#1 PSN Vita Game, Escape Plan Adds Free Prequel DLC To Patch 1.01

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#1 PSN Vita Game, Escape Plan Adds Free Prequel DLC To Patch 1.01

On April 10th, Escape Plan owners will receive Bakuki’s Lair, the first DLC Pack for Escape Plan, via download of Patch 1.01. This FREE DLC Pack adds 19 prequel-Puzzle Rooms to the adventures of Lil and Laarg.

Our hapless heroes’ journey begins anew with Lil and Laarg trapped in a hazardous sausage factory, where they will become bratwurst if they don’t bail. Players will need to swipe for their life through a handful of dastardly designed puzzles in this latest update.


Lil is doomed, unless Laarg can figure out how this machine works

Bakuki’s Lair is just one of the benefits of the upcoming patch. Escape Plan Patch 1.01 is a meaty new addition, with a host of tweaks and improvements based on player feedback. Patch 1.01 allows for more pin-point accuracy on tap blocks, as well as an adjustment to the game’s Star Rating system. We are also laying the foundation for a lot of exciting updates for Lil and Laarg in the future.


Laarg is definitely not in a safe spot

Finally, be sure to check out the five brand new Escape Plan avatars we’re releasing on the PlayStation Store with this week’s publish. For you lucky PS Plus subscribers, these avatars will be free for a limited time, so grab them quickly!

We’re happy that fans are responding well to Escape Plan and we look forward to updating you all with more Lil and Laarg adventures in the near future.


Lil stops short of being blasted by a sausage

If you haven’t yet picked up Escape Plan, it’s available now on PSN for PS Vita.

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5 Author Replies

  • Awesome news :D Pretty funny game tho controls are pretty frustrating in the end.

  • nice, how about the NA version?

  • Free DLC?!
    That’s great news.
    Thanks guys!

  • I agree rospondek there should have been some use of the Vita’s hard controls rather than relying on the touch screen to make it less frustrating, it’s a good game overall, and I’m glad I chose it as my discounted Vita Pre-order Pack game.

  • Nice to hear the touch controls are getting a tweak. I found the rear touch to be slightly less accurate than what I would have desired. So big props to the team.

    The free DLC is just awesome. Looks like I’ll be hooked on Escape Plan for a while yet.

  • Free DLC you say? Now how could I ever complain about free dlc for what is already a fantastic game? :) Can’t wait to try out the new puzzles, and hopefully that will encourage me to go back and finish the main story. I’m not to far from the end, but I got stuck on a puzzle and didn’t want to skip past it.

  • Are there any new trophys?

  • I haven’t donwloaded the game yet how much time does it take to complete it from start to finish?

  • @8 European_Gamer
    80 stages and it depends. If You’re playing to finish it will be something around 90 minutes. But finding signs, all deaths and 3 stars will take next 3-4 hours. Especially those 3 stars…

  • You can’t go wrong with free DLC :)

    Any word on release of the weekly challenges? We can see a screen for them in the menu :)

  • This is amazing! I love the game and am excited to get back to playing with this FREE DLC! What a neat idea! Might encourage me to go back and get the extra challenges like signs e.t.c.

    Thank you!

  • PUT THIS ON PS3 NOT STUPID VITA no onder its unplayabe

  • Excellent News. The only thing wrong with this game is the controls in spots so hopefully the patch makes them better.

  • wow. this is great news. this game is up there with the best on the vita. unit13, uncharted, super stardust delta and mutant blobs attack.
    still not beaten it. but going on a trip during easter. goal is to 2star all levels :D

  • It’s great to see that Escape plan adopted from mobile games not only the stile of gameplay, but also the tradition of giving new level packs for free.

    And it’s even greater to see, that problems with controls and 3star ratings were not forgotten. It’s an awesome game and it was really sad how a couple of little problems were ruining it.

  • thank god! dlc for the vita. I thought they’d forgotten about it. Now can we have some more please?
    netflix uk, skype, youtube, basically anything more than my sub £50 android phone can do.
    Still looking a little sparse On the vita store. If i wanted to buy cheap psp games, i’d have kept my psp!

  • I don’t even own a Vita but I’ll give credit where credit is due; free DLC as a thank you for the customers helps a lot if you want to create a good fanbase.

  • @12
    How are you going to play this on ps3? are you going to touch your tv screen?

    Great news! free dlc is awesome.
    you guys should also make a fat princess game for vita.

  • that’s great.19 free levels for a great vita game.

  • CAN YOU PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LOWER THE PRICE OF ESCAPE PLAN BY AT LEAST 4 CENTS!!! I only have 14.95 in my account and I really don’t want to buy another card. ( I curse 45 cent dlc) I would be greatly appreciative if you can change the price. Either that or add 4 cents in my account haha :)

    • Sorry we can’t gift you 4 centds, if only PSN Store had the “give a penny / take a penny” cup of change, like at most convenience store registers. You could always buy two games and pick up Mutant Blobs Attack, we love that game too!

  • Just to let you know I love your game.
    Perfect design, clever puzzles, fun.

    And now, with free DLC, I not only love the game but you too ! The whole team. It so rare nowadays to have free contents. cdProject Red (The Witcher 2) excepted, I can’t find any more names.

    So thank you a lot !

    PS : small question : when lil is a baloon, did you change the use of the gyro ? I think it is reversed…

    • If you Start a game, then click on the SETTINGS icon, you can switch the tilt settings here to see if it feels better for you.

  • Sausage factory Lol. I think I’ll have a look a this game now, free dlc you can’t go wrong can you.

  • Can we expect a coop version in the near future?

  • I’ve been interested in the game, but reviews noting the controls were always what put me off. Guess I finally will be getting the game.

  • That would be very great) waiting for new trophies

  • Does it have trophies? The DLC I mean.

  • how long will the FREE DLC be up for download ??? and are you guy’s going to make a cable with a Ethernet jack at one end or something for vita users without wifi. to connect to a wired internet source because i have to go to town just to get demo’s and digital titles and it’s slow as hell :o(

  • dudes you rock :) it was my first vita game to purchase and up to now i`ll never regret it. its nice to see you all showing some love back by offering the dlc for free! i still think later on down the line say a few weeks you should charge for the dlc for those who didnt believe us “escape plan” lovers. haha im just being mean now but thanks though

  • hey guys what do i have to do to get my dlc just sit and wait or refresh some think i just want it nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww lol p.s amazin game guys

  • any time roughly when the patch goes live? cheers :)

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