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Last week in New York City I was fortunate enough to show off Dyad, the almost-ready-done-really-soon-I-promise game coming to PSN for PS3. During our NYC showcase, the PlayStation.Blog crew was kind enough to stop by and conduct a quick Q&A and gameplay session, and you can watch the results in this new original video.

Each of the game’s 27 different levels touch upon a variety of mechanics and goals: forming long combos, racing, surviving as long as possible, hitting certain top speeds and more. And the game’s 26 special Trophy levels have challenging alternate goals, whether it’s playing just by using sound or collecting objects as quickly as possible. Since each level has a corresponding leaderboard to track online rankings, Dyad boasts a huge number of leaderboards — 52 in all, each requiring a unique set of skills to master.

I also wanted to mention that David Kanaga did the game’s interactive music. Here’s his Dyad EP, and you can hear more of his interactive music here.

I’ll be hanging around here all day, so after you watch the video, feel free to ask any questions in the comments and I’ll answer what I can!

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  • ooh trippy il have to buy this one it looks good

  • any idea when its ever gonna hit the EU psn store front. is it likely we will see a psvita version.

    • It’ll be out this summer. There’s no plans for a Vita version yet, I’m too focused on finishing the PS3 version. I’m loving my Vita so it’s definitely something I’m interested in, but no plans yet!

  • This looks absolutely awesome! I love the range of games the Pub Fund has brought us.

  • Ah looks alot like Rez which i still have will definitely be getting this. ;)

  • @Shawn McGrath

    Will this game have 3D support?

    • No 3D unfortunately. I thought it’d be a good idea too, but I tried it and the way the sides of the tube work completely break the 3D effect and give instant headaches =( It seems like Dyad would be suited for it, but actually it’s probably the least-suitable game for 3D. I think if I had started with 3D in mind I could have made it work, but at this point it’d be a gimmick that detracts from the game.

  • Reminds me of Tempest X / 2000… which i LOVE and still do, hoped that it would pop up on PSN sometime in the future. Loved the music in that also, its the type of game you can zone out to :)

    @ Shawn Mcgrath

    Love the logo and type face, trying to fgure out what album ive seen it on. Its reminding me of Tempest X at the moment but smoother and more intense. Ive had a look at some of the longer videos on youtube, loving the vibe. Just wondering if the tempo adjusts or does it gradually build up to its mad intensity? Are there any other types of bonus gameplay that breaks up these intense parts of the game? For example the bonus sections of Tempest were calm yet still trippy but were sandwiched inbetween the main part of the game which sort of broke things up a little and kept you on your toes. Anyway looking forward to this… good job

    @ Sony or PSN people can anyone make a Tempest X / 2000 in HD please really love games when you zen out and become one :)

    • Good questions, I like them!

      The game starts off slowly and is very simple. Every 1-3 levels adds a new mechanic. The start of the game and the end of the game are basically completely different. You could watch me play say level 16 and have no idea what’s going on, but if you played the game, in order, for a few hours to get that far you’d understand it and have no problem at all. The game changes constantly so you’re always doing something new.

      There’s no ‘bonus’ sections. Since each level is so different, the pacing, speed, mechanics, etc vary all the time. The “bonus gameplay that breaks up these intense parts of the game” are worked into the game progression. Also the menu is a musical instrument which you can play with in between levels, and there’s a remix mode for each level that you can play as fast or slowly as you like. There’s plenty of intensity variation so you’re not constantly being bombarded =)

  • i like these types of games

    the ones that make you puke rainbows due to the colours lol doens’t matter when it’s out you’ve got a sale :D

  • @ Shawn McGrath

    Had another look at the video, are you Jeff Minter from the future? :)
    Oh also really intrigued by what you describe as the horror level as well it sounds amazing and looks amazing in my head… The feeling of fear at this intensity. Wow… Um is there a sexy level? :) Have you considered Dual Play, buying one version and owning the other?

  • pretty hyped for this, hope you can make a Vita version too!

  • @ Shawn McGrath

    How did you come up with the name Dyad? Its really curious..

    • Ha! this is a fun and impossible question to answer without a novel’s worth of text, but I’ll try. Dyad means ‘group of two’ and early on in development all concepts in the game were in logical groups of 2. For example: there’s two polarities of enemies, 2 input mechanics, two ways to use enemies, etc.

      Also I was reading a lot of Liebnitz, particularly about monadology, and some of my thinking for Dyad’s concepts seemed to evolve out of that. Since monad means one, dyad seemed like a logical step =)

  • This might have been mentioned somewhere, if so I’ve missed it, but is the music mixed for 7.1 surround sound? And will there be a “travelling mode” like in Rez? Sometimes you just want to turn on, tune in and drop out and not have to worry too much…

    • It is mixed in stereo, and was very close to being mixed in mono because it sounds better =) but there were some things that we needed stereo for. We did some 5.1 tests and stereo works *MUCH* better for this type of music. I’d rather do what feels right instead of a trying to cram features into the game – I did spend 3 months testing 5.1, so I wasn’t being lazy, it really didn’t work as well as stereo!

      And each level has a ‘remix’ mode where you can change some gameplay parameters, such as making it never ending, and turning off collisions, etc. You can also change graphic effects like adding more motion blur, changing the colours, etc. And you can also change the sound effects in remix mode, and use R2/L2 to speed up and slow down the game – lots of features on top of just playing without stress!

  • Looks ace,will probably buy it.
    I do wish someone would create a proper music programme for PS3 and other systems.Somthing like KORG DS,or even the old Music games by Codemasters would be cool

  • Will you call the sequel Tetrad?

    • ‘Triad’ would be the English, (or Greek more appropriately), next step, but I’m 99.99% sure there won’t be a sequel. I did everything I want to do with the ideas in the game… which is part of the reason why it took so long =)

  • @Shawn McGrath

    Will there be a demo for this game? It definately looks interesting :D

  • @Mr.MCGrath
    I know that but in my twisted mind I thought:

    “Dyad sequel could either be named Dyad 2 or Triad.
    Triad is a word too associated with Chinese criminal organization, so maybe is better not to use it because people might be expecting a game like GTA or Mafia.
    Dyad 2 is definitely not a worth title to suggest to someone that reads Liebnitz, too predictable, so why not use Tetrad which is a Double Dyad: double the size, the awesomeness, the content, etc…”

    So this is how I came with Tetrad.

    • Haha I like it =) “Dyad Dyad” works too. I’ll definitely keep Tetrad in mind when I never make a sequel ;) Your clarification was great though, thanks.

  • Sounds like a really cool game.

    I love how the music changes. :)

  • I love this trend how indiegames narrow the gap between commercial interactive entertainment and art. Whether it’s conceptual (like anything made by That Game Company) or experimental cinema like Limbo or just the way they look, sound or play. This Dyad thingy reminds me about Rez which is not a bad thing.

    I’m really anxious to see how this one turns out.

  • Any chance of a music visualisation mode in Dyad? the PS3 has had nothing new in this department since firmware 2.10.

  • This looks really cool. (And huge props for going with what works, instead of what “people say has to be in the game”. Definite purchase, McGrath).

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