PSP Price Drops In PlayStation Store

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PSP Price Drops In PlayStation Store


We have some more price dropped PSP games for your enjoyment. The prices will vary from title to title, but you’ll be sure to find some as little as €7.99/£6.99/AUD $11.95!

With the release of the PlayStation Vita, we’re delighted gamers are enjoying our new entry to portable consoles but we also know a lot of die-hard PSP fans still exist. This price reduction allows you to have even cheaper access to great PSP titles – some of which are even PS Vita compatible (to see which content is compatible, visit the PlayStation Store and you will be able to see in the products description).

Some of the titles included are:

SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3

  • Was: €39.99/£24.99/AUD $59.95
  • Now: €7.99/£6.99/AUD $11.95

Jungle Party

  • Was: €29.99/£24.99/AUD $49.95
  • Now: €7.99/£6.99/AUD $11.95

White Knight Chronicles Origins

  • Was: €29.99/£24.99/AUD $49.95
  • Now: €7.99/£6.99/AUD $11.95

Patapon 3

  • Was: €26.99/£16.99/AUD $44.95
  • Now: €7.99/£6.99/AUD $11.95


  • Was: €19.99/£15.99/AUD $29.95
  • Now: €7.99/£6.99/AUD $11.95

Gangs of London

  • Was: €19.99/£15.99/AUD $29.95
  • Now: €7.99/£6.99/AUD $11.95

God of War: Chains of Olympus

  • Was: €19.99/£15.99/AUD $29.95
  • Now: €7.99/£6.99/AUD $11.95

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

  • Was: €19.99/£15.99/AUD $29.95
  • Now: €7.99/£6.99/AUD $11.95

Gran Turismo

  • Was: €19.99/£15.99/AUD $29.95
  • Now: €7.99/£6.99/AUD $11.95

Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier

  • Was: €19.99/£15.99/AUD $29.95
  • Now: €7.99/£6.99/AUD $11.95

Killzone: Liberation

  • Was: €19.99/£15.99/AUD $29.95
  • Now: €7.99/£6.99/AUD $11.95


  • Was: €19.99/£15.99/AUD $29.95
  • Now: €7.99/£6.99/AUD $11.95

Resistance: Retribution

  • Was: €19.99/£15.99/AUD $29.95
  • Now: €7.99/£6.99/AUD $11.95

Syphon Filter Dark Mirror

  • Was: €19.99/£15.99/AUD $29.95
  • Now: €7.99/£6.99/AUD $11.95

Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow

  • Was: €19.99/£15.99/AUD $29.95
  • Now: €7.99/£6.99/AUD $11.95

Key Of Heaven

  • Was: €19.99/£15.99/AUD $29.95
  • Now: €7.99/£6.99/AUD $11.95

Check out the PlayStation Store to get these and more.

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10 Author Replies

  • any news on ps one compatibility on vita?

  • white knight for how much??


  • Also would like to know when PSone Classics will be playable straight from my Vita. Also, when will there be a Skype app?

    On topic of this though, I’ll be buying White Knight Chronicles Origins as soon as I see the price has dropped :D Awesome stuff!

  • I think I better go get some PSN cards

  • Does anyone know if White Knight Chronicles Origins is worth it? I can’t find any official review for it in my usual sites…

    And is there people still playing it online?

  • Any chance of seeing Motorstorm: Arctic Edge back? -_-

    In all seriousness, I bought that game about a month before you pulled it, and never got bothered to download it.

    Now youve completely wiped it, even from my download list, so I have no hope of playing it again. Great waste of ten quid, thanks Sony.

  • Darn, if only Disgaea 2 would come down in price, then I’d buy it and own all the disgaeas! :P

  • Some PSP games are not available in the store on Vita, why? I would buy Killzone, but I cannot…

  • Chaosprower: Have you tried searching on Metacritic?

  • Nice job, Andy :)

    I’ll definitely grab the God of War games for my Vita and maybe a couple more. Are these price drops permanent?

  • Very nice discounts! Thanks!

  • Been waiting for a price drop on SOCOM:FTB3 for a year! :D

    A lot of very good games discounted here! Nice one Sony!

  • I also can’t find Gran Turismo on the Vita store.

    The prices are still not updated in the UAE Vita store.

    Anyways nice list, hope to see more price drops.

  • I only have a Vita so is it worth buying these now in anticipation of future compatibility?

    Has it been confirmed that all psp games will eventually be made compatible?

    • When you go to PlayStation Store you can see in the product description whether that particular game is PS Vita compatible or not.

  • Hi All

    Just so you are all aware these price drops take effect tomorrow witht he standard PSN Store update.

  • Finally! Been awhile since I’ve bought anything off the store, will pick up GT for sure.

    Hope you can drop the price of Namco Museum Essentials for PS3, I’ve always wanted it but not worth £7.99 to me.

  • How come Patapon 3 gets a PC but not any of the LocoRoco or Patapon 1/2 games?

  • Nice 1 andy I’m glad them permanent but ppl should know if it hasn’t got the word sale it permanent.

    i got the 2 god of war already ages ago but i eye up Jak & dax-LF & some others next week.

    long last some PSP loving from SCEE. :)

  • Still no PSOne compatibility? Disappoint.

    No Gods Eater Burst or Dissida Duodecim Price Drop? More disappoint.


  • * if only SE will do the same ff4-collection & the FFDD012 are both essential budget range how can SE justify those prices on PSN-store.

    i wish i did’t got rid of those two but i did just in case when i do actually buy a vita but those prices are still high. :(

  • Hurry up and get PS VITA support!! i would get 4 or 5 of these titles so I would atleast have something other than FIFA to play on my 200 quid device which has had 10 games available for the last 3 months!!!! eBay is calling out for it I think!!

    • PSP Games already have Vita support, many of are PSP games are Vita compatable, you can check out which games work on the PSVita by reading the descriptions for the games you are after.

  • Nice price drops on a few good titles. ;)

    Any info on why Phantasy Star Portable 2 was removed from the Store and when/if it will come back?

  • White Knight Chronicles Origins is now cheaper than the online pass for it. XD

  • Hi there

    Just checking to see if there’s any chance Namco might release Ridge Racer 2 for the PSP onto the store, or even the original PSOne game for that matter!


  • Afternoon Jawad, James, Andy etc!

    Interesting stuff, love the new prices. But why is White Knight Chronicles Origins still £21.99 if I access the store on my Vita? I was gonna pay for it last night but I’m f***ing glad I didn’t!

    Please answer chaps.

    • These price drops kick in tomorrow with the standard store update. So look out for them tomorrow onwards.

  • @23, if you read he says its coming with the store update tomorrow.

  • Great work store team! Good that you are lowering these prices. The original prices were stupidly high, but the new prices are very good. Keep up the good work.

    If any of these are Vita compatible, my money will be draining fast

  • wow, huge price drops! thanks :) is socom fireteam bravo still working online? i mean has the servers shut down yet? if not then i buy it. but i dont play my psp go that much anymore

  • Also, was it really too much work to put an asterisk next to each game that is Vita compatible? would make it mpre convenient for your customers

  • If you want play ghost of sparta or GT on psvita, just dowlnload them from ps3 ps store and then connect vita and copy these games. Both are playable. I belive it will work for other psp titles.

  • My PSP copy (sealed) of GOW Ghost of Sparta got knicked by a decorator, so might well go for that. Or should I get the PS3 HD version…. hmmmmm

  • Pity there isn’t any Motorstorm. Also, I’m really looking forward to PSone compatibility with the Vita.
    But still some solid discounts, but none for me.

  • Some games are removed becase these games have some issues and thanks to them you can run psp homebrew on vita. Sony wants to prevent hacking and they are removing some games I belive phantasy star was one of these game.

  • Can I use this as an excuse for another heart-felt plea to get Pixeljunk Monsters working on PS Vita? Please pass this on to whoever needs to get it moving! It’s working in Japan, so shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

    Also Burnout Legends would be great working on Vita too.

  • Am I going crazy or are all of the titles above still the old, non-sale prices on the store. I’ve just looked at them on the Vita and I see no change. Also, I would still like to see the EU/UK store get the same discounts for the Persona PSP games that the US store recieved two weeks ago.

  • Ah- Ignore the price change comment I made. I just read some replies that say they won’t change until the EU store update, which I think is Wednesday? I really hope that Gran Turismo becomes compatible with Vita (amongst others)!

  • Nice. Jak, GT and Liberation. :)

    By the way – does anyone know if Phantasy Star Portable 2 is ever going to come back? (Valkyria Chronicles 2 as well..). I.. kind of bought a psp just to play that. And then it’s taken off the store. ..Bummer.

  • ^note – no word from SEGA. I know several people have written support, and no one is getting an answer. Do the nice ps-people know anything..?

  • @9 There isn’t any review for it in Metacritic, however, I have researched more and found out it’s just another Monster Hunter type game, so I’m no longer interested.

  • Hey guys, just wondering if this price drop is for Playstation Plus users only, or for everyone?

  • Ok, now we’re talking Sony! Thanks so much for this, and I hope this helps sell loads of Vitas!

    Have to go, I have a date with my PSN wallet :D

  • Andy – get Konami on the phone and ask them if it would be possible to give Peace Walker a price cut! I’m getting a Vita in the very, very near future and I’d like to have that as a download for the whole transfarring aspect. I’m getting the MGS Collection on Vita, so I’d like to have the full set of these titles that can be transfarred.

  • @18 (FemmeFox); God Eater Burst has already had a price drop..

  • Can you please update the Bulgarian PS Vita Store? It has almost none of the PSP games in there and I’m kind of tied to it now that I’ve bought several vita titles.
    Do you plan on adding the content at some point? At all? It’s borderline ridiculous.

    Shooting yourselves in the foot, all per usual, missing out on tons of customers because of slow and inadequate support.

    No wonder Sony’s state as a company is pitiful. SMH

  • @AaronSOLDIER(post 16) Wow just wow. You complain about having nothing to play on your Vita OTHER THAN FIFA(which is just Fifa 2011 with updated rosters). Hmm dont buy the 18th game in a football series that hasnt changed much in 15 years then you idiot.

  • Wait, wait I just realised something @AaronSOLDIER. Clearly you are joking because nobody could be this stupid.

  • Any chance of EU getting a download version of Socom Tactical Strike

  • Any chance for Everybody’s Tennis? I love this game :3.

  • It would be a good idea to get all of these working on Vita, though some of them that don’t work do in the US. Also, bring back MotorStorm: Arctic Edge. After the brilliant RC, the Vita needs a proper MotorStorm game and Arctic Edge can fill that gap until Evolution get round to doing one, I hope.

  • Does White Knight Chronicles Origins actually include the online pass?

    Also was there ever a fix for the minis pick and mix – when I originally bought them I only had a ps3 and as i’ve recently picked up a psp would like to play those minis on it – however it states they can only be used on one psp – the minis i bought were never used on a psp only a ps3 so why can’t i use them on my psp – I only have 1 psp and 1 ps3 – surely within the remit of only being used on 2 systems applies

    and also could someone please fix the issue with ps1 and mini titles installers not disappearing after installing – i have to manually delete them after install – this started happening after the vita update before its release

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