Retro City Rampage Coming to PS Vita And PS3

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Retro City Rampage Coming to PS Vita And PS3

Retro City Rampage for PS3 and PS Vita: Movie Poster

Let’s get right to it — Retro City Rampage is coming to PS3 and PS Vita! I couldn’t be more excited to finally share the news. For those not familiar with RCR, it’s an over the top open-world crime game that combines everything you loved in classic games and mashes them up into a “toon town” of nostalgia and parody. Steal cars, and then jump on pedestrians for big shiny coins. Collect power-ups and outrun the law while rampaging the city, shooting a light gun or swinging your bionic arm.
Fans of Grand Theft Auto will feel right at home with RCR, but the missions extend far beyond driving and shooting. They fuse classic gaming and modern mechanics to span virtually every genre, from stealth to platforming, adventure, rhythm and more—there are even underwater levels. What I’m most proud of is that everything flows together using the same mechanics and visuals. Even missions inspired by ’80s coin-op games seamlessly take place in the open-world.

Retro City Rampage for PS3 and PS Vita: Hero Art

It really is a massive game with something for everyone. It boasts a full story mode with over 50 missions, taking place in extensive city with stores, buildings and activities to interact with. For those of you who just want to jump right into the action and rampage the town, there’s also an Arcade Mode. It’s packed with over 30 fast-paced, score-based challenges where you’ll use the 25+ weapons and power-ups available to rack up points. You’ll be able to share replays as you try to dethrone your friends!
Bringing RCR to PlayStation has been a fantastic experience. Sony’s been so supportive and great to work with, since the beginning. This will mark the seventh year since I began developing games for the PlayStation platforms, and I look forward to many more to come. With the ability to bring RCR to both the PS3 and PS Vita, you’ll be able to play the full game anywhere you go with the best possible visuals. The PS Vita is an incredible system, one look at the screen and you’ll be hooked too. It takes RCR’s colorful art direction to the next level.

Retro City Rampage for PS3 and PS VitaRetro City Rampage for PS3 and PS Vita

Retro City Rampage for PS3 and PS Vitarcr_scrn_03

The PS Vita has been a dream to develop for as well. I’ve developed for every console and handheld from the past decade, and the PS Vita’s development system is the best I’ve ever used. Sony’s simply gotten everything right, from the hardware to the tools and support. With such a great development system, teams are able to focus entirely on making the best possible game, and I can’t wait to see what’s to come from other developers in the future.
Remember when you were on the playground with your friends as a child, talking about your dream video game? The one that had EVERYTHING in it? Where you could go anywhere and do anything? Well, as you can see, this is my dream game. It’s taken a long time to build, but thanks to the amazing team including myself, Brian Provinciano, artist Maxime Trépanier and the composers Virt, Freaky DNA and Norrin Radd, it’s finally been fully realized and it’s even bigger and better than I first imagined.
So are you rad enough to outrun the law and carjack the ’80s? Then lock and load your LIGHTGUN and power up your POWER-UPS, because you’re about to go on a RETRO CITY RAMPAGE!

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  • Excellent news! Will this be like Motorstorm where you get both for one? And will saves be compatible across both systems?

  • Reminds me of GTA of the PS1 in a very good way good work u can’t beat a bit of free-rom

  • ill be getting this :) hope it is like the motorstorm deal also buy one get both :)

  • Hey I remember this. Wasn’t it a NES-style indie game out a lil while ago? Nice to see this sort of thing get more exposure on consoles. I loves me some 8 bit pixels.

  • “The PS Vita has been a dream to develop for as well. I’ve developed for every console and handheld from the past decade, and the PS Vita’s development system is the best I’ve ever used. Sony’s simply gotten everything right, from the hardware to the tools and support. ”
    This is actually a very common sentiment with developers working with the Vita now. I am glad to hear it too. I’m looking forward to all the great things that can come out of the Vita in the future!

  • 1.Release date?
    3.Buy 1 version get both?
    4. Is that doc from Back To The Future?

  • I remember this game!
    It has parodies of TMNT, GTA, Metal Gear, Bionic Commando, Mario to name a few ;)
    Price? Date?
    Excited for this huge slice of nostalgia!

  • @catkiller1
    this is a new title are you confusing it with River City Ransom by any chance?;)

  • unless you managed to het your hands on the homebrew Grand Theftendo which this is based on.
    taken from wiki btw

  • @ Hayzink
    No confusion at all!
    I watched a trailer for it over a year ago when it was announced for Wiiware, but it never happened!

  • I’ve just read that it’s expected to release in May!
    Please reply & state that it will be sooner!

  • my bad i read the comment like you played it before and i knew river city ransom was quite a similar title so it could be easy to get the 2 muddled lol i did at first.

  • in the first pic i see, robocop, the turtles and doc who else can everyone else pick out?

  • Lol ;)
    Some gamers may think i’m mad for wanting this game so much, due to the graphics etc. This was how games were. Gameplay was the top priority over graphics & it reminds me of my NES days…..boy were those good times :)
    Please, we need more retro releases!
    I still frequently revert back to SPECTRUM, NES, SNES, AMIGA, Megadrive etc on my *Cough* modded Wii!

  • Is this a mini? Or will it have Trophies?

  • nothing wrong with retro gaming, back when skill mattered and you had lives :)
    i still like to rock a bit of mame from time to time and my favourite 2 psn games of late were both retro in style, scott pilgrim and megaman 10.

  • @Catkiller1 I was doing the graphics for a couple retro-style games intended for PSP Minis but complications resulted in the projects being cancelled. Bleh.

  • @klart
    its a full psn title so it will have trophies

  • Paperboy, Mario, Contra, Doctor Who!

  • Sorry to hear that!
    Is that how you lost your job?
    Hopefully you’ll gain employment again & work on some other projects!

  • I meant @ Carnivius_Prime lol! POST NUMBER 20

  • @20 Heh, no I lost my job working in a factory. Awful job but I needed it right now. I’m a freelance pixel artist too but rarely take on that type of work these days due to various circumstances. Was really enjoying doing those graphics though and I just wanted to see something I’ve done appear on consoles I actually own and play. I was offered background work on the Scott Pilgrim game a couple years ago when it was in development but don’t mind having had to turn that down as I’n not a fan of that franchise and didn’t much care for the graphic style of the game either.

  • @ Hayzink
    I used to play the Simpsons Arcade & Robocop frequently on MAME & I was overjoyed when the Simpsons Arcade was recently released :)
    I’m hoping for the day when Double Dragon (Already on XBLA), Aliens VS Predators (Beat ‘Em Up), Caddilacs & Dinosaurs, Cannon fodder & Sensible Soccer (even if released as Minis, although Sensible Soccer is on XBLA), Road Rash 1-3, Jungle Strike, Desert Strike, Urban Strike, Sketchin etc!
    EA need to release a collection like SEGA did with their Megadrive titles!
    I’m hoping now that we have PS2 Classics, that Midway Arcade Treasures 1-3, Taito Legends 1-2, CAPCOM Collections 1-2, Megaman Anniversary Collection & Megaman X Colletions will eventually arrive! The Megaman collections are a must considering they never made it to the EU & i’ve been asking Capcom for years, to release some sort of collection on disc for PS3, with extras etc!
    SIGH… can dream :(

  • @Carnivius_Prime
    as much as i liked scott pilgrim i think it would have been better if they had went with there original 8-bit style thats on show in the youtube videos

  • @catkiller1
    +1 to all you said :)
    with regards to the ea collection given that they are not adverse to money i dont see why they would not make this happen unless its due to licencing or something.
    also love the side scrollers you mention i love me some beat em ups

  • I’ve mentioned Capcom’s Aliens Vs Predator scrolling beat ’em up several times on this blog over the past year. They might need to get the license back for it though. The Punisher too should be alright though seeing as Capcom and Marvel are doing stuff together again. I don’t see what’s stopping a lot of these companies from releasing old stuff. People who don’t like them don’t have to buy them and I’m sure there’s loads of people who would buy them.

  • Maybe gone off topic a bit. But a very retro game like this did seem like a good starting point to discuss wanting some more old classics. Yeah, I own a PS3 for modern stuff but it’s great having one home system do so many things and having classic multiplayer games playable over PSN is a treat.

  • @ Hayzink
    The thing is mate, there has already been a release on the PSP entitled EA Replay! The titles comprised of the following:
    Desert Strike
    Jungle Strike
    Haunting Starring Polterguy
    Mutant League Football
    Road Rash
    Road Rash II
    Road Rash III
    Ultima: The Black Gate
    Virtual Pinball
    Wing Commander
    Wing Commander: Secret Missions
    I would like for that collection to be released, with further titles added with trophy support etc!
    I’m still waiting for a Pac-Land release some day, as the expensive way is on Namco Museum Collection PS1 Volume 5, roughly £50+ on Ebay! I loved it in the Arcades….showing my age now ;)
    I wish I had some power & influence within the games industry, to get some collections together that we all enjoy & remember finally released.
    I would try my damn hardest to get the Megaman Collections finally released within the EU!

  • Sorry for going slightly off topic, but it’s RETRO talk after all ;)
    It’s good to know that there are still gamers out there that appreciate the games from yesteryear :)

  • From the description, I wasn’t sold on this at all. However I just looked at the trailer and wow, I think this game is much more than what you see on the surface.
    As others have said, it has parodies of so many classic games that I think it will be a ton of fun trying to find them all. As long as its not too expensive I may have to pick this up. The only question now is, what platform?
    XBLA usually takes priority for multi-platform games for me so it may come down to if they do a “buy one, get both” deal on the PS3/Vita version. I can’t help thinking this game will play better on a smaller screen too as the retro styling is neat, but a bit OTT for a big screen seeing as most of us played games on 14″ or smaller back then.

  • Not me. Always played 8 and 16 bit games on a big TV when available (as in when my folks weren’t using it. I had an arcade style monitor when the big TV was in use). I love the look of low resolution pixel art in games.

  • Wow, this and Witcher 2 were the only two Xbox games I had any interest in getting this year… guess I can buy this one on Vita instead.

  • Road rash 1-3 all the way!!!
    Isn’t the portaloo with the antenna a reference to Bill & Tedd rather than doctor who?!!

  • just looking at poster and the fonz is right in front of me!!!

  • sweet, i was hoping this would come to ps3.

  • I agree, that portaloo is a Bill and Ted reference, not Doctor Who. The aerial is the giveaway.
    Pretty sure the jester thing on the left is a reference to either the Joker or the Green Goblin… and the police chief underneath him looks like Commissioner Gordon from Batman

  • If you’re referring to me stating Doctor Who, then I wasn’t on about the portaloo! TBH I didn’t realise….my bad, as I must have watched Bill & Ted numerous times, through my young teens!
    I was on about the man in-between Contra & Paperboy, unless that’s the old Dracula or Frankenstein creator perhaps??
    Would be nice if Brian Provinciano stated what & who are all the characters etc from the poster art! ;)

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