Binary Domain – The Machine Age Has Begun

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Binary Domain – The Machine Age Has Begun

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I know it was only a week ago since I was last here re-introducing Binary Domain, but it brings me great pleasure to actually be here discussing the game now that it’s actually available to purchase in the shops (as of this very moment).
Allow me to give you a quick recap about the game before I get into more detail about the multiplayer modes offered for your enjoyment. Playing as Dan Marshall you’re caught in the middle of a fast paced and intense battle for humanity in a robot-infested 2080 Tokyo. When an illegal robot-human hybrid known as a ‘hollow child’ attacks an American robotics corporation, the world as humanity knows it changes forever. Dan’s mission, as part of the peace-keeping R.U.S.T. crew, sees him and his squad mates fighting through both the slums of the derelict lower city and the vastly contrasting wealthy upper city environments in order to get to the bottom of recent events.
What begins as a search for the truth evolves into the squad questioning their surroundings and the choices they make; are the robots becoming more human, or are humans becoming more like machines?
How about we roll some VT and let you see more for yourself:

So, I’ve previously discussed the ‘consequence system’, given you more detail on the landscape of the Binary Domain world, so now it’s time to delve into the multiplayer part of the game in more depth.
Within the Binary Domain universe there is a range of exciting multiplayer modes to choose from, with all modes firstly offering you the choice to play within the ranks of the Japanese Government, or the Resistance forces. As you’d expect, you’re also given a choice of classes, with five differing styles to choose from – Heavy Gunner, Recon, Special Operations, Demolitions and Assault – and with customisation available through various skills and weapon load out options (once you’ve earned enough credits to unlock them) you can personalise your load out to fully suit your play style and the specific mode you’re playing.

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There are eight modes in total (with this list of seven below supporting up to ten players) to test your skills out on, and these are as follows:
Here each team must race to capture the other’s data module. This must then be returned to the team console in order to steal the data and score. A strong balance of classes and good teamwork are needed here to ensure you have runners, carriers and defenders in key locations.
In this mode opposing teams must race to control as much ground as possible, with key strategic points needing to be held by one team against the other. The more points you hold at any one time, the greater your teams score. Good co-ordination and movement are vital to winning this mode.
A straight forward game of last-man-standing with the team to have the last player remaining being crowned the winner! Skilled attackers and patient defenders are equally valuable in this mode.
Here one team must defend a set of supplies and another must race to destroy them. A sequence of progressive objectives keeps the goals varied and requires adaptability on behalf of defenders and attackers. At the end of the round, teams swap and play the opposing role.
This modes sees the map strewn with bombs, and the aim is to simply find them, take them deep into enemy territory and unleash hell (well, blow up enemy supplies).
No Multiplayer would be complete without Team Deathmatch; there’s no need for me to explain this one to you – most frags wins!
Bring chaos and destruction to the world of Binary Domain with Free For All mode. Fight across a variety of maps, in an every man for himself scenario of destruction. Kill everyone else as often as possible, the player with the highest score at the end of the round wins. Simple.
The final mode to highlight for you is Invasion. This is a four player mode which sees you working co-operatively in order to defeat progressively harder waves of robot attackers. All skills and styles are tested here as a variety of robot enemies are thrown at you in increasing numbers and difficulty. Adaptability and a keen sense of teamwork is a necessity in order to make it to the end.
I also have a trailer to show off this multiplayer to you, and as an additional point of interest I was actually involved in the gameplay footage capture sessions, and whilst I can’t be sure, I think all those cool headshots in the trailer were my doing…well, maybe J

If this hasn’t convinced you to go out and grab the game immediately, then you can do yourself a favour by grabbing the demo from PlayStation Store and trying for yourself. Hurry though, Tokyo needs you!

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