DUST 514 Will Be Free To Play On PlayStation 3

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DUST 514 Will Be Free To Play On PlayStation 3

Hi beloved PS Blog readers – we hope you have been enjoying our series of articles here. We have some big news about DUST 514 coming out this week and wanted to write a more personal note about it here, to you.


The development of DUST 514 has been an amazing experience, as we at CCP pioneer new frontiers for console games in collaboration with Sony. It has really been a process of exploring and breaking new ground – running an MMO service that needs constant updates on a console, microtransactions on a console, connecting an MMO on console to an MMO on PC in a real time shared universe and the Marketplace between the two – and there’s even more to come. Today, I’m writing about one more of those things – DUST 514 will be free to play on PlayStation 3!

This news means DUST 514 is the first ever game built from the ground up as a free to play MMOFPS on console, exclusively on the PlayStation 3. Thanks to how Sony has set up the PlayStation Network – and the innovations they have been making on it together with us – Sony’s console platform is the only one able to support this kind of game as a service and business model.

The development of DUST and CCP’s engagement with Sony has been ongoing since before E3 2011 last year, when we announced our partnership. Over that time, we’ve seen the rise of free to play and microtransaction based games in the Western markets on PC, web and mobile (they’ve been popular in Asia for some time – one of the reasons DUST development is based out of China, an interesting story in itself, for another time) – but consoles have only taken baby steps throughout this generation in this regard, with some patches and DLC and demos, until today.


Just to be totally clear, DUST 514 will be a free to play game, without any cover charge. We debated the cover charge idea for a while, kind of as a hybrid between the old business model (having to purchase a game) and this new one (free to play). As we watched the market evolve, gamers choices in free to play games evolve, our own tastes in free to play evolve and developing what’s needed to support it in collaboration with Sony, this just became the obvious way to go – no cover charge, completely free to play. It’s the right time.

To put it very simply, we think it’s an awesome, amazing opportunity to evolve how console games are made and offered to players, and we believe you’ll agree.

We know you’re eager for more, and we’ll be coming out with tons of info at our annual FanFest convention in Iceland, which starts on March 22. We’ll have first hands-on, while also unveiling details about how we are rolling out DUST 514, videos, interviews (answers to many of your burning questions – we’re watching the comments, reading the forums, listening!), and much more. Sony has hooked up amazing prizes for our DUST 514 tournament at FanFest, we can’t wait to see the battles!

Thanks for coming on this journey with us, it’s one unlike any other, and we’re just getting warmed up. We cannot be more excited for you all to play DUST 514, and being able to make that a reality for free on PS3.

Stay tuned for more very soon!

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  • What about trophies? Will we be able to earn trophies normally or have to pay for some premium upgrade package or something?

  • Free+Play+Game, nice combination of words!

  • I’m liking the idea of F2P games with microtransactions on PS3.

    The game sounds fantastic to be honest, can’t wait to play it. :)

  • SmokinNevilsHaze

    I want this game SO much! I have been checking the blog daily for any more information about this game. I’ll be getting this on day 1! Please tell us more :)

  • Thats brilliant.
    Thanks guys.

  • This is great news all we need now is a release date. :)

  • As a Eve player i can t wait to try this on my ps3

  • I for one welcome our new free game overlords.

    Looking forward to getting more info from you guys come Fanfest. Just make sure you remind CCP Praetorian (Atli) that he owes me a drink.

    And for those wondering, maps will not be part of the microtransaction content. This is partly because it would be cutting off available content, and because all the maps are generated on the fly.

  • OMG its getting closer and closer to release i no me and my MAG clan and some EVE online players are counting down the days this just cant come soon enough. any info on how to get in on the tournament in iceland id love to be a beta tester or winner of the tournament of course.please can i have a beta key for this game plzz.pretty please with sugar on top

  • I quite liked the idea of a coverage charge that got you in-game credits, but I believe it was on Eurogamer that you where still talking about a starter pack?

    Having played quite a bit of Eve over the years, and having read Eve: The Empyrean Age I’m really looking forward to getting to explore a bit more of the Eve Universe and getting to have an impact on the player conflicts in Eve Online. Even when I’ve not been playing Eve, I’ve been listening to some of Eve Online podcasts to just keep up with what is going on it 0.0 space.

    Looking forward to the news out of Fanfest! :)

  • free for everyone or just EVE subscribers ?

  • interesting .

  • Is this on Vita too?

  • @ obiadekanobi1980

    Nope, it’s 100% free. No initial cost to buy the base game & No monthly subscription cost either.

    Also, if what I’m reading is correct, the micro-transactions that Dust uses/offers will in no way give any advantage to any player. Basically meaning that you can’t buy awesomeness.

    I have also read that you can ‘buy’ game credits using real money but these game credits can also be earned by just playing the game.

    If all of the above is true, then this is looking like a killer move forward for MMOs on consoles.

    • That is correct, there is no catch. The game and access to all the contents (i.e. multiplayer, PVP, corporations, the grand sandbox, etc) is all free. You can pay for AURUM which is a type of in-game currency and buy premiums items. These items, however, will not be necessary in order for the player to win.

  • Always happy for a game to be available as free to play.

    Had no intention of playing D/C Universe until that went free to play and I’ve subsequently bought both lots of DLC since.

    Hope it works out for Dust as I’m really looking forward to the game.

  • 1st post number 8 , your an idiot
    2nd good work guys dust looks amazing f2p is cool , i presume the free part will have trophy support , like free realms & dcuo
    if people arn’t happy all they have to do is use the 40 quid the game would have spent on the game & spend it ingame & have a much better, & bigger game
    once again thankyou for all your hard work , i cant wait

  • Will definitely be testing it out

  • @Danlisa With the in game credits, that’s not quite the way that it’s slated to work.

    What will happen is there are items which are Microtransaction exclusive. Like the article says, they won’t be upgrades, mere;y side grades with slightly different behaviour. However, they can also be sold on the open market for ISK (the main in game currency of DUST 514 and EVE) to allow players to buy stuff that can only be bought with ISK (the majority of items including the basics)

    And remember, your gear is expendable. So you’re going to be continuously buying new gear to replace stuff you use.

  • Sadly, nothing is really free is it? Apart from Diptheria, but would you really want that?

  • This news is a lot to take in, i can remember one of the earliest blogs, DUST 514.. changing the fps console xp forever.. or something similar, and i have been following the progress of 514 since, as i liked Everything i read and seen about this ..project, can’t really ‘relegate’ the title to game.. it somehow doesn’t give it enough justice, It seems that early blog is proving to be very accurate.
    I am no (corparate) businessman so i really can’t comment on if this is the way forward, in console gaming etc.. but i do know that, as a gamer, DUST 514 Will be a excellent way to find out. Just good luck and as always, best wishes to all who’re bringing this to us.

  • Cartwheel, backflips and a happy dance – great news.

  • @8 You didn’t honestly think at any point that you could buy the disk, and never have to pay for the game again, did you?

    It’s an MMO, it’s constantly going to be updated, so of course they’ll need a constant flow of money. Before these news, it would have been pretty much the same payment system as World Of Warcraft.

  • Whilest I’m happy for any games for creating easy access by becoming free-to-play I have to wonder if, like alot of other free-to-play games, there are premium items that provide buffs/quicker XP progression based on real money expended. I’d hate the game to devolve in whomever spends the most real money wins like alot of free-to-play games, even if the money goes to server costs. On the other hand, I’d imagine EVE Online subscriptions are weighty enough to prevent this from happening, in a similar way to Valve’s Steam income and Mann Co store covering Team Fortress 2’s costs.

    • Yes, we are very much aware of this and have spent considerable effort to ensure that premium items in-game do not grant users an “I win” button.

  • Also, if anyone is looking for more information on DUST 514, check out these sites:

    http://www.dust514.com (the official site)

    http://www.dust514base.com (One of the larger news sites covering DUST 514)

    http://www.dust514.org (home of the unofficial forums since CCP doesn’t have an official one up yet)

  • Very interesting news! This game was shaping up to be very good anyway and now that it’s going to be free there really is no excuse not to try it.
    I have no problem with microtransactions, they allow the most committed players to access more and show appreciation to the devs; meanwhile the free core game allows casual players to get into something they may not have if there was a cover charge.

    It’s incredible to see a minority complaining about the game being made free, truly astonishing!

  • jesus h. christ!!!! what’s with people who can’t read???? THEY CLEARY STATED IT IS FREE, NO CATCH, NO HIDDEN AGENDA, NO ‘SNEAK UP ON YOU IN GAME HIDDEN PAYMENT PLAN’ //// so stop all your btchng and whinning!! free means free!! and whatever money you do spend for stuff DOES NOT give you an edge over someone who doesnt buy that stuff! the ONLY difference between those who buy and those who dont is how soon you get stuff… you either work hard for it in game, or you dont! there is nothing that someone can buy that isnt available to someone who doesnt buy it, it can be aquired through grinding! there, thats it, end of story!!

  • When is the release date of Dust 514?


    release date?


    when dose it hit psn? why is nobody saying?

  • wow this seems too good to be true . what about canada ?

  • Wow this will be epic, can’t wait to play and free, awesome!!!…. repeat to fade :D

  • omg guys thats fantastic news :) iv played eve online for awhile and was really excited when u first posted about dust an to hear that it will be free for us ps3 users has really made all the waiting and the anticipation worth while and i defo plan on getting this game :)

  • omg guys thats fantastic news :) iv played eve online for awhile and was really excited when u first posted about dust an to hear that it will be free for us ps3 users has really made all the waiting and the anticipation worth while and i defo plan on getting this game :)

  • post 30, true to infinity

  • awsome news, should be stunning

  • I hope PSN+ members will be among the first to play the beta.
    Will there be any mic chat between EVE players and Dust514 players?

  • I’m also wondering how many dust514 players can be on screen at once.

  • this makes me think that sony has done something they shouldn’t have! why would anybody give away something they could make millions of pounds off ??? i must confess im a bit of a conspiracy theorist

  • Can’t wait.Next EVE on PS4 with KB/M support :)

    My first F2P was DC Universe PS3.I never bought it at launch because of no demo.F2P let me play the game.A day later I took a 30 day sub because I felt I’d was getting my moneys worth,and the devs deserved my money.
    I’ve just finished my second 30 day sub,and when I find i’ve a couple of weeks with no games I want,i’ll do a third sub.That’s £30 they got because it went F2P.And i’d guess i’m not unique a case.

    Because it’s F2P,if people like it,they tend to be more willing to part with,lets say £20-30 over a few months,than a straight £40.

    Also this is good test for both Sony and CCP.If this works,and we get more quality (they’ve got to be good) games that make profits,get long term support,with stron content updates,then it’s a win for everyone.

  • Oh great. Another free game that i cant play because i dont have enough memory. I need a new hard drive. Can somebody help me out? Im tired of my limited memory holding me back.

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