Scheduled PlayStation Network Maintenance On Thursday Postponed

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This maintenance work has been postponed and you will be able to access PlayStation Network as normal. No new date has been set but we will let you know in advance.

PlayStation Network will undergo a significant maintenance period on Thursday, 1 March. Maintenance is expected to start at just after 16:00 GMT and will last for several hours, until approximately 06:00 GMT on Friday, 2 March. Unlike typical maintenance events, consumers who are already signed in to PSN will be signed out, and consumers will be unable to sign in for the duration of the maintenance window. During this time, users won’t be able to access the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home, Account Management or play online.

You may also be unable to login to PSN enabled websites, including this one. Please stay tuned to the PlayStationEU Twitter feed for a notice when PSN is fully back online.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

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  • So what’s the deal James? Cool new features I hope! :-)

  • I hope it’s because you’re patching the PS3 to show relevant Vita stuff.

  • And I was hoping to be playing the new mw3 maps during that time =)

  • there no need to patch ps3 to show vita stuff i had a message from a friend useing a vita in the message box below the adove message there was a notice saying from a vita group messaging.

    you can’t copy/paste that notice.

    @ james we already know thesixthaxis reported it last week, this is very rare to get booted offline but for hungary ppl they dont mean because march 2nd there getting their store.

    welcome To SCEE.

  • Kinda feel for all those that are going to get their new MW3 maps and then not be able to play them for a night.

    Seriously though, this is for what? As always – a changelog would be very much appreciated.

  • fancy telling your consumer what makes it so significant?

  • eany eta on when a fix for the minis on vita for plus members

  • Better fix Wireless Stereo Headsets which were spoiled with your 4.11 firmware and still remain rubbish.

  • People are gonna RAAAAAGE about this lol, it must be a major maintenance because normally, if you are signed in before the maintenance starts, you still get to play.
    That isn’t the case this time round.
    My guess is that it’s got something to do with the Vita and it’s remote play connectivity thingy with the ps3.

  • All I want to know is why all the maintenance, whats the real problem?

  • No big deal. Plenty to do on PS3 even without PSN. Or even just have a night away from the console and do something else. Ain’t like the PSN-less weeks we had to put up with last year.

  • Just got new MW3 maps better play them hard till then ! lol, as long as it’s back before my SSX comes

  • Given the scheduled maintenance for Sony titles following this downtime, my guess is it’s all about the Vita and it’s remote play/cross play.

    Don’t get your hopes up for anything significant coming to the PS3. Sony are no longer concentrating or improving this platform, it’s all about the Vita now.

  • I don’t mind the time-out for maintenance. It’s just the problems that come with it after they’re finished. The download list not working properly was the last one. Other than that, I’m cool with it. Plus, I haven’t used my Ps3 for two weeks anyway.

  • my guess is that its the transition from PSN to SEN

  • How about using the maintenance to sort out the following :

    1. Laggy response in PSN store after purchase/download
    2. Slow trophy sync
    3. Inconsistent PSN colours between PS3 & Vita
    4. Increased Cloud storage for save data
    5. Make the Download List searchable
    6. Indicate if Download List items are currently installed

  • will use my Xbox over that time hehe,

  • will use my Xbox over that time hehe


    You can’t take away my online capacity while i’m halfway through a run for a trophy that reqiures a win online every day for 30 days!

    I knew when I saw that trophy on Twisted Metal, that this would happen half way through!


  • @Topov81

    Point 6 is a superb suggestion.

    My PS3 recently got YLOD, and when trying to redownload all rock band songs to the replacement, it was a nightmare to keep track of which ones had been done and which hadn’t.

  • I’ve heard the PSN has been hacked again through the PS web browser? A week security breach? Is this right? If so shouldn’t the PSN be taken down straight away?

  • Don’t worry everyone it’ll be brand new features being added and you more than likely have to be a plus member to access them.

  • Guys, there is maintence because Sony are actually doing something and acting on the adivise of there new Secuity guy. Remeber that oh so wonderful hack last year? They got someone in who helps them with the best, up-to-date security. Maintence is but a part of that.

    Im happy whenever I see maintenence now, it means Sony are once again just checking everything is going well, or introducing somethign new.

    Thanks for the heads up James. Hopefully the Store will be updated before then though.

  • @funkpower: I havent heard of that. Its highley unlikely, probably wicked rumours.

  • But, but… video games…

  • Some very good suggestions by Topov81 there.

    The cloud storage space really does need increasing. I only manually back up some of my saves – if I turned on auto-backup for everything that supported it, I’d probably need at least 3 times the amount we’re currently given, if not more.

    150mb isn’t enough. A single FF XIII-2 save is 23mb. That’s one game. Admittedly that’s a larger save than most, but when you’ve got in the region of 30 odd retail games, and 90+ download games, 150mb doesn’t even remotely cut it.

  • I didn’t really mind the ‘Maintenance’ in the past but after last time & the way it messed up the PSN Stores download list bit i fear the word ‘Maintenance’ now(well not it’s not total fear) :D

  • I hope there wil be a new firmware for the PS3 that shows Playstation Vita trophies on the PS3 system.

    And that shows trophies pictures of Playstation Vita games you have just earned on your gamercard profile.

    Or in other words…make the PS3 look more like the PSV. PSV is the best Sony has made since PS1.

  • Not to worry I have a PS2.

  • as long as we get good features afterwards then its fine, I have plenty of great offline games to play on ps3 and vita, generally they are more fun anyways

  • @ Topov81

    Agree with your list!

    I would also add features to the download list. It would be great if the download list was seperated with tabs. A tab for PS1, PS3, Minis, DLC, Demos etc, with the relevant downloaded items within each tab! Complex yes, but should be acheived with a little effort ;)

  • 4 words jak & daxter collection im buyin that tomorrow b4 anyone else does & the update wont change it to SEN IT WILL STAY AS PSN its playstation network HELLLO is the playstation called sony 3 i dnt think so keep the psn name end off

  • ye wat mr cat said fix the download list to games & dlc A TO Z some ppl like me have got 800 download things i bought n they need 2 be made A TO Z mode

  • Silly comments like I have an Xbox or PS2!! Just play your games offline & synch trophies if needed, after the maintenance!

  • @ TroubleMaker411

    Good point! I forgot about that Twisted Metal trophy :(

    Another 30 days it is then! ;)

  • Any chance this will fix the expired games for some of us PS+ users?

  • catkiller1 I agree I got assassin creed R to do

  • PSN spends more time under maintenance than actually working, it’s amazing.

  • hopefully new firmware for vita, to show trophies on both vita and ps3, play minis purchased with plus in vita, and fix for near, will be some of the things

  • Is it really that hard to go thru and answer some of these posts, really, a few minutes max?

    I hate the way PlayStation users are treated, its like everything is top secret or we’re too stupid to understand any explanation you may gave us for these things.

    I dont mind a bit maintenance, it means you’re improving/fixing aspects of the network, surely, but could you at least tell us what exactly you’re improving/fixing?

  • @ TroubleMaker411 and catkiller1

    Why should you start again with the Twisted Metal trophy cos of this PSN downtime?
    Just stay up late on Wednesday night (after 12) or wake up early on Thursday and try and win a race before you have to go to work/school or whatever else you need to do. And as for friday it should be back up and running by 6am right?

  • To be honest, I’m more interested if Europe will be allowed to participate in the “PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards” this year? Or better said, I expect that we aren’t and I wonder why.

    Or will we at least receive the 30% (+20% for PLUS) discounts on the winners?

    Sony should get it straight. They call that the “PSN Gamers’ Awards” and then only Americans are part of it? Kind of a message to everyone else.

  • ^^ They might need this thing called ‘sleep’.

  • Well obviously, we all need sleep but thats just a suggestion if they’re so fussed about getting this trophy.

  • @ r_a_s_10

    Too late for me during the week, as I have family commitments!

    As for the morning, i’m up at 6am but have things to do! I wouldn’t have stated that i’ll have to do another 30 days, without reason ;)

  • Also I wasn’t exactly “fussed” as you put it. More “annoyed” but not a problem, as I wouldn’t get rid of this game if I had the Platinum anyway!

    It’s going to be hard enough trying to get 30mins, to an hour, for 30 days straight for me anyway!

  • @r_a_s_10

    Because I work long hours and have commitments to family in the evening.
    I am also likely to be out of the house before 6am when the maintenance is due to finish.

    The trophy is not that important, my point was more to state that putting a trophy like that in a game is fine, until you put it onto a system that has regular, more or less fortnightly, downtime.

  • Just a question what will you be fixing/improving in this maintenance?
    I hope they fix Facebook on the Vita get Flash or HTML5 Video on the Vita or an YouTube app and what I REALLY hope is that I can finally play my PS3 games on the Vita via remote play, I REALLY want that, that’s one of the main reasons I bought a Vita. I keep my fingers crossed but please if you know please tell me!!!

  • While maintenances are important and not really a problem, Sony does a really good job at not at all letting their customers know what’s going on. That’s a Sony-problem across the board (PSN, PlayStation Store, Firmwares, etc).

    People who don’t read the Blog or Websites about the PlayStation (and that’s the majority of people who’ve bought the console) have absolutely no idea what’s going on. All they see is that the service is undergoing maintenance. Same message was shown them last time shortly before they found out that all their data was stolen by someone. Sony could at least send out a message to ALL users letting them know what’s going on. Let me rephrase that: You’d only tell them that something is going on. No details about what’s actually going on. Though that would mean that this company starts to actually be a bit open about what they do – something Sony clearly isn’t willing to do. I bet the chain of “I’m not in a position to share details about X” goes all the way up to the top – it at least seems like that’s the case.

    Anyways; your constant maintenances for absolutely no reason the user can see are annoying and the fact that they take at least several hours every time is another annoyance.

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