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Last week we heard from thatgamecompany on their mission to create innovative, emotive video game experiences. In this second dev diary video the team focuses in on their latest experience: Journey.

Journey is available now if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber and from 14 March if you are not. If you’re still on the fence then here is a selection of reviews from around the web.

Official PlayStation Magazine – 10/10
“It’s one of the most perfect gaming experiences I can remember, created with care, packed with creativity, and topped with an irresistible ambiguity that makes every person’s Journey unique.”

Spong.com – 10/10
“A truly fantastic example of interactive entertainment, and a title that every gamer worth their salt needs to play.”

God is a Geek – 10/10
“Journey is one of the best games you’ll play all year, if not your entire life.”

Eurogamer – 9/10
“The truly brilliant move, though, was to leave a space at the very centre of the design that only a stranger can fill.”

CVG – 9/10
“It’s about details crafted by deft hands, looking to stir emotions rather than test trigger fingers.”

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  • Not sure whether I am a fan. Bought it yesterday but I am just following flying carpet like things and stuff, no idea what is going on.

  • The next 2 games i am going to play is this & ICO HD :P So that will be a fantastic gaming Journey only possible on PlayStation;)
    (+Please stay PlayStation only thatgamecompany) ;)

  • A top quality game, by all accounts, better than a lot of the £39.99 titles out there and only £9.99.

    Thank you thatgamecompany yet again for another fantastic experience.

  • Played this twice since it was put up on plus! I honestly love this game, thank you thatgamecompany, brilliant work!

  • Just finished my first playthrough. Journey is epic and extremely beautiful, it’s up there with ico and sotc and well worth the wait.

  • Hello Sony and Thatgamecompany,
    Love Journey!
    10/10 from me.

    Played it on my Sony 3D Personal Viewer HMZ-T1, and boy!..what an expeirence.
    A beautiful, and haunting Journey.

    Personal note:
    My Father is dying of Cancer and when i was playing this i was thinking of him, and giving me hope in a way that there’s something more after (whatever peoples beliefs are). This game really touched me (emotionally).
    I love you guys.

    Worth every dollar!
    Journeys not a game, it’s an expeirence.


  • I can honestly say this game is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had as a gamer.

  • Bought yesterday , feel robbed .
    No way this game deserves a 9.99 price .
    Whoever says its the best game all year OR better than some 39.99 price game , needs their heads looked at OR stop playing Barbie dream princess .
    Can I get my money back .?
    paying 9.99 for a game that should be 3.99 is fkd up .

  • SANDY U BOUGHT IT NO REFUNDS & linconon aww , il be getting journey saturday n they wont drop it to 3.99 some people int satisfied just cz ps plus has got it at 9’99 a week earliey & journey is not a rip off

  • shadow thats the point of journey its about a journey you take lol

  • @CoolRichy008UK Only Journey I have taken is £10 poorer

  • @10

    The Journey was clearly wasted on you.


    I have to same, thats EXACTLY how I feel. Probably the best gaming experience I’ve ever had.. there was a point while in the cavern I had goosebumps on the back of my neck when I was walking thru the dim path with a companion when IT was looking for us.. We had to hid from IT and at that very moment I realised I’ve never in my whole life have I felt that dread. It was truely epic on a staggering scale. I wont even mention the 3rd half of the game, best part of the game without fail. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if your on the fence on this ga… no, experience.. GET IT!!! It’ll blow your mind on so many levels.

    Gamers nowadays tend to look at gaming as having the biggest and the most guns on the hugest bosses to be fun but don’t realise that games can go beyond all of that.

    PLZ, you owe it to yourself to play this. EPICEPICEPIC


  • I am a huge fan of all your work from cloud to journey it has been quite an experience. Journey is by far the best of your titles in my opinion and have rivaled my top games of ICO and SotC. Although this may sound weird coming from a stranger i truly love you guys, I love you because you inspire me, because you are unique, because your games are both engaging to play and astounding to experience, i love you because you can bring things i’ve gave up on trying to express, to the forefront of my mind in shimmering clarity.

  • when people buy games from store they should just play THEM n not say wats in the game on this blog i wont be getting journey now

  • Pretty exceptional game all around. Enjoying very much.

  • @ CoolRichy008UK

    If you’re not going to buy a game due to one vague comment on a blog, you clearly weren’t that interested to begin with.

    Personally, I don’t think the game is 10/10 material, or the life changing experience some are making it out to be. Is it good? Yes. It still has flaws though, length being a serious one and a cliché story being a problem too. For a game called “Journey”, the journey isn’t a long one.

    I’d give it an 8. Above average, but some flaws, and most definitely won’t appeal to all players. Nothing wrong with that, but some people seem to be caught up in the hype.

  • played with a traveller that was wearing grey robes today, and had the longest scarf? Wth?

  • looking forward to this!

  • Just played it completely with a friend. TERRIBLE game… absolutely terrible. Not worth £1 never mind £10

  • I guess the developer was right every journey is different some good some bad.

  • As i have said b4, i still can’t ‘forgive’ (?) thatgamecompany for the tactics they used getting me to buy flower. i mean the preview in the psn store has music by the old master But ingame theres none, (is there?), when i booted it up 1st time and heard the real soundtrack it just ‘blew my mind ,lol,’ in all the wrong ways.. i have had a lot of gaming disappointments over last 2 years or so, Very many in fact.. but none of em have left me feeling let down as much as my 1st (and last) xp with flowers makers.. i mean imagine buying a ticket for say a rock concert, but was ‘somehow’ inside a … erm (hard as i like most music).. But i guess you get my meaning…

  • just bought it ITS AWSOME 10/10 from me as 4 u lot who said its not gd or a waste of 9.99 it isnt & you know wat u can do with your 1 outta 10 HA’ & like wat kap said the cave area is scary lol if you need a chillout game deffo get journey & ignore the bad review people are saying about journey its rubbish WHEN ITS NOT!!! they just dont know nothing about great games by small studios bravo way better then flower & if anyone else says its a bad game WHEN ITS NOT JUST BE QUIET or jump into oncoming xbox truck

  • @21 thats there job lol

  • Played it all the through today and thought it was amazing, love the fact that you can work with a companion but they remain anonymous, need more chillout games like this.

  • Best game I have played in a long time. The music is incredible, and it really is an emotional rollercoaster of a game. Just amazing.

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