remove the in-video Twitter and Facebook ads!!!!!!

  • Really nice update, loving it, but PLEASE remove the in-video facebook and twitter ads!

  • That’s a damm good Greatest Hits you’ve got there, hopefully one day you’ll have a Solarstone (Solaris Recordings), Darren Tate (Mondo Records) or Juno Reactor Greatest Hits.

  • Good Job! an Update that adds features and inproves them.

    Maybe you can tell Sony an update is to inprove and add new features not take them away.

  • There has been several errors with this since the update.

    Some users are experiencing an error with the “country checking process”. On checking it out I too had the same error and have now been unable to access it at all due to various errors on loading.

    The latest of which was an error retrieving the music video feeds. Before that there was playlist error.

  • for Poland users just make a uk account simples

  • @manutreble It doesn’t work like that. It’s blocking IPs from un supported countries. To play VidZone in Poland, you’ll need UK account and connect by some UK proxy. I hope this year Sony will bring VidZone to Poland, as it will be 5th software market in Europe.

  • Do you know if VidZone will be coming over to the Orbis(PS4) yet?
    Hope you do, VidZone is awesome XD

  • Any chance you’ll offer a paid subscription option for VidZone in future?

    I’d pay it just to get rid of the ads. They are too frequent, too lengthy and too samey.

    • Hi fauxtronic

      it’s definitely something we think about a lot, if everything was right to do it then we would seriously consider this but there is a lot of factors that need to be right. Hopefully in the future everything is right so we can give everybody exactly what they want.

  • since day 1 ive asked over & over , where are pink floyd ?? kudos for david gilmour vids & roger waters berlin wall live , its a shame that van morrison totally destroyed comfortably numb !! lol , any chance of more berlin wall vids or the 2012 world tour? ive been to see it , & its spectacular

    • Hi deadrest

      We would do anything (and have tried most things!) to get original Pink Floyd videos on the service, its one of our most requested bands (for obvious reasons… They are amazing…) But if the band/label won’t give us rights then we can’t put anything live, and unfortunately some labels and bands are very precious about their rights. Hopefully this will change in future, we will never stop trying and all the comments saying they are wanted really do help so get labels on board.

      As for more recent Floyd related vids, we will try and track these down :)

      Thanks for your continued support.

  • Hi ben i can’t go on the link for request Help!! so i post a link here:

    there only 1 royskopp that a shock there a few cover version of the song in the link i posted but this is a remix version.

    hope you like it ben it about life & getting to work. :)

  • How about linking vidzone adfree to playstation plus….?
    Sony just bought EMI is pink floyd not under their label…?

  • Hi. Like others I have the same issue. “An error occurre during the country checking process”.
    Is there any fix for this? Vidzone worked just fine before the update.

  • after the update my vidzone gets an ERROR. when can it be fixt?

  • Same country errors when trying to launch VidZone, all I wanted to do was listen and watch some music. Sad times….

  • This update has ruined the app!

    I used this app every day until the recent update. Now all I get is country check error and language check error! I can’t use vidzone anymore.

    I’m in the UK, on a Virgin media connection, it should all work fine.

    There doesn’t seem to be any interest in fixing this so I’ve taken to emailing the companies who’s adverts I used to see on Vidzone pointing out their potential lost revenue because viewers may not see the ads due to such errors. Hopefully something will finally get sorted….

  • I have exactly the same country error as the above post from pebbleheed. A patch is supposed to fix issues not knacker the whole application. Must try harder!

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