PlayStation Home: Watch DUST 514 Keynote Live

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PlayStation Home: Watch DUST 514 Keynote Live

PlayStation Home will be offline from 8AM GMT on Wednesday 21st March for routine maintenance. Here is what to expect after the update..


Come and watch as CCP Games unveils its upcoming sci-fi shooter DUST 514, exclusive to PlayStation 3. The DUST 514 keynote of the annual EVE Fanfest will be streamed live into the “Backstage Pass” PlayStation Home event space, commencing at 5pm GMT (9am PDT) on Thursday, March 22nd. Following the keynote, there will be a LIVE Q&A session with PlayStation Home users, fielding questions from the PlayStation Home forums and via Twitter using #DUST514. All PlayStation Home users who enter the Backstage Pass event space will be rewarded with an exclusive DUST 514 Home T-shirt! All users will be able to access the backstage pass via the DUST 514 relocator in Home Square, the PlayStation 3 XMB “What’s New” tile or through the New and Recommended section on the PS Home Navigator.

AlphazoneCake_757x720 have been serving the PlayStation Home community for three whole years! To celebrate, we decided to throw our first ever AlphaZone4 Expo, a 4-day celebration in PlayStation Home. There are over 24 hours of events planned, including costume competitions, quizzes, games, parties and even live Q&As with Home developers live inside PlayStation Home! Throughout the events, we’ve got absolutely tons of free Home items to give away such as apartments, clothing bundles and much more. One lucky winner will even get to work with nDreams in designing a special Home item that will be made available in Home!


To top this off, we’ll be giving out free AlphaZone4 hoodies for your in-Home avatar throughout the event, which were produced for us by Veemee. It’s going to be a spectacular event, we hope to see you in Home! Head to for details.

Elsewhere in PS Home this week, become one with the shadows with Konami’s Ninja line. These stealthy assassins are from the Dragon Clan, which is known to be more aggressive than any other ninja clan.

Konami has also released more items from the popular Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker brand.


Drey dabble in celebrity casual-cool this week. Ladies’ wrap over tops come in Peacock Blue, Electric Crimson or Silver Granite – eye-catching colours to ensure plentiful paparazzi attention! Gents’ polo shirts come in understated Ash Grey, informal Blue Stripe or flamboyant Salmon.


Accessories are BIG this week – from the ladies’ bottomless Oversized Handbag, to the men’s substantial Boston Bag and chunky Thick Frame Sunglasses, leave delicate purses and wireframe specs at home this week and make a statement!

Drey also continue their partnership with Medusa as the salon’s stylists create a new hairstyle to accompany the Pop Princess collection. Ask for the Beauty and you’ll get an elegant side swept ponytail – the perfect day-to-night ‘do!


Figment prepare for the sun next week with some smart casual attire. See you in PlayStation Home!

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  • james post the ps store update as well as long as rayman3 HD is out tomorrow il be happy

  • I’m sorry I’m not impress not 1 word of a active item for us.

    but it’s ok we just now be 1 less active item then SCEA Has.

    their getting minibot battle active item that fights each other, but it’s for SCEA so much for partially eh. :)

  • Another t-shirt…I’d type more but it isn’t worth it as the feedback about t-shirts had been said a million times & you guys never listen.

  • well at lest us girls get something this week as you left us out what no companions this week lol

  • Liked home before,but it never came close to it’s potential.

    lol,I expected 3rd party music stores,a proper cinema were we got a sky box office style system,sreaming in BBC radio,glastonbury live in Home,so many ways you could of made money that didn’t involve cosmetics.
    But things like no mandatory game launching for all MP software killed it for me.

  • a verry good update this week but i have to agree with vonhammer HOME could of been so much better and as for graphics and animation? well it would go nice on ps2. HOME is soo outdated and by that i mean the way you move on home, the way it loooks.
    the thing that anoys me the most is theese stupid t-shirt! costing nearly 80p for a home t-shirt is a rip off! why cant they be like 20p? i bet they cost 5p to make!
    not hating on home, just saying what i think. But i still love PS HOME :)

  • Check out this like

    It looks like a Uncharted hint.
    SonyPlaystion Norway posted a hint on the facebook wall and then i found that site.

  • The general consensus appears that, like facebook apps, items in Home are declining in popularity. This is probably down to the fact that they have no value and people are realising that eventually home will disappear and so will their items and investment.

    I used to spend a fortune on Home until I tallied it up and realised how much I’d spent and how little I had to show for it. Now I would much rather purchase full games and addons with my PSN credit as I know I’ll still have the game once its done with.

    In response to DAVIE222 the shirts probably appear to be cheap, however a lot of effort has to go into their design as they need to be planned, designed, implemented and then tested within the environments they are going to appear within before they can be used. That’s a fair few man hours for a digital t-shirt. Real ones probably take less work to make! :P

    I have a lot of respect for the people who build for home and take the time to develop items, events and the system as a whole and would love to work with them, but I am very concerned that as a product, Home is drying up.

  • If it was viable, I’d ditch the whole thing and start from scratch with clear objectives. From the history of the product though I can guess that it probably isn’t much of an option or it’d have been done long before now.

    To conclude, and for those who thought tl;dr, I love home, spent a fortune and still like it for the odd chat and event, but it needs help and a new angle to bring the audiences back. Kudos to for all your excellent contributions to the PlayStation World! :D

    (I wish wordpress would stop telling me off! I can write faster than it wants me to! D:)

  • @DAVIE222
    I dont mind how it looks,I think it’s functional.

    I do hope it’s continued on the next hardware,and it seems Sony make decent money from it so there’s potential if everything’s forward compatible.
    If the hardware is capable enough i’d like it constantly on if i’m playing a game.I’d like as much game related stuff as possible,and be really simple for any dev to use.
    Stuff like tournament modes,were you can set up leagues or brackets that tie into a calendar system that can send results,start times,match up’s,reminders,invites (get invites to launch into a match vs the opponent) via PSN,social sites,phones,even websites that you can register as part of your “Home group”.
    Not strictly Home related,but next hardware needs universal video record (spoke with a dev,it’s already possible with PS3) and combine it with the new vid editor software thats due.

  • yeah, AlphaZone4!!!

  • Home will always be rubbish never understood why people liked it.

  • we got absolutely tons of free Home items to give away such as apartments, clothing bundles and much more.

    If only that was so once again bit of misleading infor let me filll you in ppl will think the word free means free stuff given right no you work for it.

    didn’t you read that on that site there are prizes not free given by right & more personal spaces that can’t do nothing in them.

  • Seems to be some issue with Home since today’s update…I just logged on to find a large amount of my rewards are missing, I hope this issue is resolved soon and would urge people not to log in till it’s fixed.

  • you see my point James he won’t leave me alone & makes up stories like this one so he can impress his friends.

  • See what i come on here to see what you type about me….cause you told me to . And i have a photo of you typing you would get a gang to beat me up So Nice one O,0 :D

  • please is there any chance we can get the PREDATOR costume again i missed it first time and would like it

  • What time does this dust thing start in england?

    sorry im not good with timezones, please answer

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