Unit 13 Training Videos: Part 1 – How To Play

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If you’re going to go up against the world’s deadliest foes you’re going to need every advantage that you can get. Fortunately for you we’ve got inside tips on how to best tackle Unit 13‘s numerous missions, game types, connectivity features and more straight from developer Zipper Interactive. Over the next week, we’ll be rolling out a three-part in-depth video series to teach you everything from the core fundamentals of how to play the game to tips on how to tackle each mission type and even how to fully take advantage of Unit 13‘s networking features.

Part 1, “How to Play”, shows you what it will take to run with the best-of-the-best. It covers everything from a complete control breakdown to tactical combat strategies to Unit 13’s in-depth scoring system. This is as close to a Unit 13 boot camp as you’ll get.

The next two videos in the series, “Game Types” and “Sharing and Competing”, will be released in the near future right here on the PlayStation.Blog, so check back then for more insider tips on Unit 13.

Unit 13 will be available on March 7th exclusively for PlayStation Vita. A playable demo is now available in the PlayStation Store, so check out the videos in this series, download the demo and hone your skills in anticipation of the full release.

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  • The demo has been removed from the store due to crashing isues.
    When wil will the demo be back???

  • The demo has been back up since Monday I think.

  • just finished playing the demo love having a second analog stick ^_^ can’t wait for the full game especially the co-op

  • I was really impressed with the demo. The dual sticks and touch screen combo is fantastically done, with how easy to access everything is. The demo sold me of sticking down a pre-order for Unit 13.

  • I enjoyed the demo :D

    What character would you suggest to complete objectives stealthy?

  • I have this on pre-order and am really looking forward to it. Bring on March 9th. :)

  • Im really looking forward to Unit 13 as I love the demo and Vita needs a proper shooter.

    Can you let us know what the file size will be? Roll on 09 March…

  • The demo actually impressed me, seeing the controls really tight gave me hope for this one, basically vita owners, if you like socom you will like this

  • Just to clarify regards the demo.. i need to delete the one i downloaded last week, then redownload the ‘fixed’ one from the store,?.. i had no problems while playing this but stopped after i heard it was causing a few problems, so am looking forwards (if i get a answer) to getting back on it, btw i still have the first one on my vita, as i was thinking it would just need a patch, but don’t mind redownloading, am seriously considering making Unit13 a day1, as have really enjoyed the bits of it i seen/played, its a definite buy.

    • The version you have is exactly the same as what’s on the store so you won’t need to re-download it :)

      On March 9th, you’ll be able to purchase and download the full-game directly from within the demo! Perhaps best of all is that your scores and level progress earned in the demo will carry over to the full game once it’s released.


  • The Ps Vita is one of those devices that will make your feet stretch out and blow your socks clean off and is also guaranteed to make you feel all warm and bubbly inside.

  • ooo will have to try this :) thanks

  • Will the German game card have English voice overs included? I want the game but I’d prefer to play it in English, so I’d like to know if that’s an option with our retail version.

  • Hi Josh
    Will scores & progress be carried over if we purchase the retail game card? Really looking forward to playing the game day one!

  • I tried the demo last night and loved it, the game really has a MAG feel to it. Unfortunately once I had finished the single player mission the game froze with a black screen. I managed to get to the main page and close the game, but other games refused to work for me. I powered the vita off but got a repeated flashing blue light. Only a hard reset then corrected things. Was the demo actually fixed? I’d love to buy the game but there is no way I can do this if it’s going to cause this problem. Hope this is resolved soon.

  • women are actually capable of holding and firing a gun you know.

    something to remember in future.

  • Why is the demo in french? I downloaded it from the dutch store.

    The game is great I am gone buy this game when it comes out.

  • Yip getting this!

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