Mass Effect 3 Available Tomorrow

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Mass Effect 3 Available Tomorrow


Mass Effect 3 launches in Europe in less than 24-hours! We hope you are just as excited as we are to start the war to Take Earth Back and are ready to secure your copy of the game via digital download.

The development team spent a great deal of effort to make sure that those who are just joining us in the Mass Effect Universe are able to jump right into the game without missing a beat. To maximize your enjoyment of the game right away, you can download Mass Effect 3 beginning at 12:01am GMT. Start your download, get some rest, and wake up prepared to launch all-out galactic war against the biggest threat to ever hit Earth.


If you are unfamiliar with the game, the Earth is under attack by an ancient alien race, known only as the “Reapers.” They have launched an invasion, leaving nothing but a trail of destruction in their wake. Earth has been taken, the galaxy is on the verge of total annihilation, and you are the only person who can stop them. The price of failure is extinction.

The war to Take Earth Back has begun! Only you decide how it ends.

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  • Mass Effect 3 launches online for £10 more than the average retail price. Meanwhile, you can drive to any supermarket at midnight and probably find copies cheaper.

    When will publishers learn that a download should be less than a physical version (with plastic, paper and a disc being added to the product) rather than more?

  • If this was £39.99 you would have had a purchase. But at £49.99 you have lost a purchase. Sorry.

  • The price has to be set at RRP due to some kinda competition thing, if the source prices it cheaper than what they tell retailers to set it at they need to drop their own price.

    Also it’s about time they started fixing this whole release date thing. It launched in Europe yesterday, it launches in UK and Ireland tomorrow. I received my copy this morning, it’s now in my console, just waiting to be played.

    With a title such as this, staggered release dates leave players at a high risk of spoilers. Would rather see it launch on the same day worldwide. It can and has been done many times before.

  • And I bet you also have to buy the online pass separately too.

  • I believe they can get around that law by changing or adding something and making it a ‘different’ edition to the one sold in shops.

  • A quick google shopping search brings up 24 retailers and all of them cheaper. I can’t find anywhere as expensive as the PSN store. I’d love to buy the digi download but would feel to much of a mug to pay £10 extra to not have a physical copy. I’ll get it from Tesco probably and the extra £10 I could have blown for nothing has instead paid for Journey.

    Also with regards to plot spoilers, I’m sure I’ve not missed something in the story so far but there’s a massive plot spoiler in the store description for the ‘From Ashes’ dlc. Maybe I did miss something but what I read was a huge spoiler and quite disappointing to come across like that.

  • quit b******* about the extra 10 pound have you forgot you get 2 accounts? thats buy 1 get another for 10 pound you guys need to think more

  • My copy is installing now but 50 minutes for disc 1 on PC?

  • those of you that want 1 copy but want digital are jus being fussy n those of you with kids that have ps3 splash out n get 2 for 50 instead of 1 for 40

  • Hmm. I thought that the EU launch was yesterday.

  • @looneytoon1982, I agree with you. The release dates have been all over the place. Not to mention that the US have been waving it in our faces with all the spoilers they’ve mentioned since they’ve received it, and even in the non-spoiler forums as well. And that ME space edition giveaway didn’t help either. I now know a lot about the story before I’ve even played it so I’ve cancelled mine for a later date.

    Even if they can’t release retail copies worldwide simultaneously, companies should push for a worldwide digital release for these type of games in the future. It could make the RRP price for a digital copy a bit more tempting to pay for it. But clogging up your hard drive and paying more for it on the retail release date makes no sense.

  • Any idea if unit 13 is going up same time or do I have to wait???

  • $110 australian, and you don’t get the bonus character or weapon dlc. U have to purchase that separately for another $16…Why would you even consider buying online. You can purchase the collectors edition with all the bonus dlc and other physical media (soundtrack, comic, art book, alternate outfits for your team ect) from a store for $129.

    Idiot online marketing…
    Only morons will pay more for less.

  • £32.97 at Asda & Tesco ;)

  • People who are thinking to buy this game, should read the Digital Foundry article (showing how bad is the PS3 version) before make the decision.

    Ridiculous see how unpolished is the PS3 version of this game,

    We should not support this kind of attitude.

  • @ polynski

    For starters, I wouldn’t let my child play a 15 rated game, Age certifications are there for a reason. So many children are losing their innocence nowadays!

    I can understand what you’re saying though, as you’re correct with the 2 accounts. I would prefer, on finishing a game that no longer warrants a further playthrough, to trade or sell, to get some money back towards another title!


    The Ps3 version runs in 20fps and lower, see

  • i got my copy this morning, i only use shopto as its a reliable and quick dispatch for games at reasonable prices. So off to mass effect 3 i go again lol

  • will we get get the plus trial in europe like the us got?

  • Cool, I’ll be waiting until all the DLC is out for it though, don’t want to play through it only to not get the full experience all in one go.

  • @ awwe_se & Hitokiri_03

    still playing 2 so not an issue for me but it still angers me cant believe it to be honest first skyrim now this hmmmmmmmmm one was exclusive to xbox the other made for xbox hmmmm hmmm yeah you see it to right? basically there messing up are versions because they dont care as much simple as that… guess what NO SALE!

  • Yeah Bioware I’ll buy it when you fix the framerate issues >:( ME2 ran just fine so what happened with ME3??

  • @polynski

    Definitely the most idiotic posts on this blog I’ve ever seen.

    Personally, I don’t want to pay £49.99 for ME3 and use it on two “accounts”. I have one account, I have no children yet, and while my girlfriend has an account she only uses it on my PS3, so I’d still only need one copy.

    Besides which, it’s not for two “accounts” it’s for two PS3s. So if my PS3 breaks I can use it on another. So you’re wrong there too.

    Basically you’re just wrong from every direction and have made yourself look like a total idiot. Please be quiet.

  • I never liked the pricing of the type of downloadable content, who in their right mind would buy the expensive digital version?

    For the record, I pre-ordered mine and payed 399 NOKS for it.

    Mass Effect 3 bought in a store in Norway. Price 399 NOKS, aprox. 45 British pounds.

    Mass Effect 3 bought on PSN. Price 599 NOKS, aprox 68 British pounds.

    That’s just crazy.

    Also, I’m not sure what the DL content for ME3 is, but 8 1/2 Brithish punds is a bit steep also.

  • @Hitokiri_03

    Watched the comparison just now. PS3 version dips as low as 14 fps on some of the cut-scenes. Looks better in game-play though. And the X360 suffers a lot too, you can see from the video that both version stutter along at 20 fps a lot.

    Picture-quality-wise PS3 and X360 seem to be on par.

    This game isn’t made for consoles it would seem. Anything under 30fps is just too bad. Maybe I’ll buy it for my Alienware PC, then I can have the real experience.

  • Tomorrow!?! REALLY??? :)

    Because 1 hour ago, after lunch, I went to a big commercial place near my work (Lisbon – Portugal) and I just grabbed one of the many Collector’s Edition, right from the store shelf, where there was also the normal edition.


  • Checked on the PC version. It’s the same story there.

    Store in Norway, 349 NOKs.

    Origin Online Store, 449 NOKs.

    Guess it’s not a Sony PSN phenomenon.

  • would love to get an answer before midnight or i will be at the shop tomorrow

    will the digital version include an online pass and from the ashes (game pack)
    thanks deano

  • @ Bumblebee

    PMSL ;)

    He was on my friends list last year & told me he was 17, so he could be 18 now. He also doesn’t have kids & I seem to remember him at College or something. Anyway you can see why I deleted him. Kept pestering me to gameshare & when I declined I got called…..let’s put it this way, rhymes with Nick!!

    Some people aren’t worth associating yourself with, so just ignore it.

  • “If you are unfamiliar with the game, the Earth is under attack by an ancient alien race, known only as the “Reapers.” They have launched an invasion, leaving nothing but a trail of destruction in their wake. Earth has been taken, the galaxy is on the verge of total annihilation, and you are the only person who can stop them.”

    “The price of failure is extinction.”

    No. The price of this failure is infact – £49.99

  • Not really sure if I gonna get on the PS3. Is the Xbox version better?

  • That’s the retail price, the digital version isn’t cheaper at launch simply because it can’t be… or can any of you whiners cite me an example of a digital launch for a console game that has launched below the RRP? Doesn’t happen. Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. That’s the only way EA will learn.

    “Not really sure if I gonna get on the PS3. Is the Xbox version better?”

    If you consider a negligible occasional framerate difference a deal breaker then yes. I’ve spent a few hours on it now and there’s nothing as bad as some of the ME2 framerate drops.

    How many discs is the Xbox version on this time?

  • Too expensive. Not going to take a risk cus I might be dissatisfied.

  • Ps3 version is supposed to be better because the games are in Blu-ray but I find the graphics on the xbox better. Dunno why. XD

  • #33 PPL I have spoken with say Xbox are on 2 disc and their is a lot of swapping disc.

  • Amazing game although it’s clear that this wasn’t made on ps3 in particular, like the second.. Feels like a good port..

  • 5 x freezes totaly mi ps3 = haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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