LittleBigPlanet 2: Update 1.12!

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Update 1.12 for LittleBigPlanet 2 will be out this week, and it will introduce a few nifty features to the game.

The Dive-In feature has now been moved to the top of the Community menu, and has been vastly rewired and improved to help players easily find some new Sackfolk to play with during their adventures!

To help encourage creativity, we have removed the Boos from the Level Rating System. You can still Yay a level to say that you really liked it, but we found that the Boo ratings were disheartening at best, and could be used to cause grief amongst the community.

If you happen to find something you don’t like because it’s rude or mean or just plain offensive, then hit the Select Button and use the Good Grief System to report it to our moderation team.

Comments & Reviews
If you have just played a level and wish to provide the creator with some helpful feedback, then you can still use the level’s comments section or perhaps leave a nice and informative review for the entire community to read.

If you’re a busy creator though and would like to take a break from the reviews and comments on your level, you can now choose to disable reviews and/or comments on your profile and levels via the Settings Page on You won’t lose anything though, it will just block people from seeing them, or adding more, until you re-enable it again.

Mm Picks!

Onto the Mm Picks for last week, we featured a couple of fun Easter themed levels, an adventure involving Rapunzel and her magical hair, an intergalactic 3D space battle and the most awesome pinball machine using Sackbots that you have ever seen!

Easter Egg Farm (1 player) by deadmn

The Missing Easter Bunny by cekmeout

Rapunzel’s Rodent Problems by edogan1

Space Escape Pinball by jwwphotos

Cosmicron [1P] V.1.14 by RoDRiGo-FiLiPiNo

To see the latest Mm Picks, and all the old ones too, you can always pay a visit to and queue up every level in sight! – Mm Picks!

Journey Is On The Way…

The Journey Costume Pack for LittleBigPlanet is being released at the end of the month and it’s nice to see some people already getting excited for this release, as can be seen in the following photograph by @J_creative528 of their Sackboys wearing a pair of fine custom-made Journey Costumes!

LittleBigPlanet: Journey

Don’t forget to stay tuned to Sack it to Me next week for the reveal of another Costume Pack being released on the same day! Both of which can be picked up on April 24th!

Come and Join the LittleBigPlanet Family!

LittleBigPlanet is a continually evolving Omniverse of imagination and creativity, which needs a few equally awesome folks to join the LittleBigPlanet family to help expand LittleBigPlanet even further than you could possibly imagine!


If you feel that you may be one of these uber-talented folks, then check out the new jobs page over on for the job opportunity of a lifetime!

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  • I LOVE ‘LBP2’ :P The only thing i don’t like is the –
    ‘Aces in Spades – Ace 10 different Story levels in a row’ Trophy:-/
    I just can’t do it:-(

    + i am 6 players off from getting the –
    ’50 Unique Players – A level you published was played by 50 unique players’ Trophy:-D It’s taking AGES to get that one(well my level is just a quick basic 1 just to get that Trophy really)

    + The ‘Journey Costume Pack’ looks cool:-P Shame it’s not a Level Pack? Like the MGS Level pack? Say 5 Journey Levels in the brilliant LBP World, that would of been well cool:-P

  • Hmm buy LBP2 or just wait for LBP psvita. Will LBP2 lvls be playable on the psvita?


  • I was wondering – a big fan of LBP, but it’s been a while that I logged in. Last time was when the Move patch was released, and I think that is pretty awesome, but I was wondering if the game detects a Move controller, it would be great if the game asks you if you want to filter all the different user level interface menus by levels that use the Move controller? I know that when searching you can already indicate that you want to search for this type of level, but I don’t think it is very user friendly – I doubt (m)any ‘regular’ Move users will even find that option (I only learnt it from someone else myself).

    This would make it a lot more convenient and user friendly, so right up LBP’s ally I would assume? ;)

    You guys rock, and will definitely get the Vita version of LBP as well, can’t wait!

  • Amazing now the highest rated system is broken, lets just put more of stevebigguns and all the other creators in the “click” at the top.

  • It´s great you reduce the frustration level to remove the Boo part but there are trophies and patches that are to hard to earn. Maybe you could fix them to?
    I made some decent levels and did put an enormes amount of time in it but they get hardly played. It´s frustrating to see crappy levels, made to get a trophie, get more play.
    I love LBP2 and would love to see more of these exelent level packs. I always buy them and they never disapoint. Please make more so we can enjoy more stickers, trophies and materials. Why not ask commerical people (like the Prius level) to make officail levels (the Prius level didn´t put new stuff in your list) but it was awesome.

  • So just because several idiots cried because their costume levels received couple of boos you decided to remove them?

    Can’t you people accept criticism? It’s a sign, if someone dislikes your level it is for a reason, and if they just boo’d just for the heck of it then grow some balls AND TOLERATE IT, it is not the end of the world!

    And boos acted as a one button press away of telling your opinion about a certain level, but with the removal of them it, the options feel limited.
    Lets say someone made a level poking fun at 9/11, are you just going to review it with a poker face? Of course you will need to show a sign of disgust so you can drive people from NOT playing the level and get scar’d emotionally as well.

    Limiting freedom of speech is not a good option. Freedom of speech is what made LBP unique, but by stripping it down to 1 expression button AND the ability to shield yourself from criticism is just stupid.

  • @sa300dey Maybe you should take your own advice, “grow some balls AND TOLERATE IT, it is not the end of the world”.
    Freedom of *speech*? Wouldn’t leaving an actual comment(Using words of speech) on the level be more effective than just leaving a boo? I I don’t know how much disgust you can express with a simple boo. A level poking fun at 9/11 could and would be greifed/Reported and taken down. Why just boo it and hope no one will go to it?

    And if they shielded themselves from comments and there level contained no offensive or inflammatory things, then that is there right to shield themselves, Why do you want to take away their…FREEDOOOM! hahaha lol

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