Hustle Kings Out Now On PS Vita

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Hustle Kings Out Now On PS Vita

Everyone here at VooFoo is proud that you can now play Hustle Kings on PlayStation Vita. Once you’ve got your PS Vita all unwrapped, head to the PlayStation Store and you’ll find Hustle Kings there for a superb £6.49. If you have pre-ordered a PS Vita then you can redeem your discount voucher to get Hustle Kings for just £1.49!

And if that wasn’t tempting enough, you’ll also get the PS3 version for free! That is a flabbergasting deal right there. The two versions are very different so you’re almost getting two games for the price of one.


We have spent a lot of time and effort making Hustle Kings on PS Vita as great as possible. There are a lot of improvements from the PS3 version of Hustle Kings, along with a lot of entirely new content just for PS Vita.

We wanted to take full advantage of the Vita’s unique inputs, and we think we’ve done so with a selection of control methods to cater for everyone from novice players right up to all you Hustle Kings pros. If you want to bask in the PS Vita’s touchscreen glory then it’s really straightforward to play Hustle Kings using touch. Or if you are more into thumbsticks and buttons then you can do that too just as easily.

To limber you up for this new Vita experience, we’ve made an entirely new Training Mode that will teach you everything from aiming and breaking off to swerves and cue ball control. We have also completely re-designed Career, which now has eight unique pool crews to hustle against on your path earning HKC (Hustle Kings Credits) and becoming a certified Hustle King.


There is a range of ways to play multiplayer matches. You can play either Head to Head or Multiplayer with up to 8 players, including Cross-Play against players on both PS Vita and PlayStation 3.

You can test the online multiplayer waters in Practice lobbies where your ranking and HKC are not affected. Once you’ve got a taste for playing online, try your luck in Ranked lobbies to improve your online ranking without risking any HKC. And for those of you wanting to prove your hustling skills, Hustle lobbies are where you can put your HKC on the line.

Also, exclusive to Hustle Kings on PS Vita, is our selection of online Bonus Challenges. These are unique score-based games that will test your speed, precision and stamina. Upload your scores to online leaderboards to prove to your friends and the world that you are the ultimate Hustle King.

And on top of all that, there’s Message Play which lets you play a game via messages. If you’ve got five minutes to burn while you wait for a train, start a Message Play game, take your shot and message it to a friend. When he’s got a few minutes free, he can take his shot and then message you to let you know it’s your turn. You can take your shot whenever you like and have multiple games active to make sure you’ve always got someone to play against.


We hope you all have great fun playing Hustle Kings on Vita. To keep up to date with Hustle Kings and our other projects, follow us on twitter @VooFoo and check out our website at We are always keen to hear your reaction to our games and welcome your feedback. Now go get hustling!

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  • And by the way, it’s awesome :D

  • I have dipped in and out of the PS3 version which is excellent, but this VITA version is superb. The new career mode is much improved and my wife and I have spent several hours battling in two player. The graphics are stunning on the new OLED screen and it really does feel like a PS3 title (if not better). Unbelievable value for the two – grab them you won’t regret it.

  • James Gallagher

    I’ve been playing a few ‘Message Games’ with Jeff from the US blog this weekend and it’s a great way to do multiplayer. Give it a try!

  • I’m loving it. It has always been one of my favorite games on the ps3, and it’s even better on the Vita!
    But I was going to try cross-play with a friend of me. He on ps3 and me on PSVita. But we couldnt figure out how to do it.
    Do you have any guide how too?
    But still, fantastic game :D

  • That message play feature is an intriguing way to play a turn based game with friends who are too busy to play at same time. Sounds somewhat like how my uncle used to play chess with his uni friends across the world years ago. Nice feature. I have the PS3 version of the game but if and when I manage to afford a Vita I’ll be sure to try out this version too.

  • I have yet to receive my discount and frobisher says codes. What do I have to do?

  • shame the vita version doesnt capture video and upload to youtube like the ps3 version

  • I have to be honest with my fellow Wulfrunians.

    I’ve got the Vita version but haven’t played it yet – Loved the game on PS3.

    Unfortunately as far as my Vita goes you’re in the same bag as every other developer, suffering from the Evolution effect. I’ve hardly played anything else on my Vita other than MotorStom RC.

    Will Make up for lost Hustle Kings time in the future though.


    The Snooker pack DLC is a must buy purchase BTW.

  • hang on ive been playing this since release on the vita so whats this??? do i have to redownload the game to get this?? i have only one cue in career not 10 please answer as im confused……

  • Probably my second most played Vita game behind Motorstorm RC. Perfect game to play in little 10 min spurts. Does it work like Motorstorm RC where Trophies automatically pop on PS3 when i have earned them on Vita already?

  • @obiadekanobi1980

    You get the Vita version Free if you’ve already purchased the PS3 version.

  • The vita is a nice bit of kit part from the lil thing 1 near dose not work on wifi model plus no remote play as we all got told it would play ps3 games from your ps3 I still haven’t got my preorder code for this game yet to my email ps vita dose not show up on friends ps3 systems then also they need to fix how you can switch from friends to chat and being able to talk to them on the vita mic to ppl on ps3 systems plz fix remote play as it been shown working on battlefield 3 killzone 3 and red dead so far be good for playing res evil 6 on the go

  • I played the game quite a bit on the PS3, it has great multiplayer and its awesome that I can play it again on the Vita without having to re-buy it :)

    Sorry to hijack the post a bit, but I also haven’t received my £5 off Escape Plan or Frobisher says code, though I have received my home item and avatar codes. I registered my pre-order code last week. Is anyone else in the same boat?

  • Will give it a try looks great!

  • Been playing nothing else, quality game cheers guys

    Off topic, anyone else having problems adding funds to the wallet? Been like it since last week n driving me nuts

  • It’s a brilliant PS3 game:P The PSVita version looks cool to;)

  • Great idea and value and something that a lot more developers should be doing… As i have spent £100’s on PSN games and I won’t be rebuying them all to play on a Vita.

    Only just decided to get a Vita and this is now a game that I wil defo pick up based on it’s PS3/PSV double value.

  • What’s with the geezer that pops his round around the door in hex bar? Made me jump haha :-o

  • hey hey

    Giving you the Vita version if you own/purchase the PSN version is the absolute perfect way too do business.

    Unbelievable amount of kudos/tekkers to the publishers for doing that.

    even from a marketing perspective it makes perfect sense as it will generate sales from both ends (vita/ps3)

    anecdotally; I recently held off on the purchase of Dungeon Hunter Alliance in the recent sale because of the possibility that you might get the vita version included or as a bundle. sadly neither has materialised so it still remains unpurchased.

    I have 50+ psn games and the thought of buying vita versions and or specific vita content for them would get shockingly expensive.

    @ VooFoo/Sony Keep up the good work. Superb quality game, perfect price point, exceptional deal. Oh and Your chess game looks promising :)

  • @ 6 and 13

    I am in the same boat. Pre-ordered my VITA and went through the process of registering my pre order code. Received my items for home and the PSV Avatar last week but still no discount code for Hustle Kings or details for Frobisher Says.

    James, can you give an update on the discount codes? Is there a bottleneck at Sony or something??

  • Ok so posting in this blog seems to have triggered something. Got my codes about 20mins ago. Coincidence? Perhaps.

  • Love the PS3 Version and am also enjoying it on my Vita now.
    MY question though is, why arent my stats and credits synced on my PS3 and Vita? Right now its like 2 accounts, 2 games 2 players! I thought there was a way of starting a game on one and carrying on, on the other? I use the same PSN account on both and have the cloud storage too? Arent they supposed to talk to each other? Am I missing something?

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