PlayMemories Studio Launches Today On PS Store And At No Cost To PS Plus Members

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PlayMemories Studio Launches Today On PS Store And At No Cost To PS Plus Members


Hello everyone – just when you thought it was safe to start thinking about April’s Plus content (and the update will be announced here on the blog this afternoon) we throw even more value at you in the shape of PlayMemories Studio.

You may already be aware of PlayMemories and Filmy, two applications available on PlayStation Store that allow you to manage your photos and home-videos respectively, to create slideshows, edit, filter and view what you capture on your HDTV via PS3.

I am pleased to announce that from today, PlayMemories Studio will be replacing both the original PlayMemories and Filmy applications.


Simply connect your camera or video camera to your PS3 system and start uploading your images and videos to your PS3 Hard Disc Drive (HDD) with the PlayMemories Studio software.

PlayMemories Studio makes it easy to store and manage your photos and movies and view and edit them with the user friendly on-screen interface. And with support for remote play with PS VITA and PSP, you can use the software while you’re on the go.

PlayMemories Studio usually costs £11.99/€14.99 but will be available permanently at no extra cost for PlayStation Plus subscribers, so download your copy today.

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  • Nice that its free as I would never actually pay for this and gutted it was this instead of something I would actually use.. Havnt had anything off PS plus since I resubbed last Sept that I have actually played…

  • “we throw even more value at you”

    You first have to make up for February.
    US got lots of games and we were promised to get those this month.
    But nothing so far.

    BUT: Nice addition, I will surely give it a try.

  • Nice that its free and all, im all for that.

    Not that i will use it and i cant imagine it being very popular among Plus users, but there’ll be some who’d be delighted with this.

  • @Yeroon
    What was that then? We got Far Cry 2 and Simpsons and Final Fantasy V same as them. The Sega games have already been released some time before, is that what you are complaning about?

  • ye wat 2 said WE WANT OUR FREE GAMES if i was incharge of sony id send all the crap stuff we get to the usa like home updates n nick all more greater stuff from the usa 4 everyone in the eu but dont worry eu people the usa have 2 pay taxes on top of anything they buy from home or ps store now that is funny LOL

  • @Abacke: there were a couple of smaller PSN games that the US got but we didn’t. When people asked about this in the comments, it was revealed that this content was coming to Europe at a later time.

  • What devices are compatible? Last time I checked Filmy, it stated Sony devices only.

    Edit? In what respect. Is it limited to Crop and Rotate only or does it contain a more advanced feature set?

  • @Abacke: I’m talking about:

    Battle Fantasia – 2/14
    Fatal Inertia – 2/14
    Hamsterball – 2/14
    Inferno Pool – 2/7
    Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom – 2/14

  • @Ross

    Any chance we can get a Plus preview post for April like the US got the other day? Their offerings are very nice (Shank 2, Shift 2 Unleashed and Silent Hill), hopefully it’s the same for us.

  • Is this really what PS3 needed? I honestly don’t think anyone into multimedia thought “oh geez, wish I could edit videos on my PS3 device, the one that I can’t even watch YT videos on.”

    It seems like such a niche market when there are more obvious things you can spend your time on. I won’t even bother testing it out to be honest.

    Oh well, whatever, good luck with it anyway.

  • is there a list anywhere of which sony cameras are compatible?
    because i’ve got a sony handycam, it’s a few years old now but it has a usb port, and there doesn’t seem to be any vista drivers or software for the model i have.
    so it’d be dead handy if i could use it with this.

  • This is great news! :) I was looking forward to this! And now I get it free! Nice!

  • ye y does us Get better stuff n leave us with the crumbs i SAY EU & US join up so we get same stuff at same time but us get taxes on all stuff they buy from store or home n EU doesnt soo naa naa na naa naa EU is awsome

  • @CoolRichy008UK We’ve had loads of free games, some of them may have been crap but Sony have stuck to their word. I thought Trine 2 and Sly 1 were a bit tosh but I still got two platinums from them. Also, US gamers get slightly cheaper than us to counter the average sales tax.

  • Guys, stop complaining about February. We got great content each month this year so far, so it seems incredibly stupid to constantly spam any Plus related topic and whine because they got several more minor titles. We get more and better content than they promised when this service was created, more than most of us imagined.

    I expect to see Shank 2 and Shift 2 here in Europe too and I’ll be a very very happy customer.

  • So does this just update images/videos on the actual machine itself? The eurogamer article mentioned something about uploading to a cloud based service, but theres nothing about that here.

  • Oh FOR GOD’S SAKE PEOPLE! This is a NICE, FREE BONUS for PS+ subscribers.

    If you don’t want to use it, MOVE ALONG! Personally, I’ll use it if it allows me to edit my video footage as I would rather do it on my powerful PS3 than my ancient old laptop. So I say THANKS Sony, this is a nice FREE BONUS.

    To the whiners, this is NOT a replacement for getting free Plus games, it’s an extra, nice for those who will make the most of it, and for those that don’t, it won’t affect your daily lives so just ignore it and move along!

    Sheesh, Sony do something nice for once and people whine about unrelated stuff. Pathetic!

    Having said all that, I’d like to see some Vita content before too long, and hopefully the actual April Plus content will be worthy (the Simpsons game was rubbish) BUT… that’s for another post, another time. Nothing to do with this freebie. Move along, people, move along.

  • i wonder where my Bee spray is its called beegone LOL

  • @Bjarno86 do you bother to read the posts fully
    Hello everyone – just when you thought it was safe to start thinking about April’s Plus content (and the update will be announced here on the blog this afternoon) or did you just want to waste your own time

  • nice little addition for plus there, but is it compatible with the Vita? not as in will it work on but more can I shoot video on the Vita and then upload and edit it with this app?

  • Have to disagree with comments that the Simpsons and Sly Cooper were bad. Simpsons I can maybe understand that some people were disappointed that it wasn’t all HD’d up (I was GLAD, most HD 2D game ‘upgrades’ look awful and flat, in particular Super Street Fighter II’s horrible redrawn sprites) but I still loved playing it especially in multiplayer and gave me far more hours of enjoyment than a lot of recent fancy stuff. Sly Cooper on the other hand is a true PlayStation classic through and through and one of the single most enjoyable games I’ve ever played. Certainly far more so than some of the massively overrated pretentious crud that’s been overhyped to death lately.

    Anyways this is a nice freebie for those of us who have use for it. And to those who don’t? So what? No one’s forcing you to download it and definitely not pay for it so move on.

  • No complains here!

  • This ain’t worth €15, hell even free I don’t want it *sigh*

  • I agree i just read on SCEA blog their too getting this free App they got it Now so i was wondering if we get it today or wasn’t sure we get it in april next week.

    so Ross Thanks for giveing us a free App for us plusies & yes FREE bonus is always welcome. :)

  • Nice one Sony (Playstation Store Team), ignore the people who like to moan, you can’t please everyone.

    Thank you for giving this for free to PLUS people, keep up the great work.

  • @windsorblue01 Ooops, sorry. Thanks for pointing it out for me :)

  • Nice one, I was hoping something like this was going to be released as Sony sent me a survey on what I would expect from a new application for photos and video, and it looks like they listened :)

  • I suggest all those whining about the US move there.

  • For all who state about US pay taxes on top of PSN purchases etc….you’re infact wrong!

    If a game on the US store states $5.99 then that’s what you pay. I know this from purchases that i’ve made. If there is hidden tax already included with the price, then the games are still alot cheaper, but i’ve never paid more than the price advertised!

  • Firstly i am satisfied with my value for money i get from plus.. But cannot stand by and watch a different region/country recieve much more slightly better content than us in the EU, would not mind if the other region was less fortunate than avarage EU members, but this is not the case, so i will be reflecting these feelings in most every post i write… i am Not a 2nd class person, i believe nobody should be made to feel this way, be it by being a member/customer in a gaming business to most every other aspect of civilised life. ok. on topic. i noticed the buyers ratings for this app in US store, and though 4ish, the number of them alarmed me, i think 51 tried the demo/trial, and around 20 actually bought it.. though not everyone rates what they buy.. but am sure you get my meaning.

  • again i must await moderation… for absolutely no reason, IF this dosnnt get modded i would love some opinions on why post 30.. 1-28pm may have been, personally i believe i am being unfairly treated.

  • I don’t have a camera or anything like that. Can I also use this when I connect my Xperia Play to the PS3?


  • same for me Catkiller but i don’t know if we are to see the tax only SCEA IP ones can because we have SCEA accounts doesn’t mean we get everything of that store.

    & Yes SCEA does know SCEE ppl have SCEA accounts because of our IP address try to buy a vid on their store it IP locked so yes they know.

    on our UK store it dear then RRP, that RRP with VAT on top then we have a game RRP with VAT on top plus a dev change as well.

  • Hmm, so Ross? Have you guys working on Plus considered adding a 100MB or so to the Cloud Save feature? I’ve run into the problem that it’s full now, so I have to go and delete save games that might not be that important. Personally while all the stuff we get from Plus is nice and great, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Cloud Save feature alone is why I keep the subscription running.

    Could you please atleast consider raising the storage with 50-100MB then it’d be very nice :)

  • @Catkiller1 YOU don’t pay any US sales tax because you’re not in the US, even though you are accessing the US store. I bought a book online from the US and had to pay import duties but no sales tax. Maybe the PSBlog guys could write something to illustrate how sales tax is applied for US PSN customers and finally put this stupid, tit-for-tat, grass-is-greener, non-debate to bed once and for all. (Not having a go at you CatKiller1, just a bit tired of the weekly US v EU uproar… I should stop reading the comments section)

  • Been speaking with a dev recently about how the PS3 records game footage and it’s impact on game performance.
    From what I understand it has little or no impact,it’s part of the SDK,and even the dev was surprised that recording wasn’t a bigger feature.

    Ever since Play TV launched I was convinced universal recording was possible.With E3 rumours and then Sony announced the new software at this years CES,I thought now is the time to try and get a response on this.
    I know lots of people who want to record game footage,yet dont want to pay a 100 quid for a decent capture device.
    I want it for GT5,others for FPS,Sports,Fighters and so on.I’m not expecting any official response from the blog people,but if you do read this,is there anyway you can ask the FW guys,or whoever is in charge of features.

    PS3 already lets me edit and upload vids via XMB,so everything is in place.If this new software lets you upload HD vids on YT it could be a big feature worth pimping.

  • james i hope you add rollcage1 & street racer to ps store sooon & maybe all ps2 crash bandicoot games to make up for crash not having a ps3 game yet & james plz plz plz plz add Bully aka canis canin edit & the warriors to ps2 classics because i have seen the warriors on psp on store i know it takes time to process the ps2 games to ps store james but can you put this request in please

  • uh….james mait was this suposed to be free? it said the price then let me downloaded the full version when i didnt have the money, i think its mucked up and i dont wanna just take it

  • @10 somethingatt

    One persons coal, is another persons diamond, it’s all relative.

    This application is limited only by your imagination, I can use the old PS3 eyecreate software with the move camera and make stop motion animation for the little ones, I can now use playmemories studio to apply filters, zoom, rotate,take/save screen shots from videos, export them to a USB storage and use them anywhere, also using my smartphone I send photos and videos via DNLA to my PS3 and edit those quicker than waiting for my laptop to boot up. (it’s old btw)

    Not forgetting the editing, zooming etc of 3D stuff……point being, use all the resources that you have available to the fullest, Smart TV, Smartphone and a PS3, throw in software like playmemories studio and the horizon has broadened a bit more, for me anyway.

    More filters more would be great, otherwise I’m well chuffed with this, thanks!!!

  • Could someone tell us if this is working as i cant upload anything to facbook just get a error all the time

  • Thanks for the freebie, Sony. I’m sure its video editing capabilities are fine, but I’m disappointed by the lack of photo editing.

    Cropping, resizing, contrast and colour correction are trivially simple to implement and genuinely useful for photos. 11 Fixed filters is not so useful, and all the rest is for video only.

    So, good start (I suppose) but will we be seeing updates, or is this another ‘fire and forget’ feature as so many others have been?

  • and it would be nice if someone could tell us why the upload part is not working

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