PlayStation Home: Every Journey Starts From Home

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PlayStation Home: Every Journey Starts From Home

PlayStation Home will be offline from 8AM GMT on Wednesday 14th March for routine maintenance. Here is what to expect after the update…


The enigmatic Journey arrives on the PlayStation Store this Wednesday and to mark this event we have put together a little something for you in PS Home. Immerse yourself in the mysterious beauty of the Journey space and see if you can unlock its secrets…

GAME are delighted to announce the arrival of Superhero Madhouse, the third release in their series of exclusive-to-PlayStation Home arcade cabinets.


With five challenging levels of 2D side-scrolling 8-bit beat-em-up madness, can you help the hero rescue the Diamond of a Thousand Princesses? Can you unlock all 15 medals as you progress through the asylum attempting to stop the dastardly Captain Wacko?

You can tackle Captain Wacko and his cronies in the GAME Moonbase using arcade tokens or buy the “Superhero Madhouse – Arcade Cabinet” for unlimited plays in your personal spaces and clubs. Purchasing the cabinet also gives you the full range of Superhero Madhouse clothing as an added bonus – KAPOW!


Get into the St. Patrick’s day spirit with Sprocket O’Cog! You’re sure to glimpse a pot o’ gold behind every rainbow with this adorable new companion from Juggernaut Games. Check out Sprocket and all the other MechPets in Series 1 at the Stuff store!

Keep up with the spring trends with some fresh new gear from the very popular Billabong. Why not try the new Fargo Flannel hooded top, with some Stripe Platinum X Walkshorts… Or if you want to go smarter, try the striped Spinner tops. Available in the Billabong store.

You may think you know the Minotaur’s story, but you do not. The one who called himself a hero was really a betrayer. Strong and intelligent, Enkomi unlocked the secrets of his labyrinth prison and made his escape. Rising above his mistreatment, he has harnessed the beast utilising its bullish strength as and when he chooses.

Become Enkomi the Minotaur and unleash the power of the bull! Demonstrate Enkomi’s awesome strength by pounding the ground.

A new age of Fool Throttle is dawning.

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6 Author Replies

  • oooh a journey space lol il has 2 check that out & james i hope we get bigger apartments like a old home square apartment & new stuff like a remote controll heli u control insted of it following you

    • Thanks for the suggestion on the RC helicopter – it’s a good one. I passed it on to the Home team and they seemed to like it too.

  • Suprised to see the GAME arcade cabinet considering what we’ve been hearing about the company this week but every little helps I guess! :D

    Journey space looks great!

  • Hello!!! Nice uptade and do you know when the saloon apartment will be released in europe?

  • Nice update. I’m really looking forward to seeing the Journey space. Its a shame we didn’t see the Saloon space this week but hopefully that shouldn’t be to far away, judging by the timeframe that they managed to get the casino onto the EU servers. :)

  • Nothing interesting in this update, I think ill stay at the casino :D

  • @ RICHY, I think the control ur heli coper instead of following you” Dude it will never happen, maybe ps4 but your going to have to say it like 400 times coz its obvs james doenst read these becuase if he did he would reply to a thew at least.. While on Us home at least they get replys + get all the good stuff first, Mostly we dont even get the good stuff we want or it comes out 3 months down the line & i just dont bother then.

  • My two most boring things on ps3 journey and home yawn.

  • Journey Space = instant five point score :D

  • @HazelaM – what for? a free service? Mad.

    Looks like another good update for home, I love all those little interactive games and spaces, the more interactive the better. Now if there was only a way to speed up loading spaces…

  • james plz ask home team to make a RC rage of cars etc for home just like the rc game that you use controller for but a range of RC toys you can drive in any home space , RC cars, rc helicopters with mounted camera for 1st or 3rd person view, rc tanks that shoot paintballs . i bet if home devs make these all home spaces will be full of ppl driving into each other LOL it would be better then the rc race thats on a track , ppl could drive anywhere they want in any home space plz put my idea 2 home team

  • no, for the minis i bought last year that were broken.

    support are useless, been giving me the runaround for ages, so i’ve taken to the blog.

    i don’t know if you’ll actually see this

    • Have you tried emailing as an alternative to the call centres? I would love to be able to sort it for you myself but I just do not have the power and can only direct you to customer services; if you send an email then I’ll try and get it flagged and prioritised.

  • I can confirm that your case is being dealt with by our PlayStation Network team who will contact you shortly

    that was monday.

    that was after i sent them, well actually i haven’t counted how many emails i sent them, but it’s far too many.

    but then i learned a long time ago scee have a totally different concept of what the words “soon” and “shortly” mean than anybody else on the planet.

    • OK, let me speak to customer services and see if I can speed that response up. I’m sorry for the hassle.

  • DJ james did read my posts so HA & the remote control toys in home can be done on ps3 because the home team are a clever bunch of script creators , all james team has todo is take the rc race script & logic & add it to other rc cars heli,s tanks etc & then people who buy the rc range in home can drive in any home space at any time & make there own races up & thanx 4 letting the home team know about my idea james i hope they come up with a rc range so people can play with rc toys off the track in any home space . they can make them on ps3 it would be easy to make a script for them simular to the rc race space script . i guess my creating stuff in LBP helped you with my rc ideas james LOL i do hope they create a rc range then il deffo use home longer.

    • I can’t promise anything but I have passed your suggestion on so let’s wee what happens in the future. Thanks as always for your comments.

  • Was kinda hoping that this would be the year I finally got my leprechaun suit in time for Paddy’s Day but a companion is a step in the right direction. Time to wait another year.

  • James’ comment above: “so let’s wee what happens in the future”

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww! lol :D

  • I cannot get access to the Horny Package that I bought frm Ulter Ego. Customer Service dont seem to be able to help neither. It is not in my wardrobe tho it is showing as bought when I check instore. I have emptied my cache several times…doesn’t help

  • I know! Remote Control take over feature for annoying griefers and noobs that spam L1 and don’t mean it. would be blissss

  • @ James another great update especially little irish robot. Give my thanks to PSH team. From HRH Crown Prince of Sodium.

  • Still LYNX Chaos in Home Square? *sigh* still nothing new for me. :(

  • @richy, well its a mirical then lol. Iv asked so may questions and ideas and every week no reply on ANY of them or anybody elses. so hopefully all the questions will now be answerd :D

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