Assassin’s Creed Revelations On PSN This Friday

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Assassin’s Creed Revelations On PSN This Friday

PS3: Assassin's Creed Revelations

When a man’s battles have been won and his enemies destroyed what then? Where does he find purpose and meaning? To find answers to these questions, Ezio Auditore will travel east in search of the lost library of the Assassins.

In Assassin’s Creed Revelations, master assassin Ezio Auditore walks in the footsteps of the legendary mentor Altair, on a journey of discovery and revelations. It is a perilous path – one that will take Ezio to Constantinople, the heart of the Ottoman Empire, where a growing army of Templars threatens to destabilize the region.

Assassin’s Creed Revelations is coming this Friday, March 23rd on PSN with a 35% launch discount off the RRP of €69.99/€49.99 for the weekend (that works out at €44.99/£36.99 with the discount). Even better, if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, it comes with a cool 50% discount!

Don’t miss the last episode of Ezio Auditore’s trilogy on PSN!

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  • Will there be Polish subtitles in the game?

  • Hello, do you have a price? thanks

    • Sorry, I really should have made sure that was included in the post – I’ve added the prices to the post.

  • Would be nice if you could add an actual price. Thnx. I’m actually on Amazon right now about to buy this game, glad I came on here first, although unless it’s less than £17.99 (current Amazon price) with the 50% discount I will most likely got the disc.

  • Would be good if you had put up an actual price.
    Or just wait 10 days and buy the Ottoman Edition for £33 from Amazon.

  • Here’s another question: if I haves earned trophies from a bluray copy of this game, will my remaining trophies retain within this digital release?

    Oh and yes, how much does this cost pre-discount?

    Thanx Gabe. Also I haven’t thanked you for the fantastic work you relayed to the team who included Y-axis within the HD Splinter Cell games. Appreciated.
    Glad you guys eventually listened and fixed issue in the end.


  • Can someone please explain why full games like this are so expensive on the PSN.

    Retailing at the RRP is a joke at any time, but even more so now when even at more expensive shop like GAME it is only £30, and £18 on Amazon. I have never been able to understand the way games are priced on the PSN, I would have thought they would be cheaper, or at least equal in price to the disc based game considering there is no disc to pay for, and Sony does not need to give a cut to a retail store.

    This just smacks of greed! Getting charged more for the convenience of not being able to trade in!

    • Don’t forget that, as a PS Plus member, you’re going to get 50% off which brings it down to around the £30 mark.

  • So how much does that work out for plus? is it 50% off the already lower price that everyone can buy it at.

  • Fantastic game, and with a PSN Discount of 50% that’s awesome.

    But sadly, no buy. With your awesome discount, it will still cost me £25… I can pay £28.99 for the Ottoman edition, and I will get all of the current DLC for free, which is a saving of about £18 on what I would pay to get them for the PSN version.

    I would also get free upgrades for weapons, and extra multiplayer characters.

    Really, is there ANY reason whatsoever, that you didn’t wait til next week and put the Ottoman edition up instead? I know that’s a Ubisoft decision and not yours, but I can’t see the point in releasing essentially an incomplete version of a game for nearly double the asking price of the complete one… even with the discount, it still comes off as expensive due to all the missing content. :\

    Just bad timing really, because if this was a few months ago, this would have been a great deal. I want more full games, I want these big discounts for special launches and PS+ members and I applaud that. But the timing of the release poorly coincides with a much better edition, of the same price (or less depending on which discount you have) which you can actually own, keep in a solid collection, and has resale value.

  • Yeah think i will also get the box ottoman bluray edition for cheaper, wouldve loved it on my hdd i buy like that whenever possible.

  • See I’m still hoping that OnLive will offer their ‘first game for a pound’ offer sometime again in the future and I’d pick it up there, otherwise as everyone else has said amazon/ are both offering it for £18 so paying full RRP for it is a bit much.
    It’s likely to get even cheaper too, previous AC titles drop massively in price after some time

  • It’s quite laughable really but I’m sure some people with money to waste will buy it, I myself will wait for Ottoman edition.

  • Okay the site maintenance has passed & i can sign on here.

    1 simple question & i also tweeted on twitter about this, why friday?

    is it because there be no store update tomorrow because some-one @ SCEE loves to give us EU bad times there be a maintenance window tomorrow from 3pm till 1am on the day we get a store update.

    why not maintenance on a thursday so are we getting a firmware update this week? because we had a maintenance the other weekend. :|

  • and let me guess it will be 50 pounds even though most retailers are selling for 30pounds, which is what i bought it for day one on steam.

  • * for any doubters this game is his awsome swan-song & you must watch the short film his late years.

  • 50 pounds even though most retailers are selling the physical copy for 30 pounds, which is what i bought it for day one on steam.

  • Some idiot will purchase it!

    There are some people out there with too much money & not enough brains!

  • Okay 2 things.

    1. If this isnt the Ottoman Edition there is set to cost 33 Punds or 240 Danish Kroner or something look like it , then the price is WAY overprice, and i would say when you sell something on the PS store and you say 60 Euro it means 600 Danish kroner , but the Actually Currency for 600 Danish Kroner is 420 Danish if you exchange them to 60 Euro how can this be. It was the same with FIFA 600 Danish Kroner, in a physic store it cost 300 Danish Kroner .. its like double up on the store and its not even a physical product.

    2. You give 35 % off this weeknd, and PlayStation Plus Members getting 50 % off , then if this should be correct the PlayStation Plus members should get 35 % off plus 50 % off .. and i guess this isnt the way you want it to be ?

  • So is the Plus discount additional to the discount, or is it a separate discount?

    In other words:

    Usual price: completely ridiculous €70
    Discounted price: 35% for €50
    Plus price: either €35 (50% discount on €70) or €25 (50% discount on €50)

    I might, possibly, maybe be tempted if the game were €25. €35 would be way too expensive though.

  • Ahahahahaha. £17.99 at Amazon UK and

  • If they start undercutting important 3rd party sellers like Walmart and Amazon by too much or for too long they risk disrupting the source of their greatest sales. This is why their prices look a bit ridiculous.

    At some point one of the console makers will take the big step of moving entirely to online sales – but it ain’t that day yet.

  • @Jerryhat (post #18) – this is far from undercutting Amazon. Revelations (new, on PS3) is on Amazon UK for the equivalent of about €21. €70 is 233% more expensive.

    I suggest that you’d struggle to find a single shop in all of Europe that would be “undercut” by a price of €70 for Assassin’s Creed Revelations.

  • @EoinOL(post #19) Yes, I see what you’re saying. But the 70 is set so the 50% discount for Plus members doesn’t undercut the vendor price. Please don’t think I’m defending Sony here. I think it’s as ridiculous as anyone else.

  • I think ‘GAME'(the Shop) has failed because of high game prices i.e when new game prices went up to £44.99 each i thought ‘GAME OVER’ for game(i was right) & if next-gen the only way you can buy games is off PSN or Xbox LIVE then it will be ‘GAME OVER’ for all of the gaming industry because game prices will be to high…
    (i might be wrong tho, i hope i am because i love gaming) ;)

  • here we go again with awful pricing. digital RRP should (using common sense!) be lower that retail RRP. i’d suggest a minimum of £10, however there should then be a reduction as who on earth has ever seen a game being sold for £50 outside of mail order catalogues?

    reslitically there should be a HUGE reduction in digital prices as that would mean more s=would be sold as well as more profit for makers as theres no 2nd hand market

  • Crazy pricing. Seriously.
    Also, do you realise that 35% of £50 is £17.50, meaning the offer price should be £32.50, and not £37. Typo? Or will you now change the discount percentage to a lower amount? ;)
    @PureCarnage(post 6). Publishers get away with these prices because they can charge what they want. This is what you can expect when we – sometime in the future – go direct download only.

  • Why friday?
    So no store update on wednesday due the maintenance then?

    SCEE – the masters of cryptic communication.

  • Sony are still missing the mark totally when it comes to Digital downloads. Even the with the Vita they are still failing.

    Suppose that’s why more and more of my money is going to steam and away from Sony!!!

  • Never Understand the Pricing! On Vita you say Games will be £5 Cheaper than the RRP. On Ps3 Games not. Often also you have OLD RRP Prices in the Store.

    Price with Plus Discount around £30 with no Cover, no Printed Disc, No Manual, No Case

    Play and Amazon: £17,99 delievered. Questions?

    You have a Currency Typo in your Post:
    RRP of €69.99/€49.99 for the weekend (that works out at €44.99/£36.99 with the discount)

  • Forgot something:
    Thats also the Reason i dont buy Full Games for Vita in the Store. I got all my Games Cheaper than your Price in the Store.

    Except the PSN only Games, that Pricing is fair on some Games (Motorstorm, Blob). Plants vs Zombies has a 1:1 Currency Conversion to the US Price (props to the Publisher), but its still to high compared to the PS3 Version.

    P.S: We need new Vita Firmware.

  • Carl-G, I doubt we’ll ever see a complete removal of stores to purchase games from. Whether it simply be a ‘redeem code’ like how you can buy PSP Vita games, or full games in a box, I think they will always be around in some form, although I can see the next gen using Solid State Drives, small drives, for each game which would essentially work like a cartridge, meaning much quicker loading and without the issues that made cartridges obsolete in the past… again, those ‘drive cartridges’ would be sold in shops.

    It’s silly to think that if a company moved solely to online sales for it’s games, that they would drop their prices cause they had no one to undercut, as there will never be a time when ONLY PSN sells Playstation games, they will always distribute to somewhere else otherwise they are minimising their potential for sales

    It’s been said on here time and time again though, that the higher prices are nothing to do with retail shop bought games, and have different licenses that have to be paid for and other such stuff that runs up their costs. Those costs would likely stay in place, so the higher prices would too.

  • I just wish Sony, when dealing with developers, would take a look at what they are releasing and look at the current price in shops and change the RRP accordingly.

    RRP from over 6 months ago does not, and should not be held in place now when so much more has come out since the release. Now if Sony released this game on the day of the retail release, with the same offer, for one week. Imagine how much this would sell? it would be cheaper than retail (for PS+ users) and would likely tempt them in. Given that shops could afford to sell the game for £32.97 on release, no reason really why the PSN store can’t afford to use the same price (after discount)

    But 6 months later, when a new version of the game is due in a week that features so much more content and for less price? it’s ridiculous to think people will see it as a good offer.

  • People will still buy it, and it’s not because people are idiots as other people said. It’s because it’s a good game, and a 50% discount sounds great… and most importantly, not everyone is ‘wise’ to shopping around for games. Sony’s target with these full games on PSN will always be the casual gamer who sees a game, sees an offer and wants it right then.

    They have no intention of selling to the loyal game fan, who follows games for months of development, and then looks around online for the best pre-order bonuses (PSN version usually have none) and the cheapest price. It would be dangerous for them to try and compete with that… I just wish they had more of a middle ground instead of using the extreme RRP approach.

  • Another JOKE of pricing.
    Publishers are really ridiculous and beyond greedy when they release their games on PSN for such horrendous prices that it will be hard to actually find a retail store selling the (superior) disk version at that high price!
    I really hope nobody supports this rip-off from companies (here Ubisoft) as it shows that in a digital future we will all be milked to poverty by them if they get their will!
    As soon as publishers can control the prices, we will all pay twice as much as we do now. Worrying.

  • A quick Google showed prices of £18 in shops. So, if you’re a PS+ subscriber, you can get it for only double the retail price? Hooray :D

  • Just ordered the game for £17.99 from

  • 50% off is 19.00 & james is rayman 3 HD out on store tomorrow my network card is screaming to be spent on it & i hope ul get more ps2 games added soon like , canis canem edit aka bully & the warriors & all 3 timesplitters & all crash bandicoot ps2 outings. i did some digging last night and in 2010 there was gonna be a new crash bandicoot 4 ps3 bout it got cancelled. n as 4 ACR i might get it again i had it b4 but got put of by the turned based fights , if i do get it again i might get the dlc 4 it as well . il probs get it nxt weds b4 offer goes away a week b4 i turn 30

  • oy & james if we get more ps2 games on ps store will they be in catagorys like the rockstar classics i.e canis canem edit . the warriors , gta 3 & vice . n james plz see about getting rollcage 1&2 & street racer added to the ps1 list & the spyro dragon game 4 davie222 added he misses spyro :)

  • Waste of time and money.

    You can buy this on disc for almost half the PS+ discount price.

    You can buy the Ottoman Edition with all DLC included on disc for slightly less than price of the PS+ discount, and all that DLC costs a lot of money which the PSN edition apparently doesn’t even include.

    This is why digital distribution is a joke on consoles. Look at PC, look at Stema and Origin and all the other digital distribution methods and their pricing…they beat retail, PSN has it backwards, extremely backwards.

  • Cool Richey: You are wrong sir. 50% off is roughly £30. You did 50% off the sale price.

    The game is 70 euros, roughly £58

    with 35% off, it deducts down to £38

    50% for PS+, it goes down to £29

    The offers are separate, they do NOT stack.

  • ty mafia. THE PS STORE UPDATES TOMORROW & HOME UPDATES TOMORROW AS WELL i seen them add games a few days after store updates so relax will ya , & as for wat his name sayin digital games are a joke THEY R NOT ur the joke on here & sony make more money with digital distribution then other stuff so there

  • I always enjoyed the series, don’t care too much about the story and the sidemissions could use more variety too, but I always enjoyed the freerunning and combat. Can’t wait for the new one and check out its new engine, the screentearing always bugged me..

  • @James

    Is the RRP supposed to say £49.99?
    If it is then £36.99 is only 26% off

  • Carl-G i agree, No jak & Daxter Trilogy in there store had to get digital version unfortunately

  • Player42791 – Based off the Euro pricing, I believe the pricing is meant to be £57.99, as ridiculous as that is.

  • Good old ubisoft, releasing this digitally a week b4 this ottaman vers comes out, but can somebody clarify if the (ridiculously overpriced) psn vers will include the 1st AC,? .. I will take a wild guess here and say No, it prob dosn’t.. lol.. i was only laughing last week over that blog saying 1st ‘press’ of the game included it.. well you mustn’t of needed to make a 2nd press then, as i have Never seen a Revelations yet to not have the 1st AC on it, well i prob will on friday, lol.. don’t you just Hate pr/sales ‘stuff’..

    Anyway after last weeks discussion about AC3s location/timeline, and ‘possible’ reasons for this by the devs.. i happened to notice the gunpowders descriptions in Revelations, can you recall, they label the British one as having the largest ‘area affect’ kinda saying its going to cost a few (innocent) npc lives when used.. as opposed to the other types, So looks like some valid points Were made last week.

  • Not only you are asking too much for the game, the digital sell has one another huge problem: no resell value. When I’m buying a game, and I finish it, I usually resell for much cheaper so that I can buy new games, as I don’t have unlimited resources for games, and this way I can buy more games, than I would collect them and not reselling them. If the current Amazon price for this is 20 pounds, I really think that the maximum you could ask digitally should be the same, or maybe 25% cheaper from that price, not from the RRP price -25% …

  • BAHAHAHHAHAHA you can buy the disc for around £18 online free delivery. When will you guys learn not to rip off people for digital downloads. you have taken away the cost for shipping and distribution as well as the cost for the physical version. so why make the prices higher. Greed has a name and it is Ubisoft for shame on you and your company Gabe Graziani.

  • The Digital Rip off isn’t quite as simple as a lot of people think. I agree, that they are over priced, and really this game should be the Ottoman edition that is being released not an older version that is more expensive… but in terms of the games turning up at RRP you have to look at things like this:

    1)When a game store sells the games, the store pay for the advertising on TV and in their windows, they usually pay for distribution too as a delivery cost.

    2)When it is sold online, the developer pays for their own advertising space on the net… and they pay for the distribution, which is usually a network.

    3)When a store buys games, they take up shelf space. Shops are generally small, and when there’s 100 copies of a game that is no longer selling that well because it’s 6 months old, it makes sense ti drop the price to close to the stock purchase price to get some money back, than to just leave it at full price…

    4) Online distribution has no shop floor to be clogged, so the logic doesn’t apply there. They could over fill a server, but part of the cost of the game will ensure there is always more server space.

  • 5)Obviously, the servers cost money, as does finding somewhere to store the servers. Then you have a maintenance team and admin team. When a game is sold in the shops, if there is an issue, the store deals with it. But online, it’s dealt with by the developer usually and they have to have a team ready to constantly check the stability of the build, and be able to ensure smooth delivery to customers.

    There’s loads of other reasons too, why costs could be slightly higher…. the big one being the lack of competition to be frank, so they can price how they want knowing that people who don’t want to leave the house have no other way of getting instant access to the game. But even with these reasons, I still see no reason why releases are genuinely way later than retail releases, or why they release old games at a price nearly double the new version, and strip out some of the content (Like AC1)

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