Killzone 3 Multiplayer For Download This Week; Double XP Incoming

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Killzone 3 Multiplayer For Download This Week; Double XP Incoming

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To celebrate Killzone 3‘s first anniversary, we’re releasing a standalone version of the game’s online component on PlayStation Store tomorrow. Dubbed Killzone 3 Multiplayer, it includes the Guerrilla Warfare, Warzone and Operations game modes, as well as the original Killzone 3 maps AND all Killzone 3 DLC maps. Best of all, it’s free to try – you can play any of the maps and modes until you reach the rank of Sergeant I.

If you want to keep playing, attain higher ranks, and earn any of Killzone 3 Multiplayer’s four exclusive new trophies, you can unlock the full version for only €14.99/£11.99. Doing so will net you a 24-hour double XP bonus, 3 free unlock points, the ability to set up clans and custom games and access to the Botzone mode to help hone your combat skills.

For those who already own Killzone 3 (or decide to purchase the full version of Killzone 3 Multiplayer), we have another anniversary treat: this weekend will be Double XP Weekend! Starting on Friday, March 2 at 17:00 PM UK time, and lasting until Monday, March 5 at 10:00 AM UK time, all XP earned in online Killzone 3 matches will be doubled. The trial version of Killzone 3 Multiplayer is excluded from the Double XP Weekend, of course – we wouldn’t want you to hit that Sergeant I rank too quickly…

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3 Author Replies

  • Do people who already have Killzone 3 get the DLC?

  • Sounds nice, does it record the progress we do in case we purchase the game later?

  • Question from a friend of mine… he was General I, but traded in the game a while back. Will he have full access with the multiplayer thing, or will his character be reset if he chooses?

    I’d ask similar but change that to I still have the game but it’d be more convenient than swapping discs for something i don’t play often.

  • so people that already have the full game will get the multiplayer dlc for free?

  • sounds awesome, always nice to play with new dudes :). hopefully most who try it will stick around and enjoy it too 8).

    oh, will there be any deals for KZ3s DLC aswell? £2 a pack, go on, you know you want to ;)

  • I also want to know if people like me, who payed £40 for the game (£45 actually as I got the game CE) will get the DLC, it will bring me back.

  • If you have the full game then no you won’t receive the DLC for free!

    It states that there is a double XP weekend & that’s it. The DLC is for the digitial purchase!

    Also @ Grimskull44

    I would get your friend to purchase retail again, as Digital titles have a habit of not recognising retail Data & Save files! Would have thought it would have been fixed by now, but nope! Far Cry 2, Burnout Paradise, LittleBigPlanet, & Infamous digital titles, wouldn’t detect my save files & I had to start from scratch :(

  • So they pay £11 and get all DLC, we pay £40 and don’t?

  • @ uncleniccius

    Yes, as the game has been out for just over a year! You can pick up Killzone 3 for as little as £6 now!

    Obviously games decrease in value over time, so you can’t compare this to what you paid initially!

  • @Catkiller I agree, but I feel that people who still own the game, should get the DLC free. (it had an online pass didn’t it?)

  • No DLCs for Killzone 3 owners?

    Sucks to be a legit customer.

  • It’s a bit thoughtless of GG to keep so quiet in the forums, there are a lot of faithful players feeling disappointed about the DLC being included for free.

    Its not clear if disc owners get the multiplayer DLC for free, or whether the level cap would have an impact, seems unlikely but I shouldn’t speak too soon.

    If disc owners still have to buy DLC, there MUST be a matching price drop on Wednesday store update to a quid or two for the lot, otherwise it’s quite a careless job to be sure.

    For all the new KZ3 players – welcome to one of the finest MP games, exclusive to PS3 :D

    If you’re over 21 and up for a laugh, check out our clan

  • @uncleniccius – nope, it was pre online pass

  • How big will the Download be? My 60GB’s mostly full :(

  • Finally confirmation of a UK release, I was starting to get worried.

    Gonna pick it up even though I have the Blu Ray version, there’s nothing more convienient than having the best multiplayer fps on your hdd :)

  • Whats the file size? Thanks

  • @ uncleniccius

    As MrJimmy stated it was pre-online pass!

    I understand what you’re saying, as I purchased the Physical Warfare Battlefield 3 from Gamestation & paid an extra £3 for the weapons. Three weeks later it was released on the store for free!

    It pays sometimes to hold off on some purchases but if you want the game so much then it shouldn’t matter.

    All I can see happening, is a SALE on the DLC within the special offers section, if not it should happen! I received one pack fore free as a PLUS member & I purchased the other pack upon release!

    @ MrJimmy

    I’ve heard of Grumpy Old Men ;) I’m with the Xtrme Clan! There used to be alot of us, but many have left & our Clan has disbanded now :(

    Moved onto BF3!

  • I bought the game last year for €40,- with no DLC. Now people get the free trail with al DLC and they pay €15,- for multiplayer with DLC. I’m sorry to say this, but is sounds like screwing the people who bought the game while it wasn’t free to try.

  • The first killzone I liked was number 3s sp but never got into the mp uncharted 3 is more my kind of game.

  • @Victor Zuylen: What is the size of the game? Because I want to have enough size for me to install it as soon as it launches!

    Also another thing I saw that this new patch 1.14 didn’t add the 4 new trophies to the trophy collection so that means that ther eis still going to be a 1.15 patch?

    Finally can you say which are the four exclusive trophies and and the description of each one?

    Thanks For Helghan

  • i hope GG give us a discount for the DLC… i have the CE with the retro maps and have been waiting for a price drop on the other DLC…

  • Will the people with the free download be able to join custom/private matches set up by people with the full version/disc ?

  • I LOVED ‘KillZone 3′ :P (well i loved all of them)

    Any chance of making a ‘KillZone 1′ HD update with Trophies? ? ? :P
    (like the other PS2 HD updates that have come out in the past like ‘Jak & Daxter’ & ‘Sly’ etc etc) ;)

  • Now guys since only getting a ps3 last week ill be curious to see how this plays after only playing cod online for the past 3 years on 360 , it ll be nice to try sonething New also as a mature gamer I hope the community is better than that of cod but that can’t be hard to top ,I look forward to seeing some of you guys online

  • This is a fantastic idea!
    Hope more games start doing this.

  • @ Carl-G or…
    Killzone 1 with ps3 killzone 3 graphics, basically a remake with better graphics & New Sound HD
    killzone 1 was good, but the same helghast death sound, dang annoying

  • Why do you need the save file to resume your progress from where you left off with the disc version? Aren’t stats stored server side? What happens if a veteran player logs in without a save file? Will his stats be reset?

    Also, I’m not sure about what happens when you reach Sergent I. Will you be able to keep playing regardless (that is, without progressing past Sergent I) or will the game lock you out until you buy?

  • Sucks it’s not offered to the US

  • @ spiteful-witch

    It is. Check the US blog

  • @ spiteful-witch

    It is. Check the US blog

  • How does this digital copy work with the online pass? Can I keep using it after the free period? (I’m lazy and would like to avoid putting in the Blu‐Ray if I can :D)

  • It’s not often i go against people wanting more/same on this blog, but unless i misread the post by GG im going to have to say ‘why the complaints about dlc’… i mean the community get more players in lobbies, equells bonus for disc owners, and IF some choose to play past sergeant1, then 11.99 is a bit much to pay and only get the standard maps/modes.. (1 year on,?.).. just my opo from how i read the post but,, well i think the use of the word ‘free’ has kinda thrown usuall sensible people off their game,
    but am sure if you read the offer properly and wiegh it up it’ll look a lot fairer, for everyone..
    I would like to see a special on the dlc’s mind, as i’d pick from the ashes up.. but again, as far as dlc pricing goes GG are being reasonable anyway.. compared to the usual that is.

  • @ joshdrinkwater
    there isn’t a online pass required.. as far as i am aware.

  • I know it has a level cap, but since I’ve already got an account with stats and unlocks etc, will I actually have the same account with unlocks if I play on the same PSN account? It would make no sense for the F2P version to create a separate account with renewed stats on a PSN account that already has KZ3 stats from the bluray disc version.

    slightly unrelated question. If I buy this from the US PSN store, will it be unlocked/full on my other EU PSN account? I never buy anything from my own region because Europe gets ripped off on PSN every single week in the history of mankind, no exaggeration.

    Will the 24hr 2XP work on other accounts or only the account that purchased it? because I’m not playing on my US account, only purchasing from it. The game will cost at least $25-30 NZD in New Zealand, it’s NEVER a direct conversion of the €/£ price.

  • About killzone 3 what about PS VITA support….?????? It was at E3 they were playing killzone 3 on the VITA

  • 4 new trophies……’re kidding right?

    cba with this game’s MP again [¬_¬]

  • So I payed 40 bucks for nothing, the mp of killzone 3 is probably the best part of it, kz2 campaign > kz3 campaign, and now people will pay 15 bucks and get all the dlc? C’mon guys make some sense

  • A double XP weekend and lots of people to play against – sounds great. A discount on the DLC packs would make it even better.

  • How many gigabytes is the Killzone 3 MP going to be when i download it of the store.

  • is this going to be half price for ps members like it is on the us store?

  • @ Bloody_Marcel

    Correct as Stats are stored within an online database, but Campaign mode is a different story. Like I stated before, the majority of digital titles won’t detect your retail save file, so therefore you may have to start the Campaign again :(

    @ Sam95dkm

    It makes perfect sense, as the game is just over a year old, so you can’t compare what you originally paid. The online community will start booming again & it’s a great incentive for newcomers! I purchased it day one & i’m not bothered at all!

  • I’ve no interest in this myself but I saw Catkiller1’s comment about digital versions of games not detecting the disc version’s save file. This in most cases (or at least every one I’ve tried including Burnout Paradise and inFamous) can be fixed by taking the save files off the PS3 onto your computer and renaming the folder of your disc version save file to the same folder name of the digital version then putting that one back onto your PS3. Like I said I can’t guarantee it works for all games but it’s certainly worked for me during my ‘transition period’ of selling off my discs and buying the downloadable versions.

  • Hi, when will the multiplayer be available for download in New Zealand? I checked for it again today but still to showing in the store.

  • @ Carnivius_Prime

    First i’ve heard of it!

    I’ll try that at some point during the week with Burnout Paradise, Infamous, LittleBigPlanet & Far Cry 2 (which I want to work the most!)

    If it works, then thank you, as it’s greatly appreciated :)

  • So, where is it? I don’t see it in the PS Store.

  • @ danrok

    Store normally updates between 15:00 & 17:00 every Wednesday!

  • So basically you are saying I would be better off to trade KZ3 and buy a £15 psn card to put towards the multiplayer only version then to hold onto my disc and buy the map packs separate.

    Not giving the people who own the game already the dlc for a discount is really a kick in the balls. Especially to psn plus member.
    I know you are not giving it out for free so that people dont run off and buy the game used to get the maps free but come on at least a discount is warranted?

  • @ willbillbill

    There’s 50% discount for PLUS members within the US, so it should also discount today for EU members! Given recent track records of SCEE, I doubt it ;)

  • Looks like we’ll find out soon enough, as I presume the Naruto Pic within the Downloads section, is related to the Store Update with a Demo release ;)

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