I Am Alive To Hit PSN On April 4

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I Am Alive To Hit PSN On April 4


I Am Alive, the long-anticipated believable post-apocalyptic action-adventure game from Ubisoft, will be available to download on Sony Entertainment Network on April 4th, 2012.

And as icing on the cake, early PlayStation Plus buyers – within the first two weeks – will benefit from an exclusive 20% discount on the game.

I Am Alive follows an everyman’s journey to find his wife and daughter, who were lost during the “Event.” A year later, he finds Haventon, his hometown, in shambles. Buildings are destroyed, toxic ash fills the streets and society has been torn apart, causing inhabitants to take all necessary actions to survive.

For more information on I Am Alive, please visit: iamalivegame.com.

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  • demo/trial and unlock?

  • Looks like the having to wait (well without a choice) paid off for PS+ users, shame it’s two weeks away. Will we be getting our store update early tomorrow because of the maintenance?

  • I urge everyone not to waste their money, this game is as frustrating as hell. I have the demo on Xbox.

  • the price please ?


  • price/demo/trial?

  • The debut trailer for this was phenomenal. However not really interested in its current form. Thanks anyway.

  • Alex-1124@ Sorry, but what maintenance? Something’s up tomorrow despise the EU Store update?

  • @ CoolRichy

    Actually you’re wrong! http://goo.gl/cBVSG

    The maintenance is tomorrow from 15:00 – 01:00

    Idiotic to do this on a Wednesday, but this is SCEE so I wouldn’t expect any less

  • PS MAINTAINENCE IS NOT TOMORROW ITS THURSDAY 4 the nxt 200 who ask MAINTAINENCE IS THURSDAYS NOT WEDNSDAYS why do ppl read fake info about ps3 maintainence on a fake day wen its only on thurdays they do it ( slams the door at people who dnt know what day sony does maintainence ) ITS THURSDAY U LOT WAKE UP LOL

  • @ Orton POST 11

    Sorry I didn’t see your post before mine!

    Also, it’s good to read that all services will be available ;)

  • thax cattykiller n ye SONY DO THE STORE UPDATE BEFORE 3PM im not waiting till 1am to buy stuff from ps store if sony change maintainence to thursdays THEY SHOULD STICK TO THURDAYS

  • Thnx for the info, i ‘would’ of defo bought this (double a .?.) like game IF it was released the same time on psn as it was (2weeks ago) on xbla.. i played the trial and found it to be ‘promising’, almost looking like a full retail, rather than digital only type, someone said above to ‘save your money’, as it wasn’t any good, i disagree, (from trial), and would say it’s different and ‘frustrating’, ie limited weapons, limited food/water, but need to climb stuff, so your stamina decreases IF you take too long going about it.. But it does have potential.
    However though i disagree with aboves reasons for us not to buy this i agree with him, ie, if a dev wants to cut a deal with a (core) games exclusivity, denying other platforms access, then i for one Won’t be buying that game, Weeks later, you made your beds with m$, i hope no-one on psn buys this, or any ‘timed exclusive’, but this is just my opinion.

  • hey hey

    did the person who embedded the video link realise that the “buy now” link send you to xbox marketplace :/

    as mentioned above demo/price ?

  • Get Am i alive or last of days . Well i think last of days is like this so ill get last of days instead because its noughty dog game but am i alive is the worst vision like someone said game rubish. So im begin smart im going for last of days game;]

  • I Am Alive is already available on Xbox360 from March 7, while we must wait until April 4 to play it: the story of an entire console generation.

    What a disappoint…

  • Looks like a cool game, IGN scored it really harshly too so it’s guaranteed to be enjoyable :)

  • Ppl asking about demo/pricing etc…
    on xbla it’s trial and unlock, so it ‘should’ be the same for us, prices is about £10 (ish), its 1200 pts on other so it can’t cost more here.. but as i said above, no more ‘delayed’ games for me, this timed exclusives need to end, and only way to do this is by Not buying ‘leftover scraps’ of xbla exclusives, .. maybe then devs ‘might’ lose more money through lost psn sales, than they get off m$ ?.. Well thats My plan from now on, obviously everyone else must choose their own ‘path’.

  • IGN reviewed the Xbox version as 4.5, PS3 version could be better but unlikely. I’ll give the demo a try but the general feeling is that it ain’t too great.

  • I pre-ordered this back in 2008 (when it was suppose to be a disc based game and xbox exclusive and it was about an earthquake that destroyed Chicago)

    Having lived in Chicago for around 10 years I was really looking forward to playing it seeing what parts of Chicago actually made it into the game – a bit disappointed to find out its no longer based there but seeing how I have wanted to play this game for years it will be a day one purchase for me – 20% off is nice

  • I am glad we finally have a release date for PSN, played the demo on XBLA and i thought it was fantastic, I admit I am as irritated as everyone else about xbox getting it first but at least its not like alan wake and exclusive only to ms platform right?

  • @ Morvai_
    Am glad you liked the demo enough to buy full game, i also thought it looked like it would be worth buying. but i have had enough now of ‘certain’ devs selling their ps3 customers out to ms, then weeks later coming on our blog to sell it again to us, its gotten way beyond acceptable now, i Can understand the map packs for bigger games, but not for a full game.. imo it is a giant attempted [DELETED] slap that these big developers or studios now seem to ‘expect’ to both do, and get away with, so as i said, from now on i refuse to buy ‘hand downs/leftovers’ that this practice is looking like, to me.
    I can’t agree about the A WAKE example, in fact that kind of exclusive i both welcome and accept as imo it’s deals like that which force sce to look to better it’s rivals, and either way is merely ‘honest’ business when alls said+done. btw i know my ‘stance won’t accomplish a lot, but maybe when enough ppl also see it this way,?..

  • 2 awaiting moderations in a row, i will attempt to make my opinion HEARD in a moment, so i might be on number 3 soon…unbelievable, Was going to bed but i doubt my mind will let me sleep now.

  • So the ‘long anticipated i am alive is released on 4th april’, a month after it was released on xbla, wonder why it took a month to reach us, .. erm, Hands up everyone who is excited about this game, can see a few, Now if i went back in my magic time machine to last month and asked who’s excited, my guess would be most everyone here. ok i hear it had a bad review But people still like to see some things for themselves, oh well i suppose that some things stay the same, one being a lot of us don’t buy older games, not with the excellent other choices around these days, true it’s new to the psn, but imo the Fact it is last months game will stop people, like me, from buying it, Anyway good luck to the creators and i hope you sell enough new copies on m$ to compensate yourselfs for any total lack of interest you may get from psn users, i mean a month isn’t that long in some areas, but i believe it’s sometimes a lifetime in the gaming world.

  • Time exclusive = no buy.

  • personally I don’t like it when M$ gets timed exclusives even though I own both consoles as I prefer my ps3

    from the standpoint of a developer if one company throws x amount of money at you for a timed exclusive then chances are they will take it – considering this game was nearly finished back in 2008 for release in May 2009 and then completely scrapped the game as well as the original development team and started over because Ubisoft said so – is a lot of money to waste on a game that had spent an awful lot time in development – all that for 1 game that M$ is selling for 1200 points – a tenner basically which means the money M$ paid maybe helped recoup some of the losses – but then its Ubisoft and they did the same thing with From Dust and they seemingly have cut some deal with XBLA

    we may as well get upset about games that were suppose to be released on the ps3 but instead ending up being by default a M$ exclusive because a company went bankrupt (Arcania Gothic 4 for instance)

    fact I’ve waited years to play this game and will be buying it on my preferred console and its not like i’m giving M$ any more money

  • This game looks interesting, I just hope that the storyline is long if Ubisoft does not include networking.

  • I always laugh when people are all “Some review site gave this game a horrible score, so it must suck.” Some guy who’s paid to play a game is not going to have the same opinion as you. Pick up a game and play it yourself before you pass judgment ffs. I *never* take the word of reviews, and I have rarely ever been disappointed because of it. AMY (scored extremely low) is an amazing game. Everyone keeps telling me how bad Operation: Raccoon City’s reviews were, but I’m still enjoying it. So please, people, instead of complaining because IGN gave it a low score, play it yourself before you voice an opinion. Have your own.

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