Free South Park Episode Available On Video Store Of PlayStation Store

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Free South Park Episode Available On Video Store Of PlayStation Store


The unstoppable, unmissable South Park is now part of the growing roster of great TV available on VideoStore of PlayStation Store, meaning you can watch Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny getting into fights, being probed by aliens and generally causing mayhem, at the touch of a button!

For those of you who don’t know, South Park follows the surreal adventures of five school boys in the snowy Colorado town of South Park. Outrageous and always irreverent, South Park has without a doubt provided some of TV’s most controversial moments but it has also built up an army of loyal fans and numerous awards which is pretty impressive for a show that started in 1997.

Now in their 16th season and 15th year, South Park still relies on quick production enabling them to comment on some of the most sensitive and topical issues of the day – this has included excerpts of US president Obama’s inaugaration speech only one day after he issued it. It is this, alongside brilliant and hilarious characters (notably Eric Cartman, who is surely one of the greatest comedy characters of all time) that has ensured the show’s continued success and meant that it is still Comedy Central’s highest rated show averaging 3.5 million viewers an episode.

All this considered you can imagine we are pretty excited about not only making a whole series of South Park available to Video Store users, but also about giving the first episode completely for free!

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5 Author Replies

  • And how many times would we be able to re-download it?

  • Everything fine and dandy, but I have one question. WHEN will we have Video Store here – in POLAND? I understand quite a bit that European Laws are quite different than those in USA or Japan, but I feel like I’m being discriminated as a client.

    Oh, and I remembered one thing. What about UMD Passport for EUROPE? Why only Japanese have this possibility? I understand that many games are coming there even now on PSP but come on! I bought my psp 3 years ago and i have a pile of games with which what can i do now – throw them like shurikens?

  • so we can watch all of south park legally for free with our computers, but because of the [Deleted] PS3 browser we will have to pay to watch it on our ps3…

    seems kind of unfair…

  • This is a nice gesture, but I couldn’t possibly justify buying SP on the PS store, when not only is it so much cheaper to buy the DVD (or blu-ray even, you can get the entire season on DVD for £7 or blu ray for £11, vs i think over £20 for the season on the PS store, even with the free episode), but the DVD also comes with special features, the fact you can potentially take it with you anywhere, and it doesn’t take up valuable HDD space. Oh and the fact that DVDs up to season 14 are available, I’ve owned season 12 for a couple of years already.

  • video store is ok for movies (a bit pricy) but for tv programs its far too expensive I feel. pay per episode adds up to a fortune.

  • Thanks for the freebie,


    As per the others, the price of all TV programmes is taking the mick.
    You need to tell the publishers that that have set their pricing way too high.

  • @jonny_hart_digit i totally agree, why can’t we buy a season pass for like £10?

  • You will have to give us a HD movie or a HD tv show to try, I would love to see what the quality is like

  • Price structure is ridiculous!

    Thanks, but no thanks ;)

  • Yay… if only the video store was like… you know… available to more than 5 countries in Europe… but i guess you guys just don’t care…

  • GREAT! Thanks Sony.. Oh.. Hang on! I’m located in The Netherlands so I don’t have à Videostore! Could you please answer in clear language THE following questions:

    1) Are you still werking on deploying Video store in THE EU countries that do not have access at present?
    2) What has held up deployment in these countries so far?
    3) Why is Sony not alble to deliver à video store when other providers have?
    4) What timeline do you have for deploying video store (of any)

    Thanks for you Swift reply.

    • Answer to question n. 1 =
      We are indeed planning to deploy the Store also in other countries, of course.
      If this didn’t happen is simply because we are encountering some technical problems ( I won’t go into such technical details as this is not my job to do) but I can guarantee it is in our interest as much as in your to be available in as many countries as possible !! ;o)

      I can’t give dates unfortunately.

  • My iPhone makes those typos, not me :^/

  • [Deleted] guys? overpriced!? hell no, i just looked and its about £1.50 to own an episode. thats not to bad.

    but movies are way to much when you only watch them once.

  • Or you could pay just £6 a month and watch them on netflix . Sony you are about ten years behind the competition on digital pricing .

  • i live in england so the videostore is good 4 me :) guys just make a UK psn account

  • @ DAVIE222

    That site has Copyright Violation! You might aswell download torrents on your PC!

    You’ll eventually get caught, as your PS3 openly displays your IP & MAC address!

  • @DAVIE222 “guys just make a UK psn account”

    That would not change anything for us at all because the Video Store works off your IP address. If you have a US account, go check if you have access to their Video Store. You don’t…

  • Don’t use that site people!

    I work for a legal firm & we have restricted access to certain websites that are deemed harmful! Stagevu is one of them! The site is basically a Shareware site & it’s plagued with Spyware, Adaware & Malware! Obviously if you’re using your PS3 the security restrictions are different & you may think that the Spyware etc can’t possibly do anything to your PS3, well you’d be wrong as eventually the more you download the more instable your PS3 will be. The PS3s browser will be dramatically slower & will have occasional freezes & the worst case scenario you’ll be unable to access your HOME on your PS3 & will have to reformat your system! Game freezes will occur more frequently than normal too!

    You can read this & think “Whatever” but that’s fine. I’m just warning you, as it’s widely known to eventually corrupt your PS3!

    Is it really worth it??

    Kind Regards

  • Video store prices are just extortionate. Sorry.

    Paying almost £2 per episode for TV series that are available on BR/DVD for far less than that is a bad joke. I’d rather buy the DVD and format shift it myself.

  • fricken sweet dude.

    i love south park and i love trey and matt :)

    just watched BASKETball for the first time the other week and loved it, team america also rocks :)

    wont be downloading as i already have all the south parks i can buy at the min but its still good to see it on store, now where’s my south park rpg

  • And cue the first of the “Where’s our Video Store” posts!!With the usual response of we are working on getting the store up and running in your country(Ireland)…..blah,blah,blah…please keep an eye out on the blog…Or no response at all!!

    • Guys you are expecting me to change my answer after just two weeks ! ;-)
      If you flag the same problem ( which we are fully aware of and sorry for !) I will have to give the same answer I am afraid ;o(

      I don’t like to ignore the bloggers so I can give the only answer I have at the moment and be honest !
      We are working on it and we are sorry for the delay – fact.

  • @ hayzink

    I’m looking forward to the South Park RPG too! ;)

    Upon research, it looks like it will be a full disc release, although on first glances you would think it would be a digital title! Must be a decent RPG with sidequests & longevity!

  • well i got it and watched it just to see the play quality of my vita and it amazing!! will ay though the sound is very low on psp and now the vita which is still very annoying and hey guys its free!!!!

  • sorry to say but Netflix FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @ Catkiller1

    i have been keeping tabs on it since it was first rumoured on kotaku and i cant wait.

    it looks like old school turn based rpg which is great and the subject material is the best so should be great fun.

    i wish we got south park tower defence on psn as i love tower defence games and i liked what i played of it on xbla before i got shot of my 360, we will never get that but as im sure ms own it :(

  • Pass. Can’t stand South Park. Had to endure the first few seasons back in the late 90’s with college friends and hated every single minute of it.

    I don’t use the video store much if ever but I’m enjoying Netflix a lot though. Plenty stuff on there I like and don’t mind the £5.99 a month fee.

  • Thank you Cristina for ensuring us that, although you know we are feeling left out and have been told before that we would get the video store last year, we will get the store some day. I know it won´t be only for the PS3 (who probably won´t be around by then) but for the Sony tv´s and other devices also. But Sony keeps on rolling out services (like the comic store or playTV) and not make enough an effort to make sure they can provide that service to all their valued customers. But we can be sure it´s always in the UK because the headoffice is placed there and that makes me angry because you just don´t seem to inderstand that when you start a service it should be for eveyone with a playstation, not only the UK and a few other counties.
    But now you are to late. There are plenty of services to watch online movies so don´t bother, I don´t care anymore.

  • @vhridtiana, true eventually mire countries will get the store,
    That is the biggest pile of horse manoure the majority of the eu has been getting since 2009 regarding the releasedate, 2010 skipped but timeframe known by scee, 2011 skipped but again promissed by scee for 2012,
    Now it is 2012 with 16% behind us and still no releasedate communicated
    Without customers no sales, no sales no salary, no salary, no sony
    If microsoft can release a videostore in europe without even having a moviecompany, sony( and all involved) had to cone with a better answer

  • i’d like to join the call for some sort of season pass option.
    to clarify, that’s not really a subscription thing, it’s just bundling all the episodes of a season together and selling them for less than they would cost if bought individually.

    with some of the american series buying them by individual episodes could end up costing more for a season than buying them on bluray.

    it’s great you’ve finally got some tv shows, now you have to make sure they’re competitively priced.

    lastly, thanks for the free episode. ^_^

  • Thanks so much, oh wait, you didnt give us anything, the bloody video store is not avavible (amd that show is not too good either)..

    Oh, and If you are not able to post the tech info you spoke about in reply to post 11, mind having someone that can post it here, it would be a intriguing read.

  • its killing me to read EU blog posts about updates available in UK only

  • WHY is this NOT AVIALABLE in the Netherlands….?????

  • Thank you for your answer Christina. It’s puzzling how in over 3 years Sony has been unable to resolve these “Big Issues” we’ve been hearing about, yet Sony have never taken the time or shown the decency to share the details of these problems with it’s userbase.

    Over three year is enough for a country government to get elected, define policy and put into effect major economic reform. In three years a baby gets born, becomes a toddler, can walk and speak! And yet in all this time Sony is unable to name the issues or produce a timeline..!? Are you that inefficient?

    In the mean time companies that aren’t movie studios have overtaken you in the Digital distribution of movies (Microsoft, Apple). How could you be so ahead of the game, be overtaken and have no plan to fight back. Do you REALLY want me as a customer Sony?

    Let me get an Apple TV box then… or..? Should I wait?

  • Video store what video store?

  • Check out this video, an old promise by the EU CEO. Go to around the 09:25 mark to hear him promise a rollout to all other country stores in 2010

    And here’s an answer from Christina’s predecessor: 
    Posted on 15 September, 2010 at 2:28 pm by Lindsay Iveson
    Hi folks, thanks for all your questions regarding new country launches for the Video. We are looking to expand the service as soon as it is possible and believe me, we are as eager as you to get it to you all.
    To follow up on Andy’s speech we did launch 2 new countries this year. In May we expanded to the service to Italy & Australia and will update you as soon as we have more information about the launches in other European countries.

    Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Apparently Sony thinks that we as consumers are forgetful..? Open communication on the store rollout would help to set expectations right. Even saying it’s NEVER gonna come is a lot better than leading us on for years!

  • Great! A free episode of South Park! Incredible!

    You know, apart from the fact that I can’t actually ACCESS the video store… And the fact that if I ever will be able to access it, this episode won’t be free anymore, since it’s a one-week deal…

    Thanks for telling me what I’m NOT going to get…


    This should just be called the UK blog, to be honest…

  • THANKS! But I still rather Netflix :) They have something like entire four series for just €6.99 plus of course a whole lot of other content ;)

  • Quick question. I paid to own a bunch of movies and now I can’t redownload them, how do I know this type of [DELETED] won’t happen EVER AGAIN. Also I want the movies I paid for.

  • to be fair to Sony they just care about money so they won’t roll anything out to other countries. just launch in countries they falsely believe they can make money. companies are eager to sell stuff but customer service takes a clear back seat.
    just look at your wipeout code. enjoying your free WipEout yet? Yeah, didn’t think so. uk and lost markets first. they all do it. How about renting a videogame to try it out since there’s no demo, no dice. renting videogames is breaking the law. Equal to terrorism, you think sony would defend us on that lol. For this reason trophy levels are a lie. just subtract ten levels for the big 5.
    Hook up your mouse & keyboard and play FPS online? No problem, more money to them. Unfair balance online? they don’t care about that.
    Just ignore videostore, that’s a lost cause.

  • now we must get video store to sweden pleas fix it.

  • It says NZ.. But we do not have a video store.
    Is this an error or has it launched here in secret? ;)

  • works perfectly for me and a mate, both have UK accounts though…

  • this episode is arwsome it’ when cartman gets adis

  • Hi (first coment by the way)
    Is this going to be available in Portugal?

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