PlayStation Home: Mysterious Island Sighted

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PlayStation Home: Mysterious Island Sighted

PlayStation Home will be offline from 8AM BST on Wednesday 11th April for routine maintenance. Here is what to expect after the update…

A mysterious island has been sighted off shore in the vicinity of Home Square this week. The island appears to be the site of a number of strange ruins from different eras, though there is no clue as to what has befallen them. The all new Adventure District is ideal for the intrepid adventurers among you, so be sure to check it out!


Mansion_Kitchen_1280x720 Mansion_Dining_1280x720

Calling all rock stars, leading ladies, big ballers, shot-callers and connoisseurs of all that is fine and all that is fun! This Wednesday 11th April you will finally get a chance to show the world your status as true members of the PlayStation Home elite when we release what is undoubtedly the ultimate gaming pad – the super-pimp and uber-posh Home Mansion. This epic estate is Home’s first expandable personal space (the ground floor releases this week; additional levels and rooms will be available soon) and comes complete with exclusive clothing items (check out the gold loungewear!), a built-in gifting machine (so you can spread the wealth and love amongst your friends), some of the finest furniture items money can buy (including a state-of-the-art Home TV), and even your own pet tiger (Markus – the head of the Home Mansion’s security team).

If you count yourself among the high-rollers, also head over to the Casino this week where all visitors will get 500 chips so they can play Poker – or any game they wish – on us!

Drey don’t just create incredible clothing, they create stars! Know how it feels to be a high fashion model with the Drey Prop Pack, as used by Lockwood in their Drey fashion campaigns. Create dark, masculine scenes with the vintage leather sofa and cushion, or dreamy feminine vignettes using the swing bench and the frilled parasol. Or combine all the items at your disposal to create somewhere completely unique for your avatar to preen and pose. There’s even a horse.


If you want to dress like a winner, you have to BE a winner – Sodium2 Legendary Racers coming soon to PlayStation Home.

There are mysterious things happening in the Great Edo of Nippon this week. Here’s what Granzella have to say about it:

Edo is a peaceful city, however there is another Edo you have yet to see. This alternate world is very similar to the Edo you know, however, in the streets roam horrible Mononoke (evil and mischievous spirits), such as Oni and Hitodama.

The multiplayer game, Operation: Defend Edo

Choose a mission. Once the mission is finished a blue pillar of light will appear. This light can take you to safety. In the fight against the Mononoke you can attack, jump, defend, and use a crouching stance. Be sure to make full use of these various actions. Use vertical cuts, side cuts, and other various attacks against the Mononoke.

Operation_Defend_Edo4 Operation_Defend_Edo3

Operation_Defend_Edo2 Operation_Defend_Edo1

Operation: Defend Edo is challenging, therefore you must have a weapon equipped. A bamboo sword is available for free, just pull it from the straw figure nearby. In addition, If you go to the clothing store, you can buy a more powerful weapon and also clothing and armour to increase your defensive abilities.

Solo Battle
Examine the blue sign to take on the Mononoke by yourself.

Group Battle
Examine the red sign, along with your friends, to battle side by side against the Mononoke.

Follow these steps to start battling the Mononoke in PlayStation Home!

  1. Defeating the Mononoke requires a weapon.
  2. Look at the sign in the back avenue and accept the mission.
  3. Once you accept the mission you will be moved to the alternate Edo.
  4. To begin Operation: Defend Edo, examine the circle of light in front of the mission area.
  5. Accept the mission goals and destroy the Mononoke!


Other updates this week include a Skater outfit for the boys and a Roller Derby outfit for the girls. Both come with custom movements and animations and are available from Threads. This week’s offering from Billabong includes some super-stylish sweaters to go with a funky new range of jeans.

The last bit of PS Home news this week is that due to popular demand, the Street Fighter X Tekken minigame will soon be making a return (exact date to be confirmed), and the Journey space is also going to remain for the time being. So if you haven’t bagged all of the rewards yet then jump in and we’ll see you in PlayStation Home!

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  • Looks good, keep up the great games home team ;)

  • Hilarious to say the least, if not just check it out:

    “some of the finest furniture items money can buy”

    You serious? Umm, house bills, food, stuf like that? No, lets just spend money on Home on virtual items, I’m sure you won’t starv (at least on home) -_- *sigh*

    Just make it a pay-to-play service once and for all, after all the only thing you don’t pay is to login to it, other than that you pay almost all inside now.

    Home WAS a great idea… Phil Harrison we miss you a lot and I’m sorry they ruined your idea and work.

  • Do you know if the Exclusive X7 VIP club will be planned for released in europe?

  • wow, once again the blog frooze my whole PS3! james fix it PLEASE

    As for PS HOME im VERRY impresed with last weeks pirate game, seriously THATS HOW YOU MAKE HOME GOOD with thoose awesome games that get your home charector involved, not just thoose stupid 2D rubbish.

    i really hope E3 is live in home this year!


    im outta here

  • CoolRichy008UK

    i understand what you mean, people complain when its FREE! but you need to respect other peoples opinions.

  • hmm about X7 you answer my question that i posted today on last week home let me guess you SCEE can’t do X7 because other countries May take offence to a club.

    that looks like a strip-joint you gonna use that as a excues hmmm.

    the quote of the week must go to james for this…..

    “(including a state-of-the-art Home TV)”

    it’s so state-of-the-art it does actually nothing just blank.

    please tell us we soon be able to put out vids & music in our own space. :/

  • i know davie222 i apologuse for loozing my nut :) and btw davie222 i miss being ur freind :(

    tomorrow gta episodes standalone version with new music woop ps store :D if we get good update like last week sony is on a roll :D

  • And some people just think spamming the comment section with offenses are way better. I can’t remember me talking to you much less disrespect you.

    I didn’t moan, I don’t moan and will never do, you don’t seem to know the difference between that and an opinion, try harder next time.

    You say: “if you don’t like don’t use”

    I say: It’s my opinion and you don’t have to agree with it, don’t have to like it or even accept it, it is what it which is: an OPINION.

    As for the offenses I’m not gonna give the trouble to say anything, it speaks for itself about who wrote them and they way they did.

  • PS: I didn’t wanted to remember you that you already offended me once via SEN through PM, which was reported and I hope you got a warning for that because it was completely offensive, over an opinion I gave here on the blog that actually involved other member, you seem to think you’re some kind of super-hero that’s gonna save the world but instead you do all wrong.

    Next next, think twice what you say and to who becaue it might turn against you.

  • ok vita i took it on board bye

  • Expected Tony Montana after seeing the first screen.

  • Hi what avatars are hitting the store tomorrow?

  • CoolRichy008UK

    add me man, but you must not get so angry at opinions because not everyone thinks the same mait.

    anyway add me bro

  • davie sent it & mr vita i was being a over reacted fool i apologuise .. DAVIE222 sent u add

  • I feel what would be better for home is to add more good 3d games. and change the way sony makes revenue by instead adding more ads like the already “lynx” etc and remove most if not all purchases.

    That way sony makes revenue from ads and the consumers/gamers get some great made games for free. Android is a good example of this being sucessful

  • lol!! Europe finally get the mansion house? I wonder if it’s £5-£6 for each room. American companies really dont know the actual exchange rate y’know. I’ve seen games selling world wide for $49.99 and £49.99. Why are Americans getting theirs cheaper? Might as well get them shipped in. Actually, I might start doing that. I’d spend £31.49 over of £49.99 any day. /endrant

  • Can’t believe people still even use Home… Why why why? Please give us content that isn’t this ridiculous Home thing -_-

  • PSH Team brought us a yacht then private jet and now manor house. @ James & PSH Team I personally would like to thank you all for bringing update. also you’ve made monarchy of Home very happy. Night club in PSH america is good idea but for us could it be for everyone & private area for more privileged people also I think Sodium would look great if we Royal House of Sodium had are castle. It’s a thought. Keep up good work PSH Team. Yours Faithfully HRH Prince of Sodium Prince Jake. Squadron Leader of RAF Seven Squadron Sodium One Club & Sodium Empire.

  • sorry jake it was just really funny and cool :D

  • @ CoolRichy

    Will you ever learn? I thought you may have changed for the better but I guess not. A Leopard can’t change his spots can he? ;) I really don’t understand why you have to be so aggresive & horrible to people. It’s a Blog where people voice their oppinions, not some chatroom with petty schoolground bullying!

    Get a grip!

  • GRRR was my stupid brother on here again i warned him to keep off my ps3 he never learns dnt worry catkiller il sort him out !!!

  • @VitalityPJ

    “Phil Harrison we miss you a lot and I’m sorry they ruined your idea and work.”

    “we” miss you? You don’t speak for all gamers pal! Personally I thought Phil Harrison was a buffoon. This is the man who tried to tell us that rumbling controllers was “a last generation feature” and that it wouldn’t return! He was either an idiot or a liar. Good riddance I say, I’m just glad that enough gamers stuck to their guns and said “OI! PHIL! NO!” and eventually got rumble back.

  • Looking forward to this.

  • I think this is actually quite a nice update for a change, I especially like that Edo spirit quest.

  • @21 Sszchera

    It’s the same thing every week, someone has to come in and say something about people using it; it happens to be very widely used by many thousands on a regular basis. There are plenty of other posts about different content, Sony serve the needs and wants of various types of people and it’s working fine for them to continue their support on a weekly basis. I get that you don’t like it but that’s up to you, many others do.

  • The Edo game is next to impossible, the additional items don’t help much at all, gonna need a lot of time and effort just to survive one of the enemies, let alone take down 2 of them.

  • Don’t be angry, cross bunnies, Be grateful we have a social platform that is free and that lets us meet up with our gaming mates along with meeting new friends too. Where else can one stand in a pond in the shopping centre and watch folk try to glitch themselves up into the pond with us time after time after time after time, giving them a rousing “FAIL” each time they don’t quite make it, but then giving them a congratulatory “YESSS” when they finally get it right after 30+ attempts? Sure there’s no Sméagol avatar for us to wear, but we make do as a Bunny. At least in EU Home we not all argsueing all the times and thumbsing each other down, like we was SO shocked to see, that we blinked(& Home bunnies dont have eyelids!)on a similar social platform which I won’t mention(theys all going to blow up if they keeps dissing each other up and thumbsing each other down over there :( ). Just think for all of our disparities of creed, race & language & lacks of content on EU Home, we just seem to get on better, for the most part…
    nice hobbitses…

  • procion 0_0 what the hell are you on about ???? 0_0

  • I might have been tempted back into Home if weren’t for the ‘erious’ bit of the title.

  • PSN+ exclusive (like Exclusive X7 VIP club)?

  • The skater outfit im getting, seen it on usa home 3 weeks ago, For the mansion it will be over priced, like all appartments soo. ILL PASS!

  • Boring who cares about home when theses a new re6 trailer out.

  • OH YES!! just what i always wanted a mansion :D thx

    All that needs now in home is decent clothes like US server has.

  • Oh an another thing – it would be even better if EU had TVs that work like US server. As we dont have any apartments with working TVs (well the odd 1) but i’d love to have a massive screen that shows stuff ^-^
    home cinema etc..

  • can I ask what is the purpose of home? I downloaded it when it first came out but all you could do is wander round, play some basic games and dance like a nutter? Anything changed?

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