Go Behind The Scenes With PS Vita

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Get a behind the scenes look at the making of the new PS Vita TV ad ‘The World Is In Play’.

The ad brings to life the immersive and connected experiences you can have with PS Vita and in this film we show how we brought those experiences to life.
From building a bus stop on a football pitch in a stadium in Prague to recreating an epic war scene with a real arsenal of weapons, an explosives expert and an army.

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  • cant wait to get my vita, just found out that zavvi still dont have my game blazblue in stock :( hope they get it later today or tomorrow so i can play on launch, if not it will be ssd and prob escape plan for me on launch day

  • I don’t know who made these or the US ones. But the EU ones crap all over the US ones. Good job!
    Really liked the kind of link to the old Double Life advert from years ago.

  • the us one is so bad, walking down the street playing a vita is not a good idea, unless you either want it stolen or to walk into traffic and possibly die.

  • i sense that SCEA has a sense of their poor track record when it comes to advertising lately. Shame sony’s never ending corporate BS wont ever allow SCEE to take over marketing on the US side aaaaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • Nice Ad, I wish I was in end it and grabbed myself a vita for taking part.

  • ^^ LOL Same. Really cool ad and a privilege to get a look at the almost military precision it’s put together. I’m kinda into war themes and fireworks so really love it.
    My fave parts is the granny, the camera swiveling around to reveal a stadium, the manicure box fight and of course the lady swiping away the sand from her book. Tho I have mentioned that before. Pretty sweet camera tech featured. I’d never seen the PlayStation Michael ad, also really good:

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