Starhawk: New “Build To Kill” Trailer

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Starhawk: New “Build To Kill” Trailer

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As most of you know Starhawk is a frenetic 3rd person shooter with a ton of toys to play with. Its got a strong solo story campaign, deep 32 player head-to-head and even co-op! You can run, fly and drive almost anywhere you want. Its vehicular combat at its finest. The most popular question we get from players unfamiliar with the game is “What is this thing called Build & Battle?” Simply put its a dead simple way to build up a base all around you while staying in the middle of a fierce battle. Its not block building and its not slow. We’re not making Sim City. To show you, here is a nifty trailer!

In Starhawk we have one simple slogan…”Kill to build, build to kill.”

It’s not a gimmick. Its a really easy way for players to change the battlefield on the fly, in an instant straightforward manner. Its about dropping gigantic crates from orbit, having them smash down in front of you and having a big laser or bunker build right in front of you. You can even drop them on enemies (“Dorothy’d”).

So other than dropping massive structures from the sky….why is this fun? Because each one of these structures does something unique. Something tactical. Think of them nearly like firing a gun. They all mean something and they can all help your team. Just collect enough energy and spend it wisely. The Build & Battle system will change the battlefield every time you play. No map is ever the same. It’s not about memorizing a camping spot. Its about shaping the map the way you want, and making your enemy react to it. It’s about having options you didn’t have before, giving you deeper and smarter gameplay. Knowing how to shoot pretty well helps, too.

If you’re tired of playing the same old shooters with nothing but a skin change then you might want to give our Beta test a try. It’s free on PSN!

So how are you going to Build & Battle? Let us know below or visit us on!

PS. For you Starhawk vets, Update 1.3 is right around the corner. If you think you know what this game is about, then you’re about to get your learn on.

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  • It’s a good trailer,I preferred the Japanese VO from the other day.

  • finally i played the beta & what a horrible game it is, very hard to aim & even harder to get a kill. no pleasure at all in playing this game.

  • I really liked Warhawk, so was happy to try the StarHawk Beta. It was awful though. The people that have been spending all day and night on it, control the game. Warhawk was affected by this too, in that the best pilots dictated who won but with all the added features of StarHawk it’s so much worse!

    A number of friends who knew I loved Warhawk and was waiting for this game, tried it too and gave up because they found it an inaccessible and frustrating experience. With the pods landing, the enemy can see where you are spawning and you’re taken out as soon as you appear. Very disappointing and as a consequence, I found it unplayable.

  • @wiipass; Have you considered your issues with the game are actually down to you?

    @WizardWeb; I have to disagree. I haven’t exceeded rank 6 since the betas began, just so you know I don’t play non-stop like some (far from it, in fact), but I have no problem keeping up with those that do constantly play. Apply strategy and you may very well get your team out of trouble.

    For both of you and other nay-sayers, I need to say the greater you understand the game, the better you play. Don’t get me wrong, it won’t happen after your first few matches but the course of the battle- the difference between defeat and victory, hunter and hunted- can change in a heartbeat.

    It, of course, won’t suit everybody’s tastes, but this is a game you could seriously be missing out on if you don’t give it a decent chance.

  • i’ll keep it short and sweet going by the trailer looks to me like command and conquer but more modern on steroids.
    I wonder if there are any mineing trucks???
    I,ll stick 2 battlefield…:)

  • I love Starhawk so far, the Build & Battle works really well and actually does allow you to organise and re-organise your defence (and attack) to change the flow of the game.
    This game provides a lot more potential for tactics than other games but still feels like an intense and immersive shooter and not a dull strategic grind.

    Looking forward to seeing what this 1.3 update brings but more so to the full version being released.

  • VonBraunschweigg

    Been playing MAG for 2 years now and Starhawk is going to be my next favorite MP game, I love the gameplay in the beta so far. I mostly play CTF, and one of the best features of Build&Battle is that you can destroy the buildings that your moronic teammates plant everywhere without thinking. Nothing more frustrating in CTF, after you grabbed the flag you want to drop a garage from the sky for a quick getaway, but you’re not able to because some idiot has just build a 3rd snipertower without thinking of the max 32 building cap. AND STOP BUILDING THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA, it never helps and is a waste of buildings. It’s allright to do so on the space map, but it can be done with just 3 and for heaven’s sake: ladders on the OUTSIDE, doesn’t matter if they can use them to get in, they can do that with a jetpack or a Hawk or by jumping from your Hawk platform, just as long as they can’t get OUT…
    Yeah, great game it is, love playing like Boba Fett:)

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